Monday, May 6, 2013

Runescaoe is much better than other MMORPGS

There are a lot reasons to play Runescape.

Graphics are decent for a browser game, the textures themselves being better than average. The game is polished, it is one of the fewer glitched games out there. Head to the Runescape Wiki and look at the glitches page, very few aren't fixed the patch after they were implemented.

Purely matter of taste. Having point and click movement =/= Runescape sucks.

Most MMO's out there require very little skill. Most are the same click gameplay, or button rolls. Runescape is more about preparation before doing activies than actually doing them, like EVE. This is very true for Dungeoneering. Managing resources and such gets complicated as you go further down.

Runescape does quests better than most other MMO's. They tell a story, not just kill x monsters and such.

You can easily buy cheap rs gold from online websites instead of farming gold by yourself. Most sites provide free guides to make rs money.

Membership lets you use half the equipment you couldn't before, many minigames, a third of the skills locked to F2P, more than twice the world size opens up than F2Ps have, and 120 quests. You can get discount to buy runescape money if you join RS membership.

 Can't compare Runescape and WoW. Two different games. WoW is more of a themepark, while RS is more of a sandbox.


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