Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Which is the Best Healer?

There is a philosophy that if you don't die, the healer has done his job. However, the whole point of the sentence is not whether or not a healer can keep you alive, but what makes a healer to a good healer, and which is the best healer in world of wacraft.
In fact, each healer type has its own strength and weaknesses. Here’s a personal view of choosing a best healer in world of warcraft. I will introduce the different healer, and it is up to you to determine which kind of healer you like best.

Paladins, they have very fast and efficient heals, their forte is being able to heal a lot for a long time before running out of mana. Using proper talents and glyphs, they can land a big heal and also heal characters near their target for a small bit. They use an ability called Beacon of Light, which duplicates all heals they cast onto the person whom they have their beacon on.
Paladins have a large toolkit to save others, including Hand of Sacrifice to take some of their target's damage for them, Divine Shield which allows them to become immune to attack for a short while, and Hand of Salvation to save people who have drawn the attention of a big monster. Paladins have an ability called Laying on Hands which instantly heals a target for as much health as the Paladin has. The weakness is that they struggle if they need to heal many targets at once, and while fast, their heals are not instant-cast.

Priests,There are two kinds of Priest healers: Discipline and Holy.
Discipline Priests specialize in using Power Word: Shield - while Holy Priests can use it just fine, Discipline have much more powerful shields and gain mana back if one of their shields is dispelled or consumed.
Holy priests gain the use of Guardian Spirit, which increases healing on the target and saves the target from dying if its health drops to 0. A Holy Priest who takes the Spirit of Redemption talent will turn into a spirit if they die, allowing them to keep healing for a short while after death.

Druid healers, he spend most of his time in Tree of Life form, and are masters of heal-over-time effects. Nourish is a direct healing spell which becomes stronger if there are more HoTs on the target. Lifebloom and Rejuvenation are spells that heal a bit over some time, but Regrowth gives an instant heal and leaves a HoT effect on the target.
Druids are the only healer who can battle rez, meaning to revive a character from death while in combat. They can use Wild Growth to place a HoT on up to 5 targets at once, and also have an ability that consumes a HoT on a target for a single heal. However, they can heal many targets for a bit, their big single-target heals are weaker.

Shaman, The Shaman has Healing Wave, which is a relatively fast and powerful heal, and can use a Chain Heal effect to heal multiple targets at once. They can place an Earth Shield on a target, which will heal the target every time it is attacked.
Shamans also have additional healing provided by their totems, which can provide health or armor to those within their range. Should the shaman be killed in battle, they can also raise themselves from the dead using Reincarnation and continue healing.

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How to sell items in wow account

When I right click to sell my wow account’s items, it goes to some kind of box. But when I right click it again it goes back to my backpack, I always doubted if I have done something wrong. It is a common problem for wow beginner about selling items. Players should check the timestamp on a thread before posting in it.

Another attention is making sure that the vendor window is open and that you're not looking at the Buyback tab. And then right click the item in wow bags for selling items. You'll hear a jingling sound as money is given to you.

Two main ways to sell items are the auction house and vendors. The auction house you can set the price, but you have to pay gold to post it there, and the auction house takes a percent of what you get for it. Vendors will give you a specific price for the item if you can sell it to them, but you can’t sell everything to them. Just choose what they want.

Selling items is a main way to earn money in world of warcraft, there are some tips for selling items more effective:
First, choose Sunday for selling, as Sunday is perhaps the best day to sell by far. Many people do shopping in Auction House on Sunday. Perhaps, the reason is increasing number of people log in game just on Sunday. As it goes on, the number of items bought and sold altogether rises. You should always have a mailbox full of gold by Monday morning if things go well.
Second, do always set a buyout. You will have to lose 99% of sales once you do not set it. People want instant gratification, and also a buyout scares people into impulse buying because they feel that someone else could buyout the auction at any moment. With just bids and no buyout people know they have hours to think about it and often decide that they do not really need to spend all gold on that item today.
The last, keep your items listed for 24 hours, as the fee is not that much more in comparison. It is to make more people notice your items and make them to buy your items as well, though you can only list them once per day.
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Changes Brought by Mists of Pandaria

There are three piece of information for world of warcraft, the The Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King, and Cataclysm. And the news that Mists of Pandariais will release in the near future has known by every wow gamer.

