Thursday, December 31, 2015

Will blade and soul be available to play for every country?

Will blade and soul be available to play for every country or just for north america and europe? They said they were gonna bring it to a console. But they didn't say which one on the interview. So guess you'll just have to endure.  That's not gonna happen. Don't get your hopes up.  I didn't get a reply last time. cheap Blade & Soul Gold I guess the team managing the facebook page probably don't know. But has there been any update on whether the story will be returned to normal or not?

E.g. Has the time travel part of the story been put back in? (I don't know how you would even allow your localiser to make such an edit to the story). Even though I was originally really looking forward to the game I don't intend to support it with story changed like that.It was probably changed as to not get the players too invested into the game too early so then they don't disappoint their player base. But i cant be too sure whether they'll go with how China did it or if they're following Korea.

 I am from Philippines, Buy Blade and Soul Gold SEA.. which server has lower ping in our country.. NA or EU, thanks. Just curious about 2 things! Will there be support for other language inputs to switch around from? Just like in Asia servers where they support multiple languge input. Second is the membership star icon beside the name, is there an option to not display this icon? Thanks Good insight. Been wanting to read/learn a bit more about the whole transmuting process.Article itself could've done with some proof-reading, though...  and the chances is slim are so slim , i burned 30g & got nothing decent.. same lol so hard to get the good gems mostly stuns are dropping on box and success rate sucks.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Blade & Soul founders pack

Okay bought a founders pack so i could play cbt..... i cant even play, its been 2 hours and im still waiting? are you kidding me? I do not mind a question you should quit blade and soul I can not wait to see how you sal download site writes that on October 30 and 31 year but we did not show.  just waited in a two hour cue just to play and once i got in i tried to join a dungeon party and then couldnt cue for anything and couldnt leave the lobby-after five minutes it said disconnected and now i have to wait another freaking hour to log in bc im number get some more servers please.
 This closed beta is just to test the game Blade & Soul Gold, everyone will be playing at the same Lv when its launch! All closed beta character will be wipes, so u don't have to worry about falling behind in Lv!

how u tackle dungeons... hide... go straight to the boss... stack poison... hide... backstab x4 x2... refresh poison stack... hide... backstab... finish within a few minutes... repeat... There's not that method anymore , the game has changed.  this game already have perfect dungeons and pve system .. I think you should focus the pvp system. more pvp rewards... and you must encourage people to pvp.

simple,look at old pvp games. knight online,silkroad online, wow. (my eng not enough but i hope you understand me) hello, i finaly downloaded the game in more Buy Blade and Soul Gold than 1 day , been w8ing the game for long time,please send me a key to . Staff please fix E02018 error, can't even update the game and play at all!  Because the Warlock is inexorably tied to L50 content. And NA/EU is starting with L45 content. We'll get Warlock when we get the L50 patch. Expect that in about 6 months......

Monday, December 7, 2015

Blade and Soul combat set up

I cant connect to the server every time I try I get a error cant connect to the server + I have been reading the forum foe past 40min and cant find anything for it.. pleace what do I do.  Anybody there trying to boot up gamer after purchasing a founders Pack and BAMMMM!!!! BSoD. Trien uninstall and even redownload but nothing Blade and Soul Gold . Hopefully you didn't transfer all NA characters to the same of the 3 EU servers. Or we will have a login queue a friend gave me a premium object. and I saw that I have a 29 days membership with founder pack. I will lost everything after beta?  Blade & Soul i got the key and i was ready to log in. i got the message '' verification code has been sent to your email '' . i was waiting for like 20 min and i got nothing, i pressed it a bit more and it keep saying '' resend the verification email'' after like one hour i got the last key and somehow i logged in. i got dc, and then when i tried to login again i got the same message for verification again. wtf is going on? and i am still waiting for that.

i used the beta key i recieve last oct 29th.. but why i cant connect to server how to change the directory target of setup it want to download ON C drive that i dont have space on  When i try to connect to the launcher, i recieve a mensenger error. "ncsoft launcher data error could not connect to the Blade and Soul Buy Gold update server" im lagging so bad.. idk why.. im from canada ..i have 10mbps connection and skills are so delayed.. my friend from the philippines said he's got no lag at all.... SAD Guys, the beta codes we were given the day before yesterday is for all betas from now on 'til the end on December or just this weekend?

Absolutely love this game, it's refreshing as well as Cheap Blade & Soul Gold challenging with the combat set up. I love playing and can't wait for it to launch. Great work guys, thanks for bringing this great game to the states. im getting this 'Failed to connect to server.(200)' after starting the game .. some help would be nice .. thanks Is there anyone who got problem with fail to connect to sever rite now? frown emoticon i cant login trying 3-4hours already Blade & Soul will you guys let us buy more character slots later? I know we start with 2, but I plan on buying the $75 one that gives you 4 slots... BUT THATS STILL NOT ENOUGH Q-Q... Can we buy more later?  there are some optimasation problems, last beta with my Titan x - i7-4790K i got a constant 120 FPS, now i changed to EU servers and i only get 60 -70 FPS Since the progress are being save even after changing of phase, that means those idi0ts who had a beta key previously will be forced to purchase founders pack! Such a great marketing strategy of milking out the NABS! I Salute you guys!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Get 10000 REAL Ways to Make Blade and Soul Gold

Both two very solid sides, both defences are gonna have to be on top form. Brazil because argentine is without messi and Know Neymar is on fire. Brazil is healthy and pissed off from that WC ass whuppin they suffered.. i say Brazil wins 3-1.. neymar gets 2. Brazil is greater than Argentina. have a better team,better record in more crucial match,and have a rich ex-footballers. Hype nah sissy unlike your trash country we actually win triphies hahahahahahjealpus much? So hype thats why your coach is a boludo? This guy getting violent.....lmao your funny dawg ,now go to bed.

