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What Is the Best Thing to Mine for Experience in "RuneScape"?

Mining ores is a very lucrative practice in "Runescape", a massive multiplayer online role-playing game. While "Runescape" has many skills accessible only to players who pay to play the game, mining is available for everyone. Increasing mining levels quickly will help runescape account with a great means to make money to fund all their wants and needs.
Copper and Tin
Copper and tin are the only two ores available for level one miners. They are abundant all over the Runescape world, but are most concentrated near Varrock. There are copper and tin mines at the southeastern and southwestern corners of the city. Players should stay at copper and tin until level 20 or 30, even though iron is available to miners with at level 15. This is because mining ores at their minimum levels is very inefficient. According to the Tip It Forums, players can mine copper and tin the fastest at approximately level 41 with a rune pickaxe. If you just want to buying runescape accounts cheap, this ores can be obtained by these low level account also.

Iron is one of the most efficient ores to mine for experience. A large multitude of free-to-play "Runescape" players mine iron all the way to level 99. Lots of iron nodes are available at the southwestern corner of Varrock, in Al Kharid, in the Dwarvern Mines and north of Rimmington. While many players are able to bank a full inventory of iron ore while still increasing their mining levels incredibly fast, very devoted miners will power-mine iron ores. Power mining involves mining ores while dropping them at the same time. More information on power mining can be found at the Tip It Forums. According to Tip It Forums, players can mine iron the fastest at approximately level 50 with a rune pickaxe.
Coal can be mined efficiently at around level 60 with a rune pickaxe. The Mining Guild, located in Falador, is filled with coal nodes, and the competition for nodes is bearable. Like iron, coal can be mined for both experience and money, but power mining will be especially efficient for increasing mining levels.
Gold is a very popular ore to mine for pay-to-play "Runescape" players because it can be found in great abundance at the Living Rock Caverns. The entrance to the Living Rock Caverns can be found at the northern section of the Dwarvern Mines near Falador. While the location is very crowded and competition for gold is fierce, there are so many nodes available that high-level miners can easily get gold. Miners with access to the Living Rock Caverns will stay here until level 99 mining.

Runescape Tips: Best Places to Mine Gold

Mining for gold can be lucrative for your character in Runescape. Gold is a tradeable commodity that's easily transported and can be formed into bars and jewelry.
Mining Takes Skill
You must earn the ability to mine gold by attaining a mining level of 40 or higher with rsaccount. Once you're able to mine it, start looking for the best mines.
Arzinian Mines
Up to 146 gold rocks can be found in the Arzinian Mines, hidden in the mines south of Keldagrim. To get there, you must complete the "Between a Rock ..." quest. That's a lot of rocks to mine, especially since they re-spawn every two minutes. Fortunately, a ferryman is happy to transport you to the bank for only 6 gold rocks. This area is accessible only to players who are paying members.
Another great place for paying members to mine gold is the northwest Brimhaven mine. It will cost you 10 gold rocks. It's difficult to get to a bank unless you've completed the "Fairytale II--Cure a Queen" and "Holy Grail" quests. If you have, getting to a bank is as simple as blowing a magic whistle under the watchtower slightly north of the rocks in the "Holy Grail" quest to be teleported to the King Fisher realm. There you can run across the bridge, use the Fairy Ring to teleport to Zanaris and bank the gold ores. The Fairy Ring code BJR will take you back to the mining spot.
Where Else?
The Crafting Guild has seven gold rocks and is available in F2P (Free-to-Play), but it's a long way to the bank. The long walk can be shortened through a Ring of Dueling teleport to Castle Wars and then by using a Skills Necklace to take a Balloon Transport back to the Crafting Guild. An Oak Log will be needed.
Other decent places to mine gold are at the northeast beach at Crandor, the Grand Tree after you've completed the "Grand Tree" quest and the Karamja Volcano--each with four gold rocks. Crandor and the Karamja Volcano are available in F2P and can be banked without requiring any special tricks.
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What Do You Do After You Have Rune Essence?