Just like the previous piece of information of upgrading, there will be changes in wow game content. Some basic changes include an increased level cap, a new race, and a new class. Your maximum level is able to reach 90. It brings two big benefits to gamers. First, the level change gives the developers a chance to ease you into power changes. They can tinker with numbers, alter powers, grant new spells -- and it feels a little more natural, because you grow into it. Second, you'll have a direct reason to play through new quests and stories. Collecting levels motivates you to go talk to those NPCs and chase those MacGuffins.

You can expect the new class monk, which use a dual resource system to power their abilities. The flavor of the monk is obviously different from all the current classes. Using Asian-themed motifs throughout and stocked with a healthy helping of tongue-in-cheek game references, the monk features plenty of beer, bounce, and dragon references.

Pandaren is the new race which is a peaceful race of panda people, they become drawn into the conflict between the Horde and Alliance and find themselves choosing sides. Some players criticize the pandaren as being too lovely and innocuous, but I advise you should not think so. They are a nice hero and also agility and elusive when you spend some time in their world.

Your talents are radically changing instead of a point-based system, you'll now choose a new talent occasionally. Most of these talents are new changes and abilities to your core mechanics. Instead of gaming minute, incremental stat changes, you'll be vastly altering your gameplay through these choices.

Of course, no expansion would be complete without new instances to explore. Just make sure that you take the time to check out the five things you need to know about the Temple of the Jade Serpent and the Stormstout Brewery.

Mists of Pandaria is a pretty big expansion. But if you're just now getting caught up on all the news, these are the big things for you to think about right now. It looks like it's going to be an amazing new game. Reactive your wow account before Mists of  Pandariais release. And you can choose to buy wow account in level 85, because it is the best preparation for you sprinting to 90 and feeling the new quests and stories.

Special Characters of Warlock in World of Warcraft

Warlocks have the ability to convert health into mana. So it is a unique class among the DPS caster classes. Warlocks are renowned for their damage over time (DoT) spells and sinister Shadow magic, as well for summoning demonic minions and their ability to wreak havoc with destructive Fire spells.
Some of the warlock's spells and skills depended on the Soul Shard reagent. They were obtained by killing an enemy that yields experience or honor with the Drain Soul spell. Warlocks used up a lot of space in the inventory, and special bags existed that could only contain soul shards.
In my opinion, warlock is a good choice for wow beginner, especially for girls who are not good at MMO games at the moment. The most important is that you will have a pet helping attack the monster. Certainly, if you want buy wow account on some website, it all depends on you and you can choose any class suit for you.
How to upgrade level when you have bought a wow account with class warlock, I will give some tips for leveling here:
1. It certainly isn't essential to keep your gear 100% up to date, though it will help. If you have a ton of gold, then go for all the upgrades that you want. Otherwise, only upgrade when the new piece is a definite improvement over the old one. .
2. If you're questing then the easiest way is to get a guide. Barring that, grab all the quests in an area and use the map to group them. Knock of all the quests over there, then hit the next batch.
3. You can also Recruit a friend (RaF) for 3x XP.
4. Do as many quests at one time as you can. Save the travel quests for a time when you are going "over there" anyway.
5. Some foods buff stats. Keep a nice stack handy. Bandages can come in handy
6. Use RaF and combine it with dungeon and/or PvP leveling for blindingly fast 1-85 times.
Warlocks can equip staves, wands, daggers, and one-handed swords, but can wear cloth armor only. When you want buy a wow account from farmer100, it will be a considerable factor if you like different kinds of equipment.