 Mourinho statistics are Blade and Soul Gold the most impressive so far this season hahaha. Nope Christian Benteke Still has the best & hardest Goal to score of the season so far.That bicycle kick was just pure absurdity. He's absolutely right. That was goal of the season. No I'm not a Liverpool fan.  I was going to say ummm benteke has best goal. Hart is thinking why always me? Then Zlatan ,Rooney and now Mario... Who's next? You forgot Rooney's overhead kick against City. i feel bad for him and Chelsea, i mean i am a chelsea fan for BPL but a Juventus fan number 1. at least Juve is getting back on track... chelsea is not. Jordan baker and Lopez they were poor comments. I'd say rooney has a chance to compete for the top place.

 Darko Jurak Matthew Dardenne u guys gotta laugh lol. They ask which player and you are answering for a manager. Mourinho won a title last year Blade and Soul Buy Gold btw while your team celebrated the new years day only. YOU Deserve an Amazing Life - It is about time you claimed it! Take the step towards creating your own future. Get real business and money making ideas you can start today!HOW TO MAKE MONEY - Get 10000 REAL Ways to Make Money that you can start now! 10000 Money Making Ideas are simple and easy - so that if you need to start today, YOU CAN! You get an outline of the idea and some pointers on how to start each one! he is french and algerians are french too they even speak french. Musa Ben Shaban no we are not french we are Algerians we speak french as a 2nd language the 1st language is Arabic. He was born in France. That makes him French, meaning Algeria is his second nation. Mahrez was born in sarcelles, France so his national eligibility is through ancestry like Kevin pietersen for England cricket. We arab we stay arab for Ever we don't change even if we was born in Mars. ^everybody starts of as a nobody in football unless you're the son of zidane etc?  C this is the truly player, score and make the others score too.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Assist FIFA 16 in last 6 game

 B. Vardy deserves credit but the goals aren't all vs topteams so... Bendtner has been an absolute beast in the BPL this year. How many penalties scored J.Vardy this seasson? I'm an arsenal fan not biased at all and I'm voting A Jamie Vardy has been unstoppable!  It would have to be B ozil he has 10 assists in 6 games. I'll say C, I know we've all heard of Vardy last season and he's really stepped it up on major levels this season, but no one's even heard of Mahrez before this season buy Aion Gold so I'll give it to him. The fact that two leicester players are here is so incredible... Leicester fans must be so proud of their team, great to see such an underdog doing great in such a difficult league! Vardy to break Ruud van Nistelrooy record. Anyone betting on it.  EA SPORTS FIFA could you update more important facial scan for #FIFA16 please? (Alli,Reus,Fabregas,Ozil,Depay,Darmian,Martial, Lingaard, Sahko,Sterling,Otamendi, Origi,Firminho, Gabriel) FIFA 16 coins

1- oliver kahn : he was awesome this season ,he scored great and many goals cheap Aion Kinah.
2 - the rock : a great defender who had most assists this season (29)

3- brendan rodgers : what he is doing with his team is very unbelivable
4- al absi othman : a super skillful player who don't talk too much.
5 - mokhtari lakhdar : he heleped his team to be in the top of bpl.

I don't get the "10 Assists. Assist in last 6 games" phrase..1 assist in last 6 games? He has Done 10 assist in 11 games and 6 assists in the last 6 games. Thank you, then EA simply failed haha.  "Assist in last 6 games" = In jedem der letzten 6 Spiele einen Assist.  Oh I'm a dumbass because english is not my first language and I didn't understand it? Thank you very much. Janik Steimel Ja hab ich jetzt auch verstanden. For Leceister to have 2 players in the mix shows how they have done this season ..... great football and great results.

Friday, November 6, 2015

start doing all the campaign 1-49 in Aion

Yeah...i thought you have a different symbl over theyr head or so : oh no, you need to open the quest to see the rewards. The arrows on the heads of npc only show if that is a secondary quest (dark blue) or if is a campaign quest (yellow) And which one should i do usually campaign or secondary?

Generally you should do both. Usually they both have similar objectives and you can do them at the same time.For example, if the campaign quest you need to kill a boss, in the secondary quest you need cheap Aion Kinah to kill some mobs that are around or in the way that you do to get to the boss. The quest that you don't always need to do are the light blue, which are not displayed on arrows on the heads of NPCs.

Can I bug you when I need help :)) ? Now that I have done with lvl 20, reasrching the internet everyone has a different version of which questes you should do frown emoticon I'm so lost. I have followed the one you told me until now...but it's confusing with so many versions. Well, I play with Elyos and I don't know much about Asmos. But you can leave me a message whenever Aion Gold you have doubts about something. I will try to help you.