The online role-playing game "RuneScape" features many raw materials that you must use to make the finished products that are required to train skills. Rune Essence is a blank rune stone that is required to train the Runecrafting skill. Unlike Pure Essence, Rune Essence is used to craft only low-level runes, including air, water, earth, fire, mind and body runes. Unlike runes, Rune Essence is not stackable, allowing you to hold only 28 Rune Essence in your runescape account inventory at a time.
Requirements of Rune Essence
Before you can use Rune Essence to craft runes, you must complete the Rune Mysteries quest, which is available to all players. There are no minimum requirements to complete the quest. To begin the Rune Mysteries quest, travel to Lumbridge and enter the Lumbridge Castle. Walk up the stairs, and speak to Duke Horacio. After completing the quest, you will receive one quest point and an Air Talisman and unlock the Runecrafting skill.
How to Obtain Rune Essence
You can mine Rune Essence at a Rune Essence Mine, which is accesssable through Aubury in the Varrock Magic Store and Sedridor in the basement of the Wizards' Tower. Aubury or Sedridor must teleport you to the mine. Mining Rune Essence reveals five Mining experience per essence, and you must use a pickaxe. Rune Essence is tradable on the Grand Exchange, with a limit of 25,000 essence every four hours. At the date of publication, the Grand Exchange market price of one Rune Essence is 17 gp.
Rune Essence vs. Pure Essence
Although both essences serve the same purpose, Pure Essence is generally used to create higher-level runes and can only be used by member players. If you are not a member, you must use Rune Essence to craft your runes. Member players can use Pure Essence to craft any type of rune, but Rune Essence is limited to low-level runes. Both Pure and Rune essence reveal five Mining experience per essence. Because Pure Essence is high in demand, the price of Pure Essence is significantly higher than Rune Essence, at 110 gp.
How to Use Rune Essence
After unlocking the Runecrafting skill, your character has the ability to create runes. At Level 1 Runecrafting, you can craft Air Runes at the Air Altar. To enter an altar, you must have the matching talisman in your inventory. Travel to Varrock; withdraw the Air Talisman and 27 Rune Essence. Walk southeast to the Air Altar's mysterious ruins, located just south of the Cooking Guild. Use your Air Talisman on the mysterious ruins to enter the altar. Walk north, and click the Air Altar. Your character binds the essence and crafts Air Runes. Click the portal to exit the altar and return to the bank to restock on essence. As your Runecrafting level progresses, you can craft higher-level runes. At Level 2, you can craft Mind Runes at the Mind Altar north of Falador. At Level 5, you can craft Water Runes at the Water Altar in the southwest corner of the Lumbridge Swamp. At Level 9, you can craft Earth Runes at the Earth Altar northeast of Varrock. At Level 14, you can craft Fire Runes at the Fire Altar northeast of Al Kharid. At Level 20, you can craft Body Runes at the Body Altar west of Gunnarsgrunn.
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How to Level Up the Defensive as a 1 ATT 1 STR Pure on "RuneScape"

When your character is a pure runescape account, you focus your training on certain combat skills that hold most relevant for successful combat, generally for the purpose of killing other players. Players who refrain from training Attack and Strength train only Defence and have a higher chance of defeating other "RuneScape" players with the same combat level. Because a player's combat level is generally rounded with equal amounts of Defence, Attack and Strength levels, a pure can appear weak, but deal large amounts of damage to the opponent.
1. Travel to Varrock and walk north to the Grand Exchange.
2. Purchase an Iron Dagger or Iron Scimitar. As of June 2011, the Grand Exchange market price of an Iron Dagger is 4 gp and 12 gp for an Iron Scimitar.
3. Withdraw your armour and food from your bank.
4. Equip your armour and wield the Iron Dagger or Iron Scimitar.
5. Travel to Lumbridge and walk east of the Lumbridge Castle. Cross the bridge.
6. Open your Combat interface and click "Block" to change your attack style. The Block attack style allows RS account to train only the Defence skill.
7. Kill Goblins to train your Defence level. You receive 30 Defence experience for each Goblin that you kill.

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Become a Free Member on Runescape

RuneScape is a massively multiplayer online roleplaying game that is played through a web browser without requiring users to download and install any files. RuneScape is completely free to play, although a subscription option exists that allows you to unlock additional content. As a free runescape account holder, you will still have access to the majority of the game's content.
1. Visit and click on the "Continue to full page" link at the top of the page.
2. Click "Create a Free Account" beneath the navigation bar of the Runescape homepage.
3. Enter your desired user name and password, and select your birth date and country of residence from the drop-down menus. Click "Continue."
4. Enter your email address and check the boxes to indicate your agreement with the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Entering an email address is optional, but recommended in case you need to reset your password.
5. Click "Create Account" to finalize the process. You are now ready to play RuneScape as a free member.
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How to Become a Mage Pure on Runescape