Buy a Nice WoW Account to Transform Gaming Experience

MMORPG is world fastest growing form of electronic game with gamers from all over the world. Players can communicate with each other through the MMORPG forum or even talking in the game.
World of Warcraft is such a kind of massive multiplayer online role-playing game that players from all across the globe interact with each other within a virtual gaming setting. It is imperative for the players to assume a fantasy character and take over its role.
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Brief Introduction of Cooking in World of Warcraft

Cooking can save your time buying food to heal yourself when you are keeping leveling. And it is good a way of combining cooking with fishing to make the leveling process easier. Because you can choose to cook what you have fished along coach, and it will save your time for hunting for ingredients.
Here are some cooking introductions for wow beginner learning the skill.
The maximum level of cooking is 450. To learn the Cooking skill, you will need to visit a Cooking trainer in one of the main cities of Azeroth and become an Apprentice. You will automatically receive some recipes and then becoming a Cook. You can buy several recipes from cooking trainer before 50. Spices and Flour can be purchased from a Cooking or General Supplies vendor.
Once you've trained as an apprentice cook, you'll have 3 recipes to start with, that are Herb Baked Egg, Charred Wolf Meat and Roasted Boar Meat. You'll only want to use the Roasted Boar Meat or Charred Wolf Meat recipes, as they don't need any other reagents to cook.
You can kill any of the following: Mottled Boars around Orgrimmar for Chunks of Boar Meat, Darkhounds around Tirisfal Glades for Stringy Wolf Meat and Wolves and Stalkers around Mulgore for Stringy Wolf Meat. At this point you really should take up Fishing as it's easier to fill the gaps, particularly if you are on the Horde side.
When you reach at level 50cooking, Go to The Sepulcher in Silverpine Forest and buy the Smoked Bear Meat recipe from Andrew Hilbert. Kill Grizzled Bears around Silverpine Forest for Bear Meat.  You can Go find Grub in The Barrens when you reach 91 cooking. He's in a Tower by Grosh'gek Farm, just north off the road between Ratchet and Crossroads to pick up the quest. Complete quest and cook Dig Rat Stew till your level 125 cooking.

To Train as a Expert cook when in cooking 126 to 175, go to Shadowprey Village and buy the Expert Cooking Book from Wulan. Go to Razor Hill and buy Hot Lion Chops recipe from Zargh and about 60 Hot Spices. Kill Mountain Lions around Hillsbrad Foothills for Lion Meat.

Go to Grom'gol and buy Roast Raptor recipe from Nerrist and about 30 Hot Spices when you are in cooking 176 to 200 Kill Raptors around Grom'gol for Raptor Flesh.

Go to trainer and train Spider Sausage when you are in level 201 to 225 and kill Darkfangs around Dustwallow Marsh for White Spider Meat.

Stay in Felwood and cook those eggs for Monster Omelets and any Tender Wolf Meat you got when you are in cooking 226 to 285. If you didn't have enough to get you to 285, go kill the Wolves around Felwood for Tender Wolf Meat and make Tender Wolf Steaks.

Go to Cenarion Hold in Silithus and speak to Calandrath for the Desert Recipe chain of quests when you are in level 286 to 300. You'll get the recipe for Smoked Desert Dumplings when finish the third quest. Kill Dredge Crushers and Strikers for the Sandworm Meat. You'll only need about 10 more than the quest needs plus the soothing spices.

Buy the recipe for Ravager Dogs from Cookie One-Eye in Thrallmar in level300 to 325, and then go kill Ravagers around Falcon Watch until you have about 35-40 meat.

There will be two choices when you reach at cooking 325 to 350. The one is that go buy the Roasted Clefthoof recipe from Nula the Butcher in Garadar and then kill Clefthooves around Nagrnd for about 35-40 meat . Another is that go buy the Warp Burger recipe from Innkeeper Grilka in Stonebreaker Hold  and then kill Warp Stalkers/Hunters around Terokkar Forest for about 35-40 meat.

The best way to get to 375 from 350 at the moment is by fishing up Furious Crawdads in one of three lakes around Terokkar Forest and then cooking them. However, these lakes are only accessible if you have a flying mount.

