Wednesday, May 22, 2013

vedio for fast d3 gold for demon hunter in Diablo III this build works on mp10 as well with your gear, in a group, but obviously with night stalker. Strafe is just so much lower dps and if you move while shooting you're gonna kill faster and move almost as fast so diablo 3 accounts for sale.. yeah.

Anyways I just realized you only want to go mp3, for which a bola shot or spray of teeth + lightning ball build rocks.Do you know where to sell Diablo 3 account to join members of D3. I think farmer100 is good.

I have tried a strafe build in the past but noticed right away it's sooooooo slow.
Just put your movement command on a button you can easily press, hold down your mousebutton and press the movekey in between shots.

ou can try my build, I can go super fast in mp3-4.
The only advice I would give you would be to get Inna's pants, they are best in slot for every class, especially DH and monk, and would give you a clean 20k dps increase, and would try to craft some sick bracers in Diablo 3 account.
Also, if you want to increse your dps, try to get you dex a bit higher, and not focus only on crit chance

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