The purpose of a Mage Pure in Runescape is to build your magic level without gaining in other areas like Hit Points or Combat Level. Becoming a Mage Pure runescape account can be a tedious, but helps you get money and kill others quickly, which are both good things in Runescape.
1Decide if you want to be a member. Some people feel that being a member doesn't really help you become a Mage Pure faster.
2. Get 1,000 mind runes and 1,000 chaos runes. Suit up in full armor and then head to the wizard's tower, south of Draynor Village. Using the armor keeps your Hit Points low.
3. Climb to the top floor and find the lesser demon in the cage. Telekinetic runes work to fetch any run meds dropped by the lesser demon. Pull out all your runes and build your magic. Starting with 1,000 mind runes and 1,000 chaos runes allows you to gain level 36 magic.
4. Teleport to the same spot over and over with law runes. You gain magic without increasing your Hit Points. Train until your magic level reaches 55.
5. Purchase Yew Long Bows and use High Alchemy spells on them. This continues to boost your magic level.
6. Buy items to help you like mage robes, amulet of magic, a cape, an anti-dragon fire shield and a staff from Zaff. When you use a staff, set the attack style to crush, not focus, to attack without gaining defense levels.
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Steps for Creating a F2P Strength Pure in Runescape

An F2P strength pure is one of the strongest offensive fighters in Runescape. It is a combination of your attack, strength, defense, range, prayer, magic and hit points. When you create a F2P strength runescape pure account, you will have a distinct advantage when fighting in the wild. Just follow these steps to learn how.

1. Acquire cash from your main runescape account. You will need between 500,000 thousand and one million dollars.
2. Get your full iron. You can get the iron platelegs and platebody from the shop at Varrock. Acquire the full helmet at the Barbarian Village, the kite-shield at Falador and the scimitars at Alkarid.
3. Dress in your full iron and your Scimitar. Go to the house of goblins north-west of the Tollgate. Gain five attack by killing goblins.
4. Put on your steel scimitar and kill goblins until you have 20 strength. Find the monastery on the map and kill the monks until you are at 25 attack.
5. Change into your mithril scimitar and kill additional monks until you have reached 40 strength, then go to the barbarian village and climb through the cave that leads to the Stronghold of Security. Go through the portal and reply to the questions you're asked.
6. Head to the minotaurs on level 13 and kill them until you have 40 attack, then put on your rune scimitar and kill additional minotaurs until you are over 60 strength. You are now an F2P strength pure in Runescape.

The Cheapest Magic Suit in RuneScape

While melee warriors generally prefer heavy metal armors, and ranged fighters utilize leather and light armor types, magic users are unique in their tendency to eschew armor altogether. Instead, robes and their accoutrements provide enough magic defense while boosting magical attacks to ensure that mages are effective in battle. Member accounts can access a varied selection of magic wares, but non-members runescape account must be satisfied with humble garments that have almost no variation.

1. Blue Wizard Robe
Most novice and free-to-play mages use the Blue Wizard Robe, which provides three bonus attack points and three magic defense points to its wearers. When bought from the Grand Auction House, these robes frequently sell for 900 gold, but can fluctuate between 850 and 950 depending on availability. If you would rather earn these robes for free in battle, they are dropped by Wizards from the Wizard's Tower near Draynor Village.
2. Blue Wizard Hat
This hat is meant to accompany the Blue Wizard Robes, and bestow a slightly more modest two points of both bonus attack and magic defense. Luckily, the hats cost far less than robes, ranging from 400 to 500 gold in the auction house. Wizards also drop these, and so do the much weaker Imps, who reside in towns and under the Karamja Volcano.
3. Dark Wizard Robe
The Dark Wizard Robes give the same bonus that their blue counterparts give, but rarely cost more than 500 gold in the auction house, and are also more common, being dropped by Dark Wizards in the Dark Wizard Tower near the Crafting Guild, as well as by Shadow Warriors in the Legends' Guild, and by Ankou in Forinthry Dungeon.
Dark Wizard Hat
4. The Dark Wizard Hat is essentially the same as the Blue Wizard Hat, but enemies drop them much more frequently, as normal Wizards and Dark Wizards, along with Imps, all drop them. Because they are always available in the auction house, they can generally be bought for less than 200 gold.
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How to Get Rainbow Socks in "RuneScape"