Those are just brief introduction about upgrading your cooking skill in levels, you will find more interesting experience when you begin your world of warcraft. If you want know more about other skills introduction, please click into farmer100.

Special Characters of Death Knight in WoW of Warcraft

Death knight is world of warcraft’s first hero class. It is a name shared by several organizations of powerful necromancers. These orders share a few things in common, including riding horses with horned skulls and many of the same abilities. Playable death knights, however, are specifically death knights of the Scourge. A death knight is a type of fictional creature that appears in a number of role playing games.
The death knight can be considered a hybrid melee class that combines damage ealing and tanking, somewhat akin to Warriors. They wear plate armor and are able to dual-wield or use two-handed blade weapons. Like druids, they tank without shields. Their tanking mechanics involve high armor and a high chance to parry. Death knight tanks depend on a combination of high damage abilities and high threat abilities, such as Decay and Death and Rune Strike.
My wow account is a death knight which has three talent trees that enhance certain aspects her specialties. However, the differences between the trees are not as clear-cut as those of other classes, both for PvE and PvP environments. Obviously, death knights can tank or deal damage regardless in which talent tree they specialize, although a careful talent selection is still required to bolster their preferred role.
Every wow account has its special ability. You should know that Blood enhances the death knight's melee abilities and damage and vastly improves the ability to heal itself. Blood also provides healing utility to party and raids and has some very useful buffs and debuffs that the death knight can cast on others. Frost enhances melee abilities and focuses on increasing both AoE and single target damage. It also enhances or provides useful emergency damage mitigation abilities like Icebound Fortitude. Unholy enhances the death knight's diseases and damage over time spells, making them effective at AoE DPS.
The death knight class has its own special weapon enchanting ability called  Runeforging, which replaces the need for conventional weapon enchants-- Rune of the Fallen Crusader for example. And it is a very unique damage-dealing class in that their damage is dealt by both melee abilities and spells. If you want to begin your wow with the hero of death knight, you will have a lot of different choices on farmer100.

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WOW Power Leveling

Power leveling is the term that used to describe the process of leveling a character. It can be seen in any kind of multiplayer online role-playing games, and it is also an important factor for wow accounts. The maximum level in wow is currently 85 which need a lot of hours of training and doing many quests.

Gamers wish their wow accounts power-leveling in order to earn more points, more armor, more energy and upgraded status. In multiplayer online role-playing games, player needs more energy to have strong equipments against high-level antagonist. If a low-level player can defeat a high, he would obtain points in short time. It is just a fast way to power level your wow account, and there are some other good ways.

Gamers should take some time to know the rule and method of power leveling in world of warcraft. Before adapting any method, wow player needs to download an add-on to exactly make out the experience he has. After knowing the exact number of experience point, player is advised to complete missions back to back with the higher pace. Some experts suggest gamers to put their nose on grindstone and bleed with full heart. It is also suggested that gamers should kill as much amount of characters as possibly and collect items.

Players should chase character to level 20, because at this level character gets in Scarlet Monastery. There, character will be able to get into Scarlet Monastery by doing one run each of Shadowfang Keep, Wailing Cavernsand Ragefire Chasm. Another advice is that player should run from level 8 to 16 in RFC, from level 16 to 20 in Deadmines and from 20 to 25 in RKF. In addition, usage of different wings may also help in power-leveling, but it depends on players’ class and race. At last, please do not forget to attack on those monsters where players win is dead sure.

Common methods of power leveling include doing only those quest and analyzing the quests in a given zone. Those quests are different in difficulty, you should do them in right order so that you can finish them more efficient. There are many wow account in high power leveling in farmer100.

Tradeskills in world of warcraft

There are many tradeskills that we can choose to obtain the goal of power leveling. You should know which tradeskill can be selected by your wow professions. Here are some brief introductions:
1.      Skinning is a great money maker as throughout your travels you will fight many beasts. It won't take much time, only 1-5 seconds after every beast. Miners and herbalists have to travel all the way to the nodes.

