Thursday, December 31, 2015

Will blade and soul be available to play for every country?

Will blade and soul be available to play for every country or just for north america and europe? They said they were gonna bring it to a console. But they didn't say which one on the interview. So guess you'll just have to endure.  That's not gonna happen. Don't get your hopes up.  I didn't get a reply last time. cheap Blade & Soul Gold I guess the team managing the facebook page probably don't know. But has there been any update on whether the story will be returned to normal or not?

E.g. Has the time travel part of the story been put back in? (I don't know how you would even allow your localiser to make such an edit to the story). Even though I was originally really looking forward to the game I don't intend to support it with story changed like that.It was probably changed as to not get the players too invested into the game too early so then they don't disappoint their player base. But i cant be too sure whether they'll go with how China did it or if they're following Korea.

 I am from Philippines, Buy Blade and Soul Gold SEA.. which server has lower ping in our country.. NA or EU, thanks. Just curious about 2 things! Will there be support for other language inputs to switch around from? Just like in Asia servers where they support multiple languge input. Second is the membership star icon beside the name, is there an option to not display this icon? Thanks Good insight. Been wanting to read/learn a bit more about the whole transmuting process.Article itself could've done with some proof-reading, though...  and the chances is slim are so slim , i burned 30g & got nothing decent.. same lol so hard to get the good gems mostly stuns are dropping on box and success rate sucks.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Blade & Soul founders pack

Okay bought a founders pack so i could play cbt..... i cant even play, its been 2 hours and im still waiting? are you kidding me? I do not mind a question you should quit blade and soul I can not wait to see how you sal download site writes that on October 30 and 31 year but we did not show.  just waited in a two hour cue just to play and once i got in i tried to join a dungeon party and then couldnt cue for anything and couldnt leave the lobby-after five minutes it said disconnected and now i have to wait another freaking hour to log in bc im number get some more servers please.
 This closed beta is just to test the game Blade & Soul Gold, everyone will be playing at the same Lv when its launch! All closed beta character will be wipes, so u don't have to worry about falling behind in Lv!

how u tackle dungeons... hide... go straight to the boss... stack poison... hide... backstab x4 x2... refresh poison stack... hide... backstab... finish within a few minutes... repeat... There's not that method anymore , the game has changed.  this game already have perfect dungeons and pve system .. I think you should focus the pvp system. more pvp rewards... and you must encourage people to pvp.

simple,look at old pvp games. knight online,silkroad online, wow. (my eng not enough but i hope you understand me) hello, i finaly downloaded the game in more Buy Blade and Soul Gold than 1 day , been w8ing the game for long time,please send me a key to . Staff please fix E02018 error, can't even update the game and play at all!  Because the Warlock is inexorably tied to L50 content. And NA/EU is starting with L45 content. We'll get Warlock when we get the L50 patch. Expect that in about 6 months......

Monday, December 7, 2015

Blade and Soul combat set up

I cant connect to the server every time I try I get a error cant connect to the server + I have been reading the forum foe past 40min and cant find anything for it.. pleace what do I do.  Anybody there trying to boot up gamer after purchasing a founders Pack and BAMMMM!!!! BSoD. Trien uninstall and even redownload but nothing Blade and Soul Gold . Hopefully you didn't transfer all NA characters to the same of the 3 EU servers. Or we will have a login queue a friend gave me a premium object. and I saw that I have a 29 days membership with founder pack. I will lost everything after beta?  Blade & Soul i got the key and i was ready to log in. i got the message '' verification code has been sent to your email '' . i was waiting for like 20 min and i got nothing, i pressed it a bit more and it keep saying '' resend the verification email'' after like one hour i got the last key and somehow i logged in. i got dc, and then when i tried to login again i got the same message for verification again. wtf is going on? and i am still waiting for that.

i used the beta key i recieve last oct 29th.. but why i cant connect to server how to change the directory target of setup it want to download ON C drive that i dont have space on  When i try to connect to the launcher, i recieve a mensenger error. "ncsoft launcher data error could not connect to the Blade and Soul Buy Gold update server" im lagging so bad.. idk why.. im from canada ..i have 10mbps connection and skills are so delayed.. my friend from the philippines said he's got no lag at all.... SAD Guys, the beta codes we were given the day before yesterday is for all betas from now on 'til the end on December or just this weekend?

Absolutely love this game, it's refreshing as well as Cheap Blade & Soul Gold challenging with the combat set up. I love playing and can't wait for it to launch. Great work guys, thanks for bringing this great game to the states. im getting this 'Failed to connect to server.(200)' after starting the game .. some help would be nice .. thanks Is there anyone who got problem with fail to connect to sever rite now? frown emoticon i cant login trying 3-4hours already Blade & Soul will you guys let us buy more character slots later? I know we start with 2, but I plan on buying the $75 one that gives you 4 slots... BUT THATS STILL NOT ENOUGH Q-Q... Can we buy more later?  there are some optimasation problems, last beta with my Titan x - i7-4790K i got a constant 120 FPS, now i changed to EU servers and i only get 60 -70 FPS Since the progress are being save even after changing of phase, that means those idi0ts who had a beta key previously will be forced to purchase founders pack! Such a great marketing strategy of milking out the NABS! I Salute you guys!