Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Which is the Best Healer?

There is a philosophy that if you don't die, the healer has done his job. However, the whole point of the sentence is not whether or not a healer can keep you alive, but what makes a healer to a good healer, and which is the best healer in world of wacraft.
In fact, each healer type has its own strength and weaknesses. Here’s a personal view of choosing a best healer in world of warcraft. I will introduce the different healer, and it is up to you to determine which kind of healer you like best.

Paladins, they have very fast and efficient heals, their forte is being able to heal a lot for a long time before running out of mana. Using proper talents and glyphs, they can land a big heal and also heal characters near their target for a small bit. They use an ability called Beacon of Light, which duplicates all heals they cast onto the person whom they have their beacon on.
Paladins have a large toolkit to save others, including Hand of Sacrifice to take some of their target's damage for them, Divine Shield which allows them to become immune to attack for a short while, and Hand of Salvation to save people who have drawn the attention of a big monster. Paladins have an ability called Laying on Hands which instantly heals a target for as much health as the Paladin has. The weakness is that they struggle if they need to heal many targets at once, and while fast, their heals are not instant-cast.

Priests,There are two kinds of Priest healers: Discipline and Holy.
Discipline Priests specialize in using Power Word: Shield - while Holy Priests can use it just fine, Discipline have much more powerful shields and gain mana back if one of their shields is dispelled or consumed.
Holy priests gain the use of Guardian Spirit, which increases healing on the target and saves the target from dying if its health drops to 0. A Holy Priest who takes the Spirit of Redemption talent will turn into a spirit if they die, allowing them to keep healing for a short while after death.

Druid healers, he spend most of his time in Tree of Life form, and are masters of heal-over-time effects. Nourish is a direct healing spell which becomes stronger if there are more HoTs on the target. Lifebloom and Rejuvenation are spells that heal a bit over some time, but Regrowth gives an instant heal and leaves a HoT effect on the target.
Druids are the only healer who can battle rez, meaning to revive a character from death while in combat. They can use Wild Growth to place a HoT on up to 5 targets at once, and also have an ability that consumes a HoT on a target for a single heal. However, they can heal many targets for a bit, their big single-target heals are weaker.

Shaman, The Shaman has Healing Wave, which is a relatively fast and powerful heal, and can use a Chain Heal effect to heal multiple targets at once. They can place an Earth Shield on a target, which will heal the target every time it is attacked.
Shamans also have additional healing provided by their totems, which can provide health or armor to those within their range. Should the shaman be killed in battle, they can also raise themselves from the dead using Reincarnation and continue healing.

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