Nana, I don't know if this help but, when i start playing... i was alone because my friends were lvl 64... I recommend you start doing all the campaign 1-49 (yellow) all the yellow quests, and after quest lvl 49 o 50s you must hunt hunt hunt to lvl up, or found aleatory party, ppl usually ask por help on chat, "<RECRUIT GROUP>" for all instances, it's been a half year since i played aion but i'm actuallu back, so Nana, i know it's rough, but i'm telling all i know about lvl up alone

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

ffxiv can wait their content

It really depends on what you do in game. Are you in a progression guild or are you in a pvp guild or are you just a filthy casual that just want to play the game for fun. If you're in either FFXIV Gil a progession guild/pvp guild or both I highly doubt you have time to play another game. This patch will still be here when Fallout and the other games are gone... bad comparison. Yea and lucky I have tree of saviour to keep me busy till nov 10 and then I will play fallout 4 lol ffxiv can wait their content will not be updated for 5 months anyway Lolol.

 I will be playing Rise of the Tomb Raider first since I will be picking that up in person. Then depending on when Legacy arrives (takes excessively long to deliver here) I will be doing 3.1 alongside it. But I record 100% of the main story so yeah. Tomo, quit being a little bitch. Fallout does suck. Nathan Orimura : I, too, can have an opinion Buy FFXIV Gil . That opinion being that I like both FFXIV and Fallout. Another opinion being, you look like a weeaboo that is probably 15 years old, and whose balls hasn't dropped yet, thus have a limited appreciation of varying tastes. So grow up, and stop sucking on your mom's tit. Learn to go out of your weeaboo special snowflake shelter. Not everyone cares about those games and most people can do fine doing more then one game.

Hyped for Void Ark. Both new dungeons look pretty cool as well. Another Minstrel's Ballad fight I'm ready for! A lot of American servers are empty, a latin American server would be less crowded and hard to find parties. Thanks for the boner at work.

Best MMO in the market. Totally Worth. But we should have a server in Latin America. Our canadian server got closed so yea... Closed? All servers are in Data Centres which until recently were all based in North America. It's the Chaos one, the one intended for EU players, got moved to Europe. None of them closed down.I want an oceanic one... but beggars can't be choosers.

Friday, October 23, 2015

loved Guild Wars 2 for 3 years

"Black Feather Wings Backpack and White Feather Wings Backpack owners can receive a free matching glider by equipping the backpack and talking to any map scout in Verdant Brink." Will this become available for the butterfly wings as well? It's not in the patchnotes, but there's no harm in asking kiki emoticon.

The butterfly wings are pretty new compared to those silly feathered wings, who who knows, perhaps in the future?  MAD KING!!! Pullin out my Chainsaw Greatsword NOW. why achievement point lost after this update ? Chat isnt working? I mean guild chat. Congrats on the HoT launched!!! Although it crashed on me straight away. We're now live with our Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns Launch mega livestream! Join us on Twitch as we celebrate the moments before we launch Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns!

I Cheap GW2 Gold just wanted to take a moment to say thank you. I love that you all are streaming! I've loved the core game for 3 years and I can't wait to play the expansion. Some people may say "oh it's just an easy line of code to do X or Y," but I know it takes a lot of time and dedication. Thank you to every staff member that helped to make Guild Wars 2 the lovely game it is today. heart emoticon

maybe we already have the patch!? Anet has been dl the patch for months unlike other games they are way more rdy. The maps and new stuff are already downloaded when we play the beta, they just filter out accounts who didnt pre order and block the creation button. Giving Anet and team a shout out for an amazing year! Can't wait to see your hard work in action! Congrats! hamsturs... can only start rev after complete download... I had such high hopes on "playable"... how big is the patch? just GW2 Gold running in 100kbps connection. Today is your last chance to pre-purchase before we launch tonight at midnight Pacific Time

Monday, October 19, 2015

play Vanilla GW2

Graeme Maver, it is not possible to "buy" another copy of the base GW2 now that it has gone free to play. Graeme Maver its ok, its a one way reply, caused by frustration.  its just that i really like this game a lot and its quite a bit of money to spend. If I recall, I think it is cheaper (just a little) on Amazon. But I may be wrong.

Or just play Vanilla GW2 until HoT goes on sale if you want to save $... Remember when GW2 had 50% and 75% off weekends? Just wait for a HoT ones. It's not like you're not going to be able to play just vanilla GW2 when HoT hits.Davud Porter: Base game is free now. I don't think Anet would ever need to have HOT on sale. Sales were just to get people playing the game. It's a standard expansion price to be honest. Look at WoW expansions, 50+$ a pop. You people sayin its free to play need to take a good look at the restrictions. Their free to play is little more than a glorified trial account. Andrew Gibbs A trial account that has unrestricted Buy Guild Wars 2 Gold access to the entire story line, level 1-80.. their restrictions are more then fair and are in place to protect the accounts of those who have paid and the balance of the economy. Also to help with gold spammers and botters.

