Friday, May 31, 2013

Do You Know the WoW Money Industry?

You may have known how to buy WoW gold.  But do you know the World of Warcraft money industry? Which country is the biggest gold for WOW producer? What began as a cottage industry in the late-nineties with players using eBay and PayPal to sell each other items and gold from Ultima Online and Lineage, World of Warcraft gold for sale has become increasingly more commercialized with the World of Warcraft game growing popularity.

World of Warcraft gold farming and other games farming may have its origins in the MMORPG Lineage. The newest reports describe Korean cybercafes being converted into gold farming operations to serve WoW demand and estimated that 80% of all gold farmers were from China

The WoW Gold trading involved small enough to flow easily from many first-world players, and large enough to make a difference to the people doing the work has been discussed as a tool for socioeconomic development.

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Money-making in WoW

This guide addresses ways to make WOW money and how to spend it wisely as well.
Many have their own "secret" methods for making WOW money that they prefer keeping to sharing in order to maintain their competitive edges.
But here I am, sharing whatever I know from my personal experience.
As long as you like it, I am happy. After all, this is the same with my purpose of playing WoW,
all for the sake of fun.
There are mainly four ways to make WOW money farming, crafting, daily quests and playing the auction house.
Since there are too many elements that influences the gold for WOW you could make, you might want to strive harder.

Friday, May 24, 2013

runescpae theme music competition

For those who want sheet music - hope this rough outline helps (and makes sense!)

In Dorian mode ( D minor with a B natural instead of Bb), in 4/4//

A D A F E D F E D. A D A C B G A

The next bit is very similar, just transposed up a perfect 4th


-------- tied
.!/o! o! / o!. (three triplet quavers) / .!.-.! o!./

REST FOR 3 beats .!/ o! o! / o!. (three triplet quavers) / O

Hope that makes some sense.
/ is barline (the piece starts with a crotchet anacrusis)
.! is crotchet
o! is minim
o!. is dotted minim
.!.-! is dotted quaver followed by semi quaver
O is semibreve
(three triplet quavers) is exactly that.
TIED, the second minim of the second bar is tied to the next dotted minim, and the same for the second minim of the 2nd line in buy runescape accounts  .

Good luck everyone! I was going to compose a threnody to Guthix but not sure that would be appropriate to the party room for runescape account! Also, as a few people have pointed out, the prize incentive is a bit poor. 50 spins and green skin...  

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

vedio for fast d3 gold for demon hunter in Diablo III this build works on mp10 as well with your gear, in a group, but obviously with night stalker. Strafe is just so much lower dps and if you move while shooting you're gonna kill faster and move almost as fast so diablo 3 accounts for sale.. yeah.

Anyways I just realized you only want to go mp3, for which a bola shot or spray of teeth + lightning ball build rocks.Do you know where to sell Diablo 3 account to join members of D3. I think farmer100 is good.

I have tried a strafe build in the past but noticed right away it's sooooooo slow.
Just put your movement command on a button you can easily press, hold down your mousebutton and press the movekey in between shots.

ou can try my build, I can go super fast in mp3-4.
The only advice I would give you would be to get Inna's pants, they are best in slot for every class, especially DH and monk, and would give you a clean 20k dps increase, and would try to craft some sick bracers in Diablo 3 account.
Also, if you want to increse your dps, try to get you dex a bit higher, and not focus only on crit chance

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

it's time to do a spot of farming with our new plants in runescape

This update is so awesome! I'm currently utilizing nearly every farming patch in RS, and at level 96 farming cheap rs gold this just motivates me even more to get that amazing cape  Great work.

I agree though i'm already 99 farming, i intend to utilize everything and see which i like best and be most useful.i am actually half tempted to say that the people who say R.S rs money. sucks now are hatin cause they can't bot effectively anymore..

Friday, May 17, 2013

runescape farmer100- runescape accounts: SEM and search engineers, who is right

runescape farmer100- runescape accounts: SEM and search engineers, who is right: 1 search engine users want to know? What is the purpose of search engine marketing? Search engine users also search engine marketing user...

SEM and search engineers, who is right

1 search engine users want to know? What is the purpose of search engine marketing?

Search engine users also search engine marketing users when they encounter problems at search engine to find answers, the search engine can provide the answer for the mass, SE users want to know the answer, SE there is no way to distinguish, at least there is no way to distinguish between personalized results, Google recently provided SearchWiki from one level to collect the user's data, on the basis of the mass of data has not been and will not be introduced as an index.

Search engine marketing, precisely, in turn, through the analysis of search engine users, the breakdown of user groups, manufacturing and rich content, provide valuable information to the user, so as to achieve the means.

2, the search engine would like to offer?