2.      Alchemy. It provides many methods of negating which damage done by mobs. Especially casters like Shamans who can be more easily handled if you have Nature Resistance potions available. 

3. Herbalism. It can be used to support Alchemy or add to players’ gold by selling on the Auction. And lifeblood can keep the role dying so difficulty.

4. Mining. It is a good way for making money through selling the materials to vendors. You can improve your health by Toughness.

5. Taioring would be a good option when you just want access to cheap bags or you are a caster in game. However, it is better to choose cloth for First Aid.

6. Fishing. It is an easy skill and requires much time and only obtains profit in its high level. Certainly, you can do a little when in low level, but avoid seriously delving into fishing until your level limit. You can use the time to train other tradeskills.

7. Leatherworking is not recommended during the course of these guides as long term development is involved and costly.

8. Engineering is not recommended during the course of these guides as long term development is involved and costly. 

9. Cooking is a free source of food so it is benefit all classes, especially melee and hunters.  Considering the time investment required, if you pick up skinning then cooking would absolutely be a wise skill to level prior to hitting your level cap, as beasts often drop meat useful for skilling up.

10. Blacksmithing is not recommended during the course of these guides as long term development is involved and costly.

11. Enchanting is not recommended during the course of these guides as long term development is involved and costly.

12. First Aid. It should be trained no matter what class you are playing. Because it won't yield much money, but it is inexpensive to train and a great help to reduce downtime.
If you have had idea for combining some of tradeskills to obtain the goal of power leveling now, then try it at once, more and more surprising for your wow account in world of warcraft are waiting for you! Maybe you prefer buying wow account which has had many great tradeskills in farmer100.

Fishing Introduction for WOW Starter

Fishing is an easy skill that need much time at the beginning but get considerable profit at high level. It allows player to fish different objects from water or lava. Most raw fish are edible or can be cooked to improved properties. But it is often ignored by gamers as it has little impact in upgrading the character’s stats. 

You can fish at some places along the coast. In order to catching special kind of fish, it is important for fishing bobber lands in the Tastyfish school. Catch forty Tastyfish and turn them into Fishmaster Bassbait in Booty Bay if you want to get a great prize, but you must be the first one finish it.

Fishing in any water in a starting area will allow you to level your fishing to level 50 if you are a starter in world of warcraft. If you are Horde, one of the best ways to make money from fishing is by catching Deviate Fish in the Barrens at the Oasis. Deviate Fish and sell in the auction house. A way of helping you avoid fish getting away is fishing lure. Maybe you are so lucky to have the recipe drop for Savory Deviate Delight and make a nice amount of gold from the cooked fish.

At the starting levels you will be catching two kinds of fish, Longjaw Mud Snapper and Brilliant Smallfish. You can cook these for sale or eat them by yourself. And you can buy them from Fishing Supply vendors.

You can level your fishing and cooking at the same time. You just need to keep up with the recipes as you go along. Fishing in the lowest level water can and will level your fishing, and even in the lowest of waters like the pond in Orgimar or the Stormwind Canals, it will take no more than 14 successful casts to gain a fishing skill level.

If you want to own a perfect wow account with high level fishing, you can buy a wow account from farmer100. But the fishing is just a simple skill for making money, you should invest more energy into your difficult battle.

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Tips to buy WOW Characters

Any wow player wants to constantly upgrade their skills to the highest level which is their ultimate goal. But it always takes years of hard work for them to reach higher levels or gather classic equipment. So, please find some awesome and reliable approaches if you want to buy wow characters, as little mistakes can cause permanent by Blizzard Entertainment. Here are some tips for you to buy wow characters:
You need to do some preparations before researching and buying wow characters. For that, you can ask your friends but make sure you do not rely on them. Go through online forums & other online platforms and drop your query. Ask which place is the best to buy wow gold and wow characters.

Every gamer would has some playmates in world of warcraft, but no matter who they are, do not reveal that you are going to buy wow gold. Mishaps and trust breaking is not a news but quite functional in virtual world as well.