The system they have in place is actually great for new players. You know if you wanted to play WoW you'd have to buy the original game as well as each expansion after vanilla? Spoiled rotten by Anet and still complaining. gg no re. Hi guys. I think they are still making people to pay for Guild Wars 2. I went to a website where it was asking me for a Serial code just to download the core game. But then I looked up Free to play but maybe it was for the new expansion? Also maybe GW2 Gold this Hearts of Throns won't be that big? Just a few new things.  Ryan Gibson Not true, you can still buy serial codes for core game on many sites xP They do work, friend just did so like 5 days ago.

Marian Morosanu Lmao free to play is so limited, so its totally different thing than full game. Nah it wasn't a bug, Anet just decided they didn't want to support that content anymore. The Countdown Timer© will be ready "when it's ready".

Thursday, October 15, 2015

NA Data Center

 Also what class was your main? Maybe you just need to organize your hot bars better. Don't worry, everyone has sucked at some point. When I started playing I was clueless as to what Limit Break was. And then trying to learn what cross class abilities were...oh god ahaha. People in this game are generally nice though and are pretty patient and always willing to help. I love FF players! smile emoticon if you are ever in the Coeurl server, my friends and I are always looking for more people to hang with so you can come say hi.  I quit year ago game got boring not planning on making come back soon.

I can't remember what server I was on and I think Buy FFXIV Gil I played a (Lalafel) dark mage but it's been so long I can't really remember. I'm just clumsy with keyboard and mouse but with most games it manageable for me but with FFXIV, even with a tweaked menu, it was still really difficult for me to play. Will probably start over fresh with a new character to test combat with the controller, I'll probably need to learn the system all over again and start over the story line which I forgot about. If you make a new character, can you choose a new server? I remember that transferring an existing character costs money but don't remember if the same thing goes for a new character? I think I was on a Dutch server maybe?

 Oh I forgot to say targeting, moving/running, dodging, etc was mostly difficult for me. Casting spells was OK ish. Okay a blm. I started as a blm and the 2.0 and 3.0 rotation is fairly simple. I'm on a NA server Lamia and would be willing to help a new player out \o/ and you can generally see where an aoe is about to hit and can easily dodge FFXIV Gils them and as a blm we have the ability to fight at a distance which makes things easier.  You can pick a NA Data Center and then a Server. Making a new character doesn't cost anything but transferring a new character does. I think there is also a level requirement before they will let you transfer a toon. I want to say a transfer costs $20-ish? I played the old online final fantasy. Lead a Linkshell of 80+.... I'm tempted to play this. Would you all recommend it? I was a pretty hard core player.

I'm curious. Don't know a lot about this one yet tho. I'm curious. Don't know a lot about this one yet tho. I'm curious. Don't know a lot about this one yet tho.

Friday, September 25, 2015

a FFXII remake

Wait wait wait. Does this mean a FFXII remake? Please say yes. I have a mighty need. Considering the mistakes and how disappointed people were with the 7,8,9 set, I'm not sure if I want to get this one Buy FFXIV Gil .Even though 10 has a special meaning for me (Suteki Da Ne is my wedding song). Yeah it didn't look as nice as expected.... Don't really like prima guides much they always seem cheap like the pages even feel like tissue paper and just turning  it could tear it. Piggyback do a way better job layout and all.

YOU DONT MAKE SENSE! IS THERE A REMASTER COMING OUT OF NOWHERE OR ARE YOU JUST RELEASING A X/X-2/XII BOX SET. It's just the box sets for the stragety guides. Wonder why SE and Prima are releasing a guide for FF12... Anyway, throwing money at them now.  I loved 12. A completely different experience for me. Never did beat 12 but I really liked it guess when it is on ps3 FFXIV Gil I'll get to I hope. I would love to buy this but my wallet 100% says nooooooo. Do people not know how to use google? :S No need for guides, just want FFXII HD the game. Wait this link compares two shots for FFXII and lists one as HD..... was this a mistake?  It,s like the devil,s killing people & we r still waiting for our turn to attack! How stupid is that! Here's a crazy thought. XII HD??? Do half the people commenting even realise these are guides? I don't see how prima publishing some new guides changes what square are developing.......

so... every couple of months you guys are going to re-release ff10? wtf square. I spent over 150 hrs to get all the crafting items and every armor on XII and four hours just to beat Yiazmat which I tried more than ten times, I love 12 plz do a rm for PS4 tbh FF7 was the only reason I bought one lol. Gotta love the comments, these are strategy guides NOT the games. Okay but where is my FFXII HD/remake?? 12 was pretty crap anyway lol only decent thing was the battle system and hunts. Still better than 13 though. No Thx Square. Steam Needs Chrono Trigger & Chrono Cross Hd Full control support. Did anyone else feel hopelessly depressed when you realized they weren't making a remastered xii? Square are getting far to greedy for my liking. Will they be cheap asses like they were when they released the box sets of vii,vio,ix.

Monday, August 31, 2015

ffxiv free company raspberry fraternity

 I love these event Thank you so much for Buy FFXIV Gils these game grin emoticon keep up the good work everyone! Thanks for a awsome game! Also..when you find that Doomtrain minion...add it in game for us please! upset emoticon .  Special minions, eh? Guess I'll be logging on... The best ever side quest! Thank you Naoki Yoshida for bringing the joy to this game! This was a sweet and really kind event. I know you guys are appreciative of us players, but we're just as appreciative for you making such an amazing and fun game. This is my favorite event yet, a beautiful way to thank each and every player.  Vendor is uldah 10,9 ruby road place. Selling the reborn red fireworks and heavens cracker. A little ways up is the quest to get your minions.

