Thursday, October 15, 2015

NA Data Center

 Also what class was your main? Maybe you just need to organize your hot bars better. Don't worry, everyone has sucked at some point. When I started playing I was clueless as to what Limit Break was. And then trying to learn what cross class abilities were...oh god ahaha. People in this game are generally nice though and are pretty patient and always willing to help. I love FF players! smile emoticon if you are ever in the Coeurl server, my friends and I are always looking for more people to hang with so you can come say hi.  I quit year ago game got boring not planning on making come back soon.

I can't remember what server I was on and I think Buy FFXIV Gil I played a (Lalafel) dark mage but it's been so long I can't really remember. I'm just clumsy with keyboard and mouse but with most games it manageable for me but with FFXIV, even with a tweaked menu, it was still really difficult for me to play. Will probably start over fresh with a new character to test combat with the controller, I'll probably need to learn the system all over again and start over the story line which I forgot about. If you make a new character, can you choose a new server? I remember that transferring an existing character costs money but don't remember if the same thing goes for a new character? I think I was on a Dutch server maybe?

 Oh I forgot to say targeting, moving/running, dodging, etc was mostly difficult for me. Casting spells was OK ish. Okay a blm. I started as a blm and the 2.0 and 3.0 rotation is fairly simple. I'm on a NA server Lamia and would be willing to help a new player out \o/ and you can generally see where an aoe is about to hit and can easily dodge FFXIV Gils them and as a blm we have the ability to fight at a distance which makes things easier.  You can pick a NA Data Center and then a Server. Making a new character doesn't cost anything but transferring a new character does. I think there is also a level requirement before they will let you transfer a toon. I want to say a transfer costs $20-ish? I played the old online final fantasy. Lead a Linkshell of 80+.... I'm tempted to play this. Would you all recommend it? I was a pretty hard core player.

I'm curious. Don't know a lot about this one yet tho. I'm curious. Don't know a lot about this one yet tho. I'm curious. Don't know a lot about this one yet tho.

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