Fancy boots, also known as rainbow socks, are a reward for completing the Stronghold of Security in the game with a high level runescape account. Although the boots have a negative effect on ranged and magic attack bonuses, fancy boots are the highest-level boots available to free players, with a melee defense bonus of +3. Like many other rewards, fancy boots are not tradable; they cannot be sold or purchased on the Grand Exchange. Certainly, you can buya runescape account which holds Rainbow Socks. To obtain a pair of fancy boots, you must reach the fourth level of the Stronghold of Security and loot the Cradle of Life chest.
1. Travel to Varrock and enter the west bank. Withdraw your armor, weapon and food.
2. Walk west to Barbarian Village and climb down the hole located in the center of the mine.
3. Run south and enter the first door on the east wall. Walk north, past the wolves and minotaurs. Enter the door on the northeast wall.
4. Walk northwest and enter the northeast door. Run past the minotaurs and enter the east door.
5. Run southwest, past the goblins and enter the door located on the southwest wall. Click the Gift of Peace chest in the center of the room to receive a reward of 2,000 gold and unlock the "Flap" emote. Climb down the ladder located in the northwest side of the treasure room.
6. Run south and follow the path down past the flesh crawlers, rats and zombies. Enter the southwest door. Walk west and then enter the southeast door.
7. Run southwest, past the flesh crawlers and enter the door on the southwest wall. Walk west, past the zombies and then follow the path north. Enter the door on the north wall.
8. Click the Grain of Plenty sack in the middle of the room to receive a reward of 3,000 gold coins and unlock the "Slap Head" emote. Climb down the ladder located in the southwest side of the treasure room.
9. Run northeast and enter the door on the north wall. Walk east and enter the door. Run west past the giant spiders and enter the east door.
10. Follow the path northeast and enter the door on the north wall. Run northwest, past the catablepon, and enter the door on the northwest wall. Enter the west door.
11. Walk south and click the Box of Health in the center of the room to receive a reward of 5,000 coins and unlock the "Idea" emote. Opening this chest will also restore your health points and stats. Climb down the ladder on the east side of the room.
12. Walk west and enter the door on the northwest wall. Run north and take the west path. Enter the door on the west wall. Follow the path west and then enter the door on the south wall.
13. Run southeast, past the ankous and ghosts and enter the door on the east wall. Click the Cradle of Life chest in the center of the room to receive a pair of fancy boots and unlock the "Stomp" emote. Click the ladder on the east wall to return to Barbarian Village.

How to Give Orders to the Void Troops in "The Void Stares Back" on "RuneScape"

"RuneScape" has a mini game called "Conquest" that appears a few times in different quests. It also makes an appearance toward the end of the quest called "The Void Stares Back." In this game you'll command Void Knights on what is essentially a large checkerboard in a battle with an enemy squad on the opposite side of the board. Different types of troops will have different skills, and it'll be up to you to use these skills effectively to win this mini game and move on to the final battle for this quest.
1. Play through the quest until you reach the "Conquest" mini game with your rs account. Each type of the character on the board has a different set of skills; for example, the mage and archers are good for long-distance attacks, while the champions and knights are better for close-range attacks.
2. Click on the troop that you would like to move and then click on "End Phase" under the "Turn Details" tab to begin moving that troop. Your troop will be in a yellow circle and will be surrounded by blue squares that indicate where he can move. Some troops have a wider movement range than others, and you can find out how far they can move by right-clicking on that troop and selecting "Details." Click on the blue square where you'd like to send the troop, and he'll move to that location.
3. Click on any enemy troop surrounded by a red square to attack them(Be careful if it is not a runescape pure account. The red square indicates that they are within attack range of one of your troops. It's possible to earn command points by defeating enemies, and once you have enough command points you can perform special attacks on the enemy troops. You get one movement and attack per turn. Click on "Turn Options" and select "End Turn" to give the enemy his turn.
4Right-click on the Knight Dorian at the start of the "Conquest" game and choose "Formation." An interface will appear that shows the starting positions of your troops. Hold down the left mouse button to drag any troops to different squares to change their starting positions and then click "Accept" when you're finished.

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How to Play RuneScape

RuneScape is a popular MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) in a medieval setting. To start, all you need is to create an account. Later on in the game, you may decide to become a member (those who pay for extra features). With a paid subscription, you can build your own house, explore more areas, and level more skills.
Creating your runescapeaccount
1. Go to the RuneScape website and register your account.
2. Click the "Create new account" link at the bottom of the page that appears.