Zalera server: free company raspberry fraternity.  Thank you keep up great work the event made me a it teary at the end. They would love to FFXIV Gil, but it's Microsoft that refuses to allow xboxlive to play with playstation players or not be needing xboxlive gold to play etc. Shame really but not something square enix can do about it.  It's really stupid hopefully they'll pull their heads out at some point lol.  It was a really fun event and it was nice "meeting" the FFXIV team! Great job and keep up the good work! So there is just the three items right? The two minions and the party hat? It's def. not a hat, but you can also get special fireworks and real reborn red from a vendor. And what actually happens in the event is really really neat.

Know where the vendor is? Just started a Free Company in Ultras. I'm level 53, but majority of my members are 30 and below. Anyone looking for an FC you can find us in the Lodestone. Such an awesome event. I looked all over for the missing doom train. I am on to the different minions appearing at certain times. Where is that train?? Did someone say new minions?

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

summonable NPCs from around Vana'diel

The level cap missions turned me away from this game. Couldn't complete the dragoon one FFXIV Gils. You mean the quest to open it up? At this point, you'd be able to solo em. They did a -lot- of quality-of-life changes after Abyssea.

If you had trouble with the Maat fight, it took me four tries on Dragoon to beat him (brought really good gear and a crap load of healing items that I made a macro for). Once you get to the level 70 limit break, outside of the Maat fight, up until the final break to 99 the quests are soloable.

And the fight to 99 can easily be duoed with a higher level player and trust magic alter egos (summonable NPCs from around Vana'diel) and an olde rarab tail. Before that you just need a friend willing to help you with the tasks because of high level monsters (compared to what level you are during the break quest). A lot of old stuff like that is much easier to do now *and* easier to solo especially with the help of trusts. And the bright side is, you are only required to do the breaks once. Any job after that you can take straight through to 99.

Hated canceling my account but it had to be done. Regrettably buy cheap FFXIV Gil , they aren't going to be able to develop any new platforms for FFXI either- they've run out of the PS-era dev kits used to make content, which is why it'll effectively go into stasis after that point. FFXIV doesn't have that problem- so for your MMORPG FF fix, that's the only possible option. (Note: If someone finds a stash of those squirreled away and gets them to S-E, you're a god amidst men.). Any Pandemonium server players left ? Vana'diel is waiting for me!!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

my FF7 HD remaster

Final Fantasy X/X-2 launches in North America today, in EU 15th May. The visual improvements, choice of original soundtrack to remastered music and picking up where you left off are part of the games charm!

Still waiting on my FF7 HD remaster....  For as long as there is a desire for FF7 HD. The current CEO has stated they will never turn it into an HD game. Well the current CEO needs to fire himself. It was just announced for 3ds in japan only. They seriously need to give us all the other 3ds dragon quests! Lets hope for e3 .

cheap FFXIV gil

If you would lower the price to $19.99, especially for those that already bought the Vita and/or PS3 version, would be nice. $50 is far too much for basically a remix of the PS3 HD Remix. Agreed, even knocking 10$ off the price might make it worth it for those of us who were foolish enough to buy it on PS3 or Vita... Since SE knew damn well they'd port it to PS4.  It's not that big of a deal trade in your old copy and pick this up, you can even continue your save. You people whine over nothing.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

FFXIV gives consistent updates

Hypocrisy of this thread, is we have a 17 year old with no money giving advice on saving money. Go figure. becuase i bought better stuff than the game FF14 sure im a fan of final fantasy and i like it but becuase its like that buy FFXIV Gil whats the point of getting this game. sure a final fantasy MMO would be great but if its not free to play whats the point of making it so the masses of fans can play.

If you can't afford it, don't play it. FFXIV gil  FFXIV gives consistent updates, frequent new content and is always working hard on hotfixes for issues in the game to make more enjoyable. It's not expensive, it is damn cheap for what it is FFXIV Gil. I mean you can buy a brand new copy of ffxiv online which includes a 30 day free sub from around £2 for the ps3 version. The game, 30 free days plus a 6 month subscription will cost less than a generic new game. If you can't afford it then clearly "playing games" shouldn't be your priority anyway. Free to play games are full of idiots, pay to win players, adverts, hackers and give rare updates. Free to play games are NOT free to play. They will be earning money by either adverts or by the pay to win system which will rake in the cash. If a game was truly free to play then it wouldn't last a week due to development fees, servers and a while host of other needs. Somewhere along the line SOMEONE needs to pay. Clearly this game is not for you, buy FFXIV gil and you are missing out. I for one would leave ffxiv if it suddenly went free to play as it would no longer be the game I fell in love with buy DFO gold.

james stfu you shouldent be in the converse go back to being tryhard becuase thats how you sounded. "what's the point of making it so the masses of fans can play" Thats exactly the point you seem to forget SE is a company and they have employees to pay and need money to produce more games so ofcourse they are going to make a game with a massive potential for sales.
no people are hating on me for speaking my mind so in terms people are hating so dont act smart james.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

how to wield 3 different types of DFO swords

I want a skill that make me temporarily wield 3 different types of swords at the same time. Not gonna lie. After I posted that it reminded me of Zoro but I meant like wielding for example lightsaber cheap DFO Gold, zanbato and a katana deal.

