Friday, May 3, 2013

Will Sliske become a god on Runescape

Will Sliske become a god/is he still loyal to Zaros?

What is Bob the cat's real identity?

Is Zamorak in Floor 61?

When are you guys going to make a Lore forum?

In Ritual of the Mahjarrat, the staff of Armadyl was destroyed and broken into shards (which are dropped by Glacors, and used to make an Armadyl Battlestaff). However in the World Wakes quest, Sliske used the staff of Armadyl to kill Guthix, meaning the staff is still in tact. Only need buy rs accounts, no need for rs gold

Asking Azzandra about this tells us that Sliske "hung around the ritual site waiting" to obtain the staff, but are we going to find out how Sliske has a perfectly in tact staff of Armadyl while we're still able to gather shards from Glacors?

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