Look at this matter in two dimensions: one is from the value of the information to see, search engines want to provide a general search, search any person in its own search platform to their needs. So that the strong dependence on the search engine, then the contribution of the information may be more. The second is the value from the commercial point of view, search engines want to provide to advertisers is super ads that match any in its own search platform, not only general search results, as well as more accurate ads matching ad this kind of advertising can be delivered with the search by age, date, mood, background different ads.

The difficulty is: how limited within the framework of a wider range of user information collected, how accurate positioning, what algorithm to match. There are a large number of computing operations, is still the hardware our cognitive range today, computer processing is limited, a large number of solution is to increase the number of calculator, this is the latest cloud computing a large number of reasons for the development.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

runescape auto bots are wildly used

If you want to enjoy good game, please don’t try to use any autos programs as it creates an unfair advantage over those who take it seriously to play a game. If you indeed want to use them, you should have good preparations that your runescape accounts will be banned. 

Many players use runescape auto bots to farm cheap runescape gold. Many use them to level fast. No matter you want to earn runescape money fast or level fast, you have risk in using it.

Some notable free auto bots are scar and Aryan, which are macros that can auto use in Runescape. It is advised by many users that the Scar is better only if you have some basic knowledge about programming language when you have to create scripts.

And many rs players claim that only if you know where to sell rs accounts to set SCAR, you have little chance to get detected by Jagex program, though this theory seems not to be proved.
There are some basic scripts for task which are quite easily detected by Jagex, but there still exists on the internet, like forums and Runesape accounts selling websites. I suggested you carefully thinking before you want to get involved with Runescape auto bots as you may need to deal with some risks to suffer virus and Trojans incursion to your personal computers.

There are many runescape auto bots with various scripts that can do some sorts of tasks and complete quests efficiently. It is much more effective than a person as an auto bots will never be distracted from the set tasks. A free runescape auto bots can do almost all runescape work, such as cutting down the trees or cooking while mining or woodcutting when you are sleeping, watching TV or have dinner.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

diablo III is still turing on us

The "cartoon" appeareance is the least important of the problems, its not even a problem, its artistic direction, u like it or u dont, the real problems are in game mechanics, and the lack of advertised features, like PVP! i was excited abput this game becuse the idea was to farm gear to pvp with it and if i got my !@# kicked i would have the excuse to go farm better gear with your Diablo 3 accounts.

I agree, but I didnt want to go into many different issues this game has so I chose a problem that I really have a hard time getting over.If you feel good at this update, just Diablo 3 account buy.

Took less than a year for 3/4 of the people playing this game to leave.. What is there to celebrate? That wow is doing better than this and it's been out longer (Don't get me wrong I played Diablo before WoW and I loved it), you can compare with WoW when you want to get money back from selling Diablo 3 account.

Lord of Terror's rebirth? More like the Lord of Terrors death. You guys should just banish this game from the internet like god banished satan from hell.

You should be celabrating diablo 2's 13th birthday because you guys wouldnt have jobs without that game and its creators, which are 10x the devs you guys are.

1 year later ive had my account hacked, characters nerfed, and have seen items ive worked hard for become worthless due to your !@#$ economy and auction house. I logged on today after a few months of not playing to check out 1.08. The 30 minutes I played was dead boring and meaningless. GO TO HELL!

Thanks guys for making a game that has brought me alot of enjoyment and escape this past year.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

The reason why you choose Magician as occupation on Diablo 3


Ruined the day off to the king

The magician is a professional fantasy literature and games in Europe and the United States the most traditional and most common. Diablo previous works, the Master (witch) is very active, leveling and playing one of the fastest growing professions Po speed. The players joke Master is pro-girl, has been Blizzard's most meticulous care.If you want to be Magician, you need to buy diablo 3 account to join members of Diablo 3.

Occupational characteristics

Diablo 3 magician not only inherited the tradition of the Master career high damage output, and innovative energy sources, from the shackles of energy. "Diablo 3" the magician never have the rest of the remote-law career, is a real damage output. He has a day off to destroy the energy, never stops bombing of his enemies.

If you are keen soared DPS WOW like game players in Diablo 3 account, then please select magician.

Team positioning

The magician has a strong ability to damage the ability to protect themselves and continued deceleration capacity. Most unparalleled skills with two of the game's impact ballistic!!! Force waves can bounce all ballistic the time slow flow to slow down the speed of all ballistic 90%!! These two skills is the contribution of the Master team.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Wizard on Diablo3

I will not tolerate this easy to deranged magic, many people think that a negative attitude in the practice of the magical arts on a philosophical level. The truth is always only one. I quarrel is with those sorcerers. They betrayed the ancient traditions and teachings --- for thousands of years to greater respect for lessons. You can choose Wizard as your Diablo 3 account.