Only buy wow characters from reputed and credible wow selling website like farmer100. Be patient in wow characters buying. Once your account have some mistakes, it will be hard to recover.

Sometimes people take things so easy and talk about buying wow characters on forums. When you talk about strengthening your wow accounts or wow characters by buying them, there are people around who can always grab your neck and report to Blizzard. Please remember rivalry is alive in virtual world.

Begin World of Warcraft From Now on!

Nowadays, people are becoming increasingly dependent on games. They invest a lot of energy, time and money in all kinds of games. Certainly, the majority of them are fascinated by online games. It is because online games have more characters and plots compare to those conventional games.

As more and more people being addicted into online games, especially younger and children who spend so much time in internet. Online role playing games which younger like best are gaining rapid popularity over the years. In this connection, world of warcraft comes first into the picture of multiplayer games. Not only kids and younger generation get addicted towards wow but also numerous senior citizens love to spend some time on the game.

If you want experience this kind of online game, maybe you need to buy wow account instead of create a new. Because you will feel quite boring when begin the game at low level. On the other hand, wow accounts take you to the higher level where the game is full of fun and excitement. You can challenge difficult quests and win numerous battles with friends.

Buying wow accounts is very easy, but you should choose a reliable website and buy a nice and cheap wow account. Now it is suitable for you to see for wow account and going into undergrounds in world of warcraft with your friends. There are many poignant battles waiting for you!

The Power Level of WOW Professions

There are different professions in the world of warcraft that you can choose to play. Every gamer would know the excitement of wow power leveling. You will make more money when you go higher level. But what kinds of skills you plan to practice, here are some strategies description:
Fishing:  You can skill up fishing from Level 1 to 525 in any fishing water area. It means that you can stand in Orgrimmer and upgrade skill on your fishing at the same rate as you would in a higher level area. Your skill is decided by the number of successful catches. Certainly, you must realize that it requires a lot of patience to make your skill level up to higher level. You need to catch around 3000 fish to reach the finish point to get the topmost level.
Blacksmithing:  It is a special skill which is best combined with Mining, and all the professions should be leveled up simultaneously because you will need enough gold when you want to buy things from Auction House.
Enchanting: All the wow power leveling services would tell you that Enchanting  goes well with Tailoring. When you level Tailoring and Enchanting at the same time, you can disenchant most of the cloths you make, but it is good with crafting profession or any other gathering.
Alchemy: Alchemy is best combined with Herbalism for wow power leveling. You can save a lot of gold and sell the potions at the Auction House with these two professions. Make sure that you have enough gold to buy herbs, if you do not have Herbalism.
Jewelcrafting: It is not much easy with wow cheap power leveling. You need to have loads of gold even if you have Mining. The best thing to do is to try selling the items. Just place them in the Auction House. Many of the level 85 players choose to buy low level items for their alt. If you cannot sell an item, just disenchant it and sell the shards/dust.
Leatherworking: Leatherworkers take the rough, spiny or sturdy hides of beasts everywhere and turn them into useful products. Most Leatherworking can be done everywhere, provided you've got the necessary materials. It's not uncommon for Leatherworkers to specialize in Skinning - the most efficient way to ensure that they have all the leather they need for their creations.
Engineering: It is best combined with Mining. WoW power leveling for Engineering and Mining can save you a lot of gold. If you do not have Mining, you will have to purchase everything and will need a lot of gold.
Inscription: Inscription is often paired with the gathering profession Herbalism. Scribes also require inking sets in order to write their words of power. Scribes weave words of power into glyphs that can improve heroes' skills and abilities, and add special effects not possible by normal means. By transferring their powers into ink, scribes can also create consumable scrolls, mystic tomes, and pieces of vellum.  
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Experience World of Warcraft as a Beginner

