Thursday, May 16, 2013

runescape auto bots are wildly used

If you want to enjoy good game, please don’t try to use any autos programs as it creates an unfair advantage over those who take it seriously to play a game. If you indeed want to use them, you should have good preparations that your runescape accounts will be banned. 

Many players use runescape auto bots to farm cheap runescape gold. Many use them to level fast. No matter you want to earn runescape money fast or level fast, you have risk in using it.

Some notable free auto bots are scar and Aryan, which are macros that can auto use in Runescape. It is advised by many users that the Scar is better only if you have some basic knowledge about programming language when you have to create scripts.

And many rs players claim that only if you know where to sell rs accounts to set SCAR, you have little chance to get detected by Jagex program, though this theory seems not to be proved.
There are some basic scripts for task which are quite easily detected by Jagex, but there still exists on the internet, like forums and Runesape accounts selling websites. I suggested you carefully thinking before you want to get involved with Runescape auto bots as you may need to deal with some risks to suffer virus and Trojans incursion to your personal computers.

There are many runescape auto bots with various scripts that can do some sorts of tasks and complete quests efficiently. It is much more effective than a person as an auto bots will never be distracted from the set tasks. A free runescape auto bots can do almost all runescape work, such as cutting down the trees or cooking while mining or woodcutting when you are sleeping, watching TV or have dinner.

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