 Click "Create Account Now."
3. Type in your name, email address, password, and age, then click continue. Remember that you have to be 13 or older if you want to be able to freely chat with people!
4. Choose your character's skin color, gender, and what you'd like them to look like. This will not affect their skills within the game. Since it is a fantasy-type game, it's fine if you make your character be of the opposite gender. Remember that you can change your characters' gender, skin color, and clothes in-game.
5. Further customize your character. You can do this by clicking on the tabs in the upper right corner of the screen for hair, shirt, pants/skirt, boots, skin color, and beard (if applicable), then selecting the type and color you'd like below.
6. Name your character. This can be whatever you want, but make sure you don't use any vulgar language or they may force you to change your name later.
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How to Play Runescape on Ipod Touch/ Iphone/ Itouch

I will teach you Runescape fans how to play Runescape on your iPhone iTouch iPod Touch with out the laggy VNC stuff when you need to open your computer, now there is an official app that allows you to play login in your RS account! FOR FREE!
On this topic
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Computer (Methood 1 doing it on the computer, Scroll Down if you are doing it on your iPhone/ iPod Touch

On iPhone/ iPod Touch/ iTouch
Go to the App Store. And search for "Cloud Browse". Click the Download button next to the Title. It is free to download so don't worry.
When it is finish downloading and installing.
Open the app and it will open like a Safari.
How to type
On the bottom of the screen there is a row, there is a icon that looks like a keyboard.
Click it and a keyboard will pop up, when you finish typing click Done and the Keyboard is minimized.
Go to Google and search Runescape. (Easier then typing in the Link)
Go to the Runescape website,
Click on it and Click The "Play Now" Button.
Then it will load and take you to the Runescape Lobby.
Click Login Members or Free.
Then type in your account information.
Then Press Login! and BAM! there is Runescape on your iPod Touch/ iPhone.

Setting Up Your Runescape Setting
-For Less Lag Make your Runescape Screen "Set Screen" (Not full screen)
-And make it Low Details
-If you notice you can't right click so you will have to set it to one click.
(That is in your runescape setting and it is the mouse icon)
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Tips for earning gold with runescape character at level3

If you are a new person to RuneScape or just want buya runescape account, but wish to gain side skills on a Level 3 character, this is the article for you.

Train on low monsters and get your level up. It is nice to not be called a noob, and being a higher level (combat or other) can make the game more fun.

To ignore people that constantly bug you and call you a "noob", turn your public chat to off or friends. You can also do this for private chats as well. Do not claim rocks at mines and say your are the only person that can mine them because you will just be called a noob.

Most of these steps do not encounter monsters, so it is safe for a Level 3 user to enjoy and gain levels without getting hurt or killed.

If you are gaining skill levels for a Level 3 character, upgrade your necessities as soon as you can use them. It's an advantage of getting things more efficient than a lower item with your rs account.

If you have a large amount of something (e.g, 10k essence or 5k willows) go to world 1 (or 2 for members) and sell your items, as the lower numbered worlds are considered the marketplace of RuneScape.

Try selling all you get in the grand exchange in Varrock doesn't matter how many you have.

Head to the chicken coop and collect bones when you get an full inventory sell them at the G.E and make around 5k....... makes 100K an hour.
Chop down logs. when you get a full inventory sell at the G.E and make at least 5k.... 100k an hour (depends how fast you cut).
Complete Rune Mysteries and mine 1k rune essence and sell at G.E for 60-100k... 1h30 to 2 hours.
If you are incredibly lazy, a good way is to stand in front of the GE and say "Will dance for money" then do the dance emote. You do get a lot of hate, but some nice people give you free money. I've made about 10k every 30 minutes on a busy server this way.

