Monday, March 30, 2015

expand FFXIV inventor

 Is fishing ever going to get "Catch a monster" back from FF 11? I miss that...

Can we have an option to make Oma friends only? everyone's afk at the gold saucer anyways can't get anything done lol took a short break and now it's dead on my server? Duty finder can still take a while sometimes, but very active on giglamesh cheap FFXIV Gil. Gilgamesh is usually locked out also so its rare to get a toon made there.

Another few new classes...hmm I guess it would be nice if we were giving another Retainer for free (maybe I'm already asking too much). How about expanding inventory beyond 100? When will you resupply EU game time cards for South East Asia . My question: Since the live letter takes place on my birthday, could I get a signed OST or something as a present?   will collector's edition come with a Fantasia so I can be a dragon?!

 Are they thinking about allowing smn/scho to interact with their pets at any point? Like carry them or allow them to buy cheap FFXIV Gil ride the mount with them? It's really annoying when you go to some places and you get aggro without wanting to & your pet slows down and then they basically get unsummoned. Or are they planning on making them go faster? Just something to fix that issue.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


The North American Community Team's live show, DUTY COMMENCED

please anyone can give me a free registration code my free trial expired. Lol I saw comments about all the sooks and use to think it was because of the server but they are right there is always 1 or 2 elitist idiots in a raid that if die once they will say "OMG HOW CAN YOU DIE THERE!?" then they die and say nothing until someone else does... I'm use to playing like a month or 2 after update by that time I guess the elitists have moved on lol so my apolagise to anyone I commented on saying there are hardly any I was wrong they just migrate.

I didn't know there was a quest to tackle all 3 CTs to obtain the ilvl 120 stuff so I wasted my time doing them for nothing. . At least the weeklies have started over. its not item lvl 120 stuff at-least it wasn't for me i got a carbon coat to upgrade my ironworks gear to 130. Dude i did that but i went beastmode and got it at 11:58. I got the vid on ps4 but FFXIV Gil it just shows me holmganging at 1% on the final boss and five surviving at 11:57. Before that was the tank drama then me cussing out my weak healers over letting me die when i was the mt just on non buffed aggro. Zero commends and idk how many attacks went off after everyone wiped buy cheap FFXIV Gil but if it was 5 or more i saved our whole raid cause shed have been one shotting those last 4 guys up.

Monday, March 23, 2015

summon chocobo

But is it any fun for one players? I'm an old lady gamer who doesn't know a soul who would be playing this. And I'm an anti-social gamer. Those two thing are really keeping me from playing this cheap FFXIV Gil.....but I want to....can someone recruit me? i know it probably doesnt take that long to level but i dont mind getting free stuff.

Ive returned today.when i try yo summon muy chocobo it says muy chocobo is lost speak with a house enthusiast....where is that npc?  I'm hoping I can get past 'Your destination is currently congested, Please try again later' when I finish work today . new healing class dont arive until the expansion. this is just a pre expansion patch

You don't get any card from beaten players, though. And you don't lose any of your cards, of course.The servers might not be completely empty if you improved the game instead of wasting time on crap like this. . . Getting in to the Golden Saucer is the big problem. I understand many have gone in and left themselves on game in the Saucer so many of us are getting a message that the area is congested and we can't even get in to atune to a single aetheryte or buy cheap FFXIV Gil start on some of the quests. Standing at the airship counter with system error messages. Bah! Humbug!

3 more hours of teaching then I'll be online!  Looking forward to getting my hands on the new mounts! I'm seriously considering it because of the new healing class, among other things.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

DRK will be mp based

DRK will be mp based
Thoughts on this?

They talked about each of the new jobs mechanics briefly, and they really stressed that dark knight will use mp and need to manage it, and that they wouldn't want to run out of mp.

It made it sound like they will completely use mp, and not tp at all. If so, this will be interesting.
I can see it now, dark knight being able to sprint through a whole dungeon for super speed runs.

Does this mean that people will spec for PIE instead of VIT or STR? To get that mp boost?

And does it mean they'll get separate armour from the other tanks? Since I'd assume PIE would be an important 'secondary' stat for them. Then again, tank gear with some PIE thrown in wouldn't exactly hurt Paladins and Warriors either. More Flash and Stoneskin from Paladins, more Flash from Warriors (instead of those puny three Flashes we can afford now ¬_¬).

Thursday, March 12, 2015

easiest class on Final Fantasy XIV

Maximize DPS? PLD, hands down. 1-2-3 rotations + Spirits Within and Circle of Scorn whenever possible = max DPS. Oh, and use Fight or Flight after savage blade with SW and CoS on cooldown, and swap to Sword Oath when not tanking anything (but don't switch after a Savage Blade since switching interrupts your combo). A monkey could maximize DPS on a PLD. Doesn't mean the monkey would be a good tank, but that wasn't the question xD

SCH would be next easiest. Just dot everything with Cleric Stance up while healing, and drop Shadow Flare when you don't need Sacred Ground up (they're mutually exclusive). Oh, and run Selene instead of Eos for max raid DPS. This is easier than WHM because WHM have to switch stances much more often, and WHM can only either heal or DPS FFXIV gil at a given time. Due to SCH dots and pet, SCH is always healing (via the fairy) while actively DPSing and always DPSing (via DoTs) while actively healing.

Answering the actual question (which DPS is easiest to maximize DPS with), in a raid situation, BRD is easiest to max DPS. They do low DPS compared to other classes (if they're playing correctly and singing as needed), but maximizing their DPS is easy, and you can dodge raid mechanics while doing full DPS.

SMN is second easiest after BRD in raid situations. In a raid, there are usually few enemies, so DoTing them is easy. There's some complexity to MP management and pet management, but really, it's just DoT, contagion, fester, ruin, ruin, fester, ruin ruin, etc. In my (biased) opinion, SMN is complex when dealing with large crowds (like in dungeons), but easy when dealing with bosses (like in raids). And, since nearly all of the SMN damage is from DoTs, instant spells (like Fester and Ruin II), and the pet, they can do almost full DPS while moving. SMNs are terrible at dealing with weak adds though, unless they adds spawn close enough to the boss to Bane the boss's DoTs to them.

To maximize damage as a BLM, you have to know when move-requiring attacks are coming and time everything you do appropriately, which takes knowledge of the raid and practice. While BLM have the easiest rotation, they lose more DPS from moving at the wrong time than any other class.

MNK, NIN, and DRG all have complex rotations making them much harder to max DPS on than the ranged DPS. DRG have a complex rotation (tons of OGCD attacks to weave in and many short duration buffs/debuffs), but they have practically no positional requirements. MNK have a simpler rotation (some short duration buffs/debuffs and OGCD skills, but fewer), but nearly every attack of theirs has positional requirements. NIN has no positional requirements, but has to constantly use OGCD abilities (mudras, among others) to max DPS. NIN is probably the easiest out of those if you don't suffer from mudra lag, but with mudra lag, it can be hard to max DPS on a NIN.