World of warcraft is a multiplayer online role-playing game which is designed by Blizzard entertainment. Gamers can feel unprecedented experience once log on its client.
In world of warcraft, you can start the game with main part and choose a journey through Azeroth, and then you can disinter your potential in combat and finish your tasks. It seems like you are live on a real life though it is just a virtual world. You can chat with gamers on its forum, and you can meet players from all across the globe in every area. 
If you are a beginner of wow and would like to know something necessary about the game. Here is something what you are interested in. Playing cards require quite a lot of skills, but world of warcraft is something different. There are thousands of people signing up to wow even though it has captured a strong place for itself. Its plain makes it become recognition. Simple concept designing has made it an apple of eye among all computer multiplayer games. No matter you are a beginner level player of world of warcraft, you should not hesitate to start the game right away.
If you had bought a wow account from farmer100 for starting the wow life, you will see different servers for people of different regions. Blizzard has positioned them globally, all you should do is to connect server of your region. The client download from official website can allow you to play the game and the websites are usually more safety.
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It's time to sell your wow account!

Do you still have enough time to keep wow account active? Or you just tired of playing this kind of roleplaying online game? I guess you have had the plan to sell your precious wow account, so, choose farmer100 which can help you to sell wow account in great price quickly.
I will provide some reasons if you are still hesitate for selling the account.
1. Selling an account of WOW can earn a significant amount of money for you. Imagine getting paid to play World of Warcraft. Some gamers even have turned this into a full-time job.
2. You didn't have to disburse a part of your income for playing the game from now on. It's also earnings in another point of view.
3. You will be tired of wow, or don't have enough time and energy to continue, so there is no choice for you.
4. You can try out different servers, factions and game play styles when you start a new account.
5. You can sell off parts of an account for WOW instead of the entire account. Sell your weapons, armor and other items for real-world money.
6. Sell a mid-level account with tons of great gear and buy one that is at a higher level, but have less gear. So, you can play a better area and experience better equipments.
7. Choose the best areas and use the best weapons in the game by yourself.
Trade your account for real-world money now! After all, it seems more attractive to hold money on hand rather than enjoy virtual wealth in the game. You can choose farmer100 to trade wow account for more money,

Tips for protecting wow accounts

As a wow player for years, you will treat the account as a treasure because that it need invest a lot of money, time, and energy to game for upgrading. However, there always some accounts attacked by hacks everyday. Gamers should make their effort to protect from hacking. Those simplest methods are not enough for protection, so you need some good ways to safeguard wow account.
1. Antivirus tool is the first protective layer when playing games. Keep your firewall and anti-virus software active and upgrade.
2. Only use your own computer to do everything about wow, especially not login in your account by IP which you don't use frequently. Avoid using public computers or others computers as much as possible.
3. Avoid using your WOW account's email on public forums and discussions. To keep the email and password secure, it is better to use a unique email address for game.
4. Make sure your downloading only from registered and trusted websites. Download the client from official website as far as possible.
5. Be careful to open any random link or advertisement. Some links are spam and are pasted solely for the purpose of hacking and theft.
6. Keep your username password combination very confidential. Even best of the near and dear ones can be a cause of wow account theft.
7. In case using public machines, it is a must to have Trojan key-logged for malice scanner.
You should heighten vigilance whether the account can sell at high price. Especially you have bought a wow account from farmer100 or other websites.

To play a new or buy a high-level wow account

World of Warcraft is so popular multiplayer online role-playing game that thousands of people register on battle.net. Some of them tend to buy an old wow account for starting their game, while others choose to start a new account by themselves.

For people who choose the first way have their reasons that the low levels are tedious and boring, the operation is too simple for good players, and the game plot is not that wonderful. Players who want starting the game by themselves just because that they don't have enough abilities to control a high level, all the requests have different pleasure and it can be a high sense of achievement if you play a game start from scratch.

My option is buying a wow account, so I don't have to keep practicing just to play the best dungeons ,and I am able to fully enjoy the expansion packs . And I can't wait for fighting difficult monster and completing tough tasks with game masters. However, it is important to choose a website for buying a safe wow account, if you want buy safety wow account by low price, farmer100 is a good choice.