Avoiding items being scammed in runescape

Scamming is the act of stealing money, items or runescape accounts from another player through deception or trickery. It is strictly against the Rules of RuneScape and can be punishable by a mute or ban. Scamming is as old as RuneScape itself, and the wide range of scams range from simple and obvious to clever and complex. Most scams involve tricking a victim in one way or another and then sell RS account and items for money, although occasionally scammers will exploit flaws in the trade system, or even glitches in the game, to steal players' items. How to avoid items being scammed in runescape? Here are tips:
1.    Don't let people walk away with your stuff. If you are trading something, be sure to get what you want before you accept the trade.
2.    Sometimes, when you are buying / selling something valuble (whips, rares, barrows, etc.) someone will say to meet you at edgeville or around the lumberyard. Then when you are trading them, you will be in the wild, and his friend (or him) will do some spell to freeze you and possibly tele-block you. Eventually, you will die and lose whatever you were selling. NEVER cross the ditch!
3.    Do not believe everything you're told - it's not always true.
4.    Double-check in the second trade screen. Many people remove their items just before accepting.
5.    Trade everything at the same time, some people just log out or run away before the trade is completed if you split the trade.
6.    Watch out of people that are cutting gems for free, smithing for free etc. When someone is cutting a gem for free, the best way is to ask him to give you a cutted for your uncutted.
7.    If the trade is too good to be true, it normally is.
8.    Do not buy runescape account at low level with nice items.People are often making new account to scam - if they get banned, they won't loose anything. Buying full rune, rare items etc from very low leveled people is risky.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Jagex Hits Gold Sellers by Banning RuneScape Dicing Accounts

RuneScape developers appear to be getting more aggressive against gold sellers, issuing a wave of bans earlier to so-called “ring leaders” of a gold supply operation.

The new bans hit an unspecified number of high-profile dicing hosts, which observers infer to include the now-infamous According to this Wikia explanation, dicing games were introduced to RuneScape as a form of light entertainment, but was quickly warped into a betting scam. Players used IRC bots to rig rolls in their favor – victims bet money on whether a roll would be higher or lower than a set number – earning the dupers easy Gold. The scam led to complaints and the removal of dice games late last year.

The bans also seem to have extended to known staking experts like Win All Day, whose accounts with a reported worth of 100 billion Gold in shards and rares were shut down due to related real world trading activities. Staking is another form of gambling that involves betting on fights at the Duel Arena.

“We have recently banned several high-profile accounts from the dicing scene. We can happily confirm that the ring leaders found to be involved in selling RuneScape gold have been banned. Their actions have directly funded a sizable portion of all real world trading activity within the game, led to increased macro use, and resulted in huge surges in spam advertising,” ” said Jagex CEO Mark Gerhard in a triumphant blog post .

Jagex implied that the rs accounts have been permanently banned, and hopes this serves as a “clear warning” that engaging in gold selling activities is prohibited. “Expect more bans of any continuing offenders.”

Mr. Gerhard also hinted that at a bigger push against gold sellers is in the works. “We have been finely tuning our new anti-cheat and anti-hijack tools over the past few months and are now steadily bringing these systems online in select areas. This is part of an on-going rollout that will be completed over the course of next two months.”

With the widespread bans temporarily curtailing the supply of RuneScape Gold flowing to RMT shops, RuneScape Gold prices are starting to creep up with more upward pressure expected in the coming weeks. RuneScape Gold is now trading at an industry median rate of $131 per 200 million Gold.

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Avoiding account hacking / account scamming

Hacking and scamming is the worst thing that could happen you in RuneScape: You can lose one of your most valuable items because someone tricked you, or you could even lose your runescape account!
So, here's a guide that can help you from being hacked or scammed.
1.    Be sure to set your password recovery questions, and write them down a safe place.
2.    Do not tell your password! Do NOT tell anyone your password recovery questions!
3.    Make your password hard to guess - like "sk3wjdlm2764df"
4.    Don't use your Runescape password anywhere else than Some forums may pick up your password, and use it to log onto your RuneScape account!
5.    Watch out for fake websites:
Runescape cheat sites. There are no cheats to Runescape.
Runescape staff sites. Somone are making "secret" sites where you can be staff. They're fake.
Runescape "test servers". All newer releases of RuneScape will be announced on
6.    Don't use unofficial Runescape programs or addons.
7.    Don't use any auto-programs or "bots".
8.    Watch out for fake emails - Runescape will never email you!
9.    Players abusing Runescape staff - Runescape staff will never ask for your password!
10.  Do not share your account. Many players loose their accounts because their FRIENDS steals it!
11. Once you have decide to buy runescape account, change the password immediately!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Elite RuneScape Player Earned $50,000 Selling Gold

Stokenut, a London-based RuneScape player, confesses on YouTube how he made over $50,000 selling the fantasy MMO’s virtual currency before developer Jagex permanently banned his still-loaded runescape account.

In a five-minute YouTube recording posted over the weekend, Stokenut said that since Free Trade returned last year, “I have only really played the game to make money.” And make money he did.