Recently Caldeum young people very worship such an uninhibited story of the wizard. Yes, I use the wizard this somewhat derogatory word, rather than the Wizard. "Look civilized magic" this call for these young people, such a restriction. People called irresponsible to play with the magic of strange believers, but by the shaman ethnic Yshari Santcum exchange, I understand the truth behind the rumors.

rs money

This wizard was sent here to live a regular life, has always been the world's best Wizard guardianship. If you feel interested in Wizard, search for diablo 3 accounts for sale online site and join Diablo 3 right now. Well, looks like they forgot to teach our wizard manners on her native island of Xiansai, which makes her the outset to become a rude and uncooperative students. First she followed her teachings Zann Esu mage clan, but in the end she was sent to the Vizjerel tribal, because they want where the strict and orderly system would break her anarchic spirit. However, even well-respected lecturer Vizjerei not control her. She was always getting caught out dangerous and forbidden magics, heedless Doing so can others and the consequences to herself.

"Is true: the shaman's call to the rude than the Wizard looks even" civilized magic wielder "this call is a great limitation for the young rising star. "
Although no one knows whether she really broke into into the Sanctum following the infamous Bitter Depths, she was caught in the ancient treasure trove (Ancient Respositories). This place for the safety of the public cache of the most dangerous incantations. When the Vizjerei Wizard Valthek want to charge her with crimes, she brazenly attacked him, instead of obediently accept the punishment they deserve. Although this story is more ambitious young people exaggerate a lot, but she can prove that the glory of battle to be regarded as the most powerful mage. Gradually regained consciousness when Valthek time that the details of the collision is not very clear, but the irrefutable facts, he was the shaman's ingenious tricks defeated. I'm pretty sure that hit from the Valthek own magical power, rather than the shaman. As to where she is now what one knows. After that battle, she soon left the city.

Warning who do not want to, but this is very disturbing. There are a rebellious wizard, young, experienced, get lost in this world, manipulating her do not quite understand the powerful magic. A long time ago that people much smarter than you or me convinced that this magic is very dangerous and forbade its learning. These magic focused on the manipulation of its main body is configured to the kind of the initial strength. Imagine a stubborn 19-year-old youth left to their own will distort time! This force is too horrible. I hope, as I hope - confident wizard never to return to Caldeum.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Runescaoe is much better than other MMORPGS

There are a lot reasons to play Runescape.

Graphics are decent for a browser game, the textures themselves being better than average. The game is polished, it is one of the fewer glitched games out there. Head to the Runescape Wiki and look at the glitches page, very few aren't fixed the patch after they were implemented.

Purely matter of taste. Having point and click movement =/= Runescape sucks.

Most MMO's out there require very little skill. Most are the same click gameplay, or button rolls. Runescape is more about preparation before doing activies than actually doing them, like EVE. This is very true for Dungeoneering. Managing resources and such gets complicated as you go further down.

Runescape does quests better than most other MMO's. They tell a story, not just kill x monsters and such.

You can easily buy cheap rs gold from online websites instead of farming gold by yourself. Most sites provide free guides to make rs money.

Membership lets you use half the equipment you couldn't before, many minigames, a third of the skills locked to F2P, more than twice the world size opens up than F2Ps have, and 120 quests. You can get discount to buy runescape money if you join RS membership.

 Can't compare Runescape and WoW. Two different games. WoW is more of a themepark, while RS is more of a sandbox.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Will Sliske become a god on Runescape

Will Sliske become a god/is he still loyal to Zaros?

What is Bob the cat's real identity?

Is Zamorak in Floor 61?

When are you guys going to make a Lore forum?

In Ritual of the Mahjarrat, the staff of Armadyl was destroyed and broken into shards (which are dropped by Glacors, and used to make an Armadyl Battlestaff). However in the World Wakes quest, Sliske used the staff of Armadyl to kill Guthix, meaning the staff is still in tact. Only need buy rs accounts, no need for rs gold

Asking Azzandra about this tells us that Sliske "hung around the ritual site waiting" to obtain the staff, but are we going to find out how Sliske has a perfectly in tact staff of Armadyl while we're still able to gather shards from Glacors?

Thursday, May 2, 2013

grasp the last chance to collect Starlight ore

You can still collect Starlight ore and forge your own Starfire weapons until Monday 6th May. Get yours before they go!

I've not deleted any comments, although Facebook seems to be having a bit of an issue at the moment :S Edit: Just to add, I've not removed any 'non-offensive' comment. If you don't want to miss this, just buy rs accounts to join it.

yeah does steel dragon drop the blue print as well? or just a twig give as the character of who drops it be4 it last again what happened to the RS3 application that is not been advertised more often and just gone ...and almost everyone is missed out with it. You can sell runescape accounts if you train skills high and get all the rewards.