You mean to just go from level 1 to 70 in the blink of an eye? I really hope you're joking about that.  I think the fighter jobs could use passives to change their movesets. It seems kind of odd that the job based on martial arts wouldn't change its style of attacking after they joined a new martial school.

It would be cool to have a skill that sends blood shockwaves on the ground for Berserkers. The animation from throwing the last cross in Gore Cross could be used to slam the sword on the ground to send out shockwaves that cause bleeding buy Dungeon Fighter Gold. Maybe add piercing to the shockwaves or make it a charged shockwave that pierces.  I'd like to see one of the male mages class ride the broom like a skateboard and use neutral wind magic.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

You can fly with a fat chocobo?

Candycane looking rod holding a piece of holiday cake... hmmmm not suspicious at all. FLYING FAT CHOCOBO!? I've seen it all now! Will the game to free to play ? Well, this just made me buy the collector's edition. FFXIV gilThanks, LOL. You can fly with a fat chocobo ? Maybe I need to return to FF14 ! Still waiting fro anything, remotely close to interesting about the new expansion to be spoiled, so far not impressed. Their furthering the dual leveling system which is super lame, flying? ok. neat. i guess.

But what about the new classes? New skills for old classes?
The game can get all sorts of new features, but im not buying it till i know whether or not my class is still gonna be cool.

(learned my lesson from W.O.W. with dark apotheosis being removed from locks....)
The genetically modified beast shouldn't be flying. It needs to be burned!
Was the date for the CE digital download for the PS4 let slipped? Exactly. Refreshed page for 2 days for pre order, sent an email and got told no C.E. DIG for ps4.. which was the whole reason I was on it at all. But they gave it to pc. How rude.

sooner or later my chocobo will no longer be fat. I can see buy DFO Gold it now. Running off the edge of a cliff and then.....falling..
Thought of this when I first saw flying mounts, buy FFXIV gil I was thinking would be funny if they have a Fat Choco flying as a Joke. Just installed for the first time would love FFXIV Gil some new people to play with hmu on here and ill pm my psn info. great, now we gotta worry about fat chocobo's falling from the sky when the rider couldn't keep the bait away from them properly.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

FFXIV Blood Elves are about that same color

Blood Elves are about that same color -- you might be thinking of Night Elves  You might wish to visit Alexstraza in game, her skin is decidedly more red in tone. please people of blizzard , please can you tell me why the human racial is more op than everybody else ? seriously could you fix this by doing that everybody can choose his own racial regardless of the faction or the race , because right now horde is begening to disapear everday , everyday more people i kno and more and more people and eaven me are switching alliance just because of the human racial ( remove imparing effect) to have 2 dps trinket . this is completely op and because of this horde is begening tondisapear ... soon for real there will be only alliance player or something like 90% alliance 10% horde ońy because alliance overall have more op racial buy FFXIV Gil ... please tell me if il wrong but please balance the racial for esch faction or just make that FFXIV Gil everybody is abble to choose their oen racial .. am i right ? do i exagerate ? please answer me . thank you

yep, lots of places to see her, and her different color skin. I mean this cosplay is so good, just puzzled as to why she didn't take it that last step.Plus you kinda need to do a test run with body paint before you actually cosplay it. Just to make sure you've got everything right. And she said she ran out of time. She'll prob look super fantastic once she is able to work with the.body paint.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

avatars are so beautiful

How is buying gold directly any different from buying avatars with real $$$ and selling them for gold? OH WOW GOTTA TRADE 1 EXTRA STEP, its the same thing, i'm for it, get these possiblybuy DFO Gold  chinese spamming hackers out, got damn annoying. Guild Wars 2 does a good job of this. You can buy gems with real money that become gold. Its nice because they have a formula that adjusts with the economy so the value of your gems to gold may vary. I encourage a feature like this to be implemented.

 Doing this seems good but will trash the economy because people will be like....well you can but gold so we will sell such and such item higher because gold is easier to attain. I don't want to

 FFXIV gil  
go back to tears bring an obscene price like 30 mill again. So overpriced.

sorry but having played real pay2win games its so far from actual p2w its not even funny.

Friday, April 24, 2015

do-rag for ages

The topknot looks pretty good but I bet it'll look really meh with hats.

Need more good hat 'dos. I've been using Snow's 'do-rag for ages because it looks great with hats, but the bandana tails out the back do kind of ruin it a little.  I really want that top-knot for my female character  hopefully they'll consider a unisex top-knot.

Jess I'm on leviathan and I like it. It's certainly an active server. I don't ever see people yell but people shout all the time. Hey guys  anyone want to design me a ff14 themed tattoo? If you are a good artist and interested, please message me. Lovely!! Unfortunately I won't be able to puchase Heavensward.

It will cost aproximately 23% of minimum wage (plus taxes) in my country... My question is is it a race exclusive until 3.1 or will it be available for all races?