Over the course of an estimated 18 months, he farmed and sold RuneScape Gold, earning slightly even more than the median yearly salary of a full-time British employee.

The revelation that Stokenut was particularly shocking – then eventually, enraging – to his fans who better knew him as a British vidcaster whose outtakes as a RuneScape player earned him up to a hundred thousands of views for his more popular videos. Stokenut’s official YouTube video channelcurrently has roughly 25,000 subscribers with nearly 5 million total views for all his videos.

Stokenut said that he turned to real-world trading less as a means of last resort – he claims to be do fine for finances even without the real world trading stipend – but more as an opportunity that was too tempting to ignore.

Guys, common sense OK. If you have the ability to make between 500 million and 2 billion per day – the prices I was selling at was anywhere between $250 to $1,000 per day then you would do that, regardless of how you feel about real world trading in general.”

Even as he defended his decision, Stokenut makes no excuses for the effects of gold selling in RuneScape.
My personal opinion: Real world trading is terrible. Free trade has ruined the game. But if I’m not going to do it, someone else is.”

You can’t remove real world trading from a game that has free trade,” he added.

In the video, we see that Stokenut received his permanent ban on August 17, with the offence cited as “Real World Trading Major (ban)” with status indicated as still “Appealable.” Stokenut said he can try to appeal, but we think that the YouTube tell-all guarantees his account will stay banned forever.

Stokenut said that the banned account still had 5 billion Gold in it, which at current RuneScape Gold prices of around $131 per 200 million Gold, could have amounted to $3,275 when sell a runescape account like this at fair value. (More likely though is that the confiscated Gold would have sold for less than fair value at around a couple of thousand of dollars.)

More than anything else, Stokenut predicts that his banning would push Gold prices “through the roof.”

All Jagex can do is ban certain real world traders. But what is that gonna do, well all that’s gonna do is jack up prices of Gold.”

If true, this would mean a turnaround for virtual currency’s steady decline over the past half-year. Gold prices have declined by almost half after reaching a recent high of around $230 per 200 million Gold in March.

In Botany Bay, RunesScape Players Get to Punish RMT Botters

RuneScape developer Jagex infuses dark humor in its anti-RMT operations by allowing human players to publicly humiliate and personally permaban RMT botters in a new in-game location known as Botany Bay.

“While the Engine and System teams have been fixing, testing and improving the system, we thought it would be great if all players were able to get involved in punishing these clockwork we’ve created Botany Bay,” said RuneScape lead designer Mod Mark in his September behind-the-scenes post.

Mod Mark explained that Botany Bay will basically function as a holding and punishment cell before a botter account is ultimately banned.

“After a cheating, rule-breaking, botting account has been caught in the act, they will be teleported to Botany Bay: a new location, hidden on a dark, foreboding island and run by the Botfinder General. Here, real players will be invited to listen to a fully voiced speech from the General, while pelting the offender with rotten tomatoes. You'll then be invited to choose one of three game-ending punishments for the offender, resulting in a brutal set of animations and a permanent ban,” the lead designer said.

Botany Bay will be accessible to both free players and members alike, and will be easily accessible for all.

“You’ll be able to hear about ongoing trials via the announcers that sit near several busy in-game locations. They will also offer a handy teleport to anyone nearby,” said Mod Mark.

RuneScape players lacking the sadistic tendencies should also be enticed to participate in the public flogging in Botany Bay, if only for the free thematic emotes.

“For those actually voting and choosing the account-ending punishments, you’ll also be able to access new cosmetic rewards, including a flaming pitchfork emote,” added Mod Mark.

The introduction of Botany Bay comes at a time when Jagex is particularly aggressive against RMT and their botter cronies. Just a few weeks ago, developers imposed a wide ban on high-profile dicing accounts that were selling RuneScape accounts Gold to RMT shops. But you can trade runescape accounts still.

Jagex then plans to roll out what its CEO Mark Gerhard believes to be “our most comprehensive and formidable anti-bot update,” which in all likelihood is the delayed sequel to the Optimus bot nuking operationlaunched earlier this year.

Mr. Gerhard has also unveiled the Jagex Account Guardian feature which represents “a significant upgrade” to rs accounts security against phishing and hijacking.

All combined, these barrage of anti-RMT measures seem aimed at establishing RuneScape as an unfriendly environment for botters and gold seller operators, as opposed to a unmoderated, do-as-you-please playground.