Sunday, October 21, 2012

What Is the Best Thing to Mine for Experience in "RuneScape"?

Mining ores is a very lucrative practice in "Runescape", a massive multiplayer online role-playing game. While "Runescape" has many skills accessible only to players who pay to play the game, mining is available for everyone. Increasing mining levels quickly will help runescape account with a great means to make money to fund all their wants and needs.
Copper and Tin
Copper and tin are the only two ores available for level one miners. They are abundant all over the Runescape world, but are most concentrated near Varrock. There are copper and tin mines at the southeastern and southwestern corners of the city. Players should stay at copper and tin until level 20 or 30, even though iron is available to miners with at level 15. This is because mining ores at their minimum levels is very inefficient. According to the Tip It Forums, players can mine copper and tin the fastest at approximately level 41 with a rune pickaxe. If you just want to buying runescape accounts cheap, this ores can be obtained by these low level account also.

Iron is one of the most efficient ores to mine for experience. A large multitude of free-to-play "Runescape" players mine iron all the way to level 99. Lots of iron nodes are available at the southwestern corner of Varrock, in Al Kharid, in the Dwarvern Mines and north of Rimmington. While many players are able to bank a full inventory of iron ore while still increasing their mining levels incredibly fast, very devoted miners will power-mine iron ores. Power mining involves mining ores while dropping them at the same time. More information on power mining can be found at the Tip It Forums. According to Tip It Forums, players can mine iron the fastest at approximately level 50 with a rune pickaxe.
Coal can be mined efficiently at around level 60 with a rune pickaxe. The Mining Guild, located in Falador, is filled with coal nodes, and the competition for nodes is bearable. Like iron, coal can be mined for both experience and money, but power mining will be especially efficient for increasing mining levels.
Gold is a very popular ore to mine for pay-to-play "Runescape" players because it can be found in great abundance at the Living Rock Caverns. The entrance to the Living Rock Caverns can be found at the northern section of the Dwarvern Mines near Falador. While the location is very crowded and competition for gold is fierce, there are so many nodes available that high-level miners can easily get gold. Miners with access to the Living Rock Caverns will stay here until level 99 mining.

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