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

how to hack DFO gold

Way to go guys! Keep the game clean and we'll keep blowing it up for you. I see an incredible amount of players daily, and it's good to know most of those are still going to be real DFO Gold. Create a tool that reports hackers, you won't have a problem after that because everyone will report them.

 I hope I didn't get banned .-. I was getting some weird Korean warnings for running dungeons too much I guess.   I could be mistaken, but I think the warning just warns you that you aren't getting any Mileage points cheap DFO Gold . I noticed that seemed to be the case for me since I was repeating a dungeon without bothering to complete the quest. After about 5 runs, it gave the Korean warning and I noticed I was getting no Mileage.

Ok so question, you guys seem really harsh about hacking and third party usage, but what about modding? Would modding your hp bar be a permabannable offense? Modding is purely asthetic and doesn't effect the game, it just makes what you see look slightly different.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

DFO Mortal Kombat X

I don't care just TAKE MY MONEY, sell stated avatars soon please.  Still cant play cause of the popup "this is a neoplelauncher for game" thing. Can anyone advise. Made ticket twice to no avail.

I love the cutscenes when you DFO Gold unlock each new area. On the other hand though, the english in them is very broken. While I'm sure there's rules against it, or reasons to not take me up on it (probably changing the subtitles would require remaking the scenes? I don't know programming.)...If someone sent me all the text from the cutscenes, I'd be glad to fix all the grammatical and English errors for free. Anyone else getting this in "Runa's Report" ? You trying to tell us something neople?

 It's a bug/glitch that Neople will be taking care of in the next maintenance.  I wish Mortal Kombat X didn't consume most of my game time X.  Not really...logged once and since then Neople launcher crashes when I hit "PLAY"...which is really unfortunate but I guess I gotta pass this game...have fun everyone.   I voted for knight but I'm enjoying the growing dragon weapon cheap DFO Gold a LOT as well.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

final fantasy on the PSP

That usually depends on the games budget and sales expectations FFXIV Gil .

For final fantasy Type-0, That would be pretty good, it was originally released only on the PSP(Playstation Portable) in Japan, It wasn't until this version that it was released outside of the country and on home console. In Japan the game has sold 810 thousand copies since October of 2011 for the original.

Comparing it to it's original sales the game would be a huge success, and cheap FFXIV Gil since this is actually just a slight update to the original it would be a great financial success.

 The games been out since 2011. They simply jumped the price up to make some cash off of the little bit of work they did to it.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

multi-character in DFO

It's also a great way to dissuade possible new players. "You can play this game, it's really good and unique, but only for a little bit at a time. If you don't like it, screw off.". Not that games need a player base to buy DFO Gold be successful or anything.

The multi-character "argument" isn't stupid because the game rewards you in various ways for having multiple characters. Bonus exp, bonus stats, assist skills which allow you to run dungeons MUCH easier, and more play time since you'll be burning FP on more than one character.

You're literally handicapping yourself by NOT having multiple characters. Besides, when you hit cap, you're eventually going to cave in and make another character or get burned out and quit.Cory Alexander Wilson, they should be able to make their alts when they want, not being forced by the game itself in playing the game in a certain way they might not want.

I don't want to make DFO Gold my alt characters now, I want to make my alt characters later when my main is high leveled, and so do a LOT of people.

Monday, April 6, 2015

FAQ for DFO players

Here is a quick FAQ for you guys with questions. I have answered each of these questions at least twice before, so I believe an FAQ will help cut down on questions:
Q: How do I download the game?
A: Please go to to download the client.
Q: How do I make an account?
A: After downloading the client, follow the steps in the launcher to create an account. Or, go here:
Q: How do I fix problem "X, Y, Z"? Can you fix it?
A: If you're looking for a fix, please report a bug at the bug reporting site before asking us how to fix a problem. We are not associated with Neople so we know very little on how to fix errors. If you are still out of luck, feel free to ask the community and if we know the answer, we will respond. Otherwise, please do not message us with issues about getting into the game. We know not the Answer.
Q: Are you in contact with Neople?
A: I wish.
Q: Why is fatigue back in the game?
A: I personally believe keep the economy in check. For Neople's explanation, here is an article
Q: Is the free Skill Reset Permanent?
A: As far as we know, yes. Although, if you want to have a second build, you will have to buy that in the Cash Shop. In this case, it will before convenience.
Q: Why did you ignore me in game?
A: Didn't mean to. Kinda hard to notice white text when contrasted with layers of Yellow megaphones.
Q: Will the information be wiped after Open Beta 1?
A: Nope! All of your current info will be moved over to the second phase!!
Q: Can I use a USB controller to play?
A: You can, but not as a legit means in the game. You will need external software which may or may not conflict with the anti hacking software.
Q: How do I job change my creator/ Dark Knight?
A: Unfortunately, there is no way to
buy DFO Gold upgrade these classes in OBT1.
Q: How can I refill my fatigue points?
A: FP restores at 2am Pacific/ 5am Eastern. If you want to refill your fp before then, you can buy fatigue potions in the cash shop later on when the cash shop is live.
Q: What is Hardcore Mode?
A: Those who reach max level are able to access Hardcore mode. To create a Hardcore mode character, click the radio button for Hardcore Mode at the character creation screen when you create a new character. All Hardcore mode characters start at level 1.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

more Dragon Warrior for FFXIV

Best news I heard all day! I bought a Metal Slime Edition PS4 + a physical copy of the game ... so when this comes out here ... I will buy it in America again. It's quite a fun game to buy FFXIV Gil, love it. Maybe this game will raise more awareness of the franchise in america. Thank you Square Enix! This is a perfect move. These games have been proven that they can sell thanks to Hyrule Warriors, it would be relatively cheap to localize, and it could help open up the west to more Dragon Warrior.
buy FFXIV Gil

 If only capcom did monster hunter on ps4 and not make a breath of fire game on phone but on ps4 they wouldn't be that broke definitely getting this game though nice thnx square.  I will be buying it but is there a story and stuff to this game like a dragon quest/final fantasy game?& cheap FFXIV Gil ; I'll still have to buy it for sure either way to help make sure they keep bringing their games to America.

Monday, March 30, 2015

expand FFXIV inventor

 Is fishing ever going to get "Catch a monster" back from FF 11? I miss that...

Can we have an option to make Oma friends only? everyone's afk at the gold saucer anyways can't get anything done lol took a short break and now it's dead on my server? Duty finder can still take a while sometimes, but very active on giglamesh cheap FFXIV Gil. Gilgamesh is usually locked out also so its rare to get a toon made there.

Another few new classes...hmm I guess it would be nice if we were giving another Retainer for free (maybe I'm already asking too much). How about expanding inventory beyond 100? When will you resupply EU game time cards for South East Asia . My question: Since the live letter takes place on my birthday, could I get a signed OST or something as a present?   will collector's edition come with a Fantasia so I can be a dragon?!

 Are they thinking about allowing smn/scho to interact with their pets at any point? Like carry them or allow them to buy cheap FFXIV Gil ride the mount with them? It's really annoying when you go to some places and you get aggro without wanting to & your pet slows down and then they basically get unsummoned. Or are they planning on making them go faster? Just something to fix that issue.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


The North American Community Team's live show, DUTY COMMENCED

please anyone can give me a free registration code my free trial expired. Lol I saw comments about all the sooks and use to think it was because of the server but they are right there is always 1 or 2 elitist idiots in a raid that if die once they will say "OMG HOW CAN YOU DIE THERE!?" then they die and say nothing until someone else does... I'm use to playing like a month or 2 after update by that time I guess the elitists have moved on lol so my apolagise to anyone I commented on saying there are hardly any I was wrong they just migrate.

I didn't know there was a quest to tackle all 3 CTs to obtain the ilvl 120 stuff so I wasted my time doing them for nothing. . At least the weeklies have started over. its not item lvl 120 stuff at-least it wasn't for me i got a carbon coat to upgrade my ironworks gear to 130. Dude i did that but i went beastmode and got it at 11:58. I got the vid on ps4 but FFXIV Gil it just shows me holmganging at 1% on the final boss and five surviving at 11:57. Before that was the tank drama then me cussing out my weak healers over letting me die when i was the mt just on non buffed aggro. Zero commends and idk how many attacks went off after everyone wiped buy cheap FFXIV Gil but if it was 5 or more i saved our whole raid cause shed have been one shotting those last 4 guys up.

Monday, March 23, 2015

summon chocobo

But is it any fun for one players? I'm an old lady gamer who doesn't know a soul who would be playing this. And I'm an anti-social gamer. Those two thing are really keeping me from playing this cheap FFXIV Gil.....but I want to....can someone recruit me? i know it probably doesnt take that long to level but i dont mind getting free stuff.

Ive returned today.when i try yo summon muy chocobo it says muy chocobo is lost speak with a house enthusiast....where is that npc?  I'm hoping I can get past 'Your destination is currently congested, Please try again later' when I finish work today . new healing class dont arive until the expansion. this is just a pre expansion patch

You don't get any card from beaten players, though. And you don't lose any of your cards, of course.The servers might not be completely empty if you improved the game instead of wasting time on crap like this. . . Getting in to the Golden Saucer is the big problem. I understand many have gone in and left themselves on game in the Saucer so many of us are getting a message that the area is congested and we can't even get in to atune to a single aetheryte or buy cheap FFXIV Gil start on some of the quests. Standing at the airship counter with system error messages. Bah! Humbug!

3 more hours of teaching then I'll be online!  Looking forward to getting my hands on the new mounts! I'm seriously considering it because of the new healing class, among other things.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

DRK will be mp based

DRK will be mp based
Thoughts on this?

They talked about each of the new jobs mechanics briefly, and they really stressed that dark knight will use mp and need to manage it, and that they wouldn't want to run out of mp.

It made it sound like they will completely use mp, and not tp at all. If so, this will be interesting.
I can see it now, dark knight being able to sprint through a whole dungeon for super speed runs.

Does this mean that people will spec for PIE instead of VIT or STR? To get that mp boost?

And does it mean they'll get separate armour from the other tanks? Since I'd assume PIE would be an important 'secondary' stat for them. Then again, tank gear with some PIE thrown in wouldn't exactly hurt Paladins and Warriors either. More Flash and Stoneskin from Paladins, more Flash from Warriors (instead of those puny three Flashes we can afford now ¬_¬).