Sunday, February 16, 2020

HTVRONT heat transfer paper is a must buy for vinyl project

HTVRONT heat transfer paper is pretty easy to weed, was packaged nicely, good variety of colors. The colors are from brights to pastels and the adhesive is strong and holds well. I'm still learning how to do vinyl crafting, but it's the first permanent vinyl I've tried, and other then messing up my first label from user error it seems fine. It looks beautiful on my cups for a little while. I love HTVRONT heat transfer paper and the prices and the shipping come on time. 

I apply HTVRONT heat transfer paper vinyl to coffe cup. And I set my Silhoett machine pass on 2 to get a cleaner cut, but cut and weeded nicely once I got my settings adjusted. Good price for the amount you get, will order again. There are recommend machine settings for the product. Great quality vibrant colors, size is awesome too. It was my first time buying HTVRONT HTV sheets instead of rolls of heat transfer vinyl and i am very pleased with my purchase.... a must buy! Great color selection, love that it’s soft, not stiff & hard to work with. Sticks great to most surfaces. I definitely recommend this vinyl.

I bought HTVRONT heat transfer paper back in September when I bought my Cricut Maker. Since I was a newbie at this, I thought I'd buy an inexpensive vinyl to practice with. Now that I've had the time to work with it on various projects and have also worked with Cricut brand vinyl and The HTVRONT brand vinyl, I have to say I like this vinyl the best heat transfer vinyl to work with out of the three. It comes shipped flat which is a BIG help when working with it. It also comes in quite a variety of colors. What I wish they had, and maybe they do and I just don't know about it, is more matte, marbled or variegated sheets. Great quality htv vinyl. Has sturdy transfer backing and Easy to weed.

HTVRONT heat transfer paper is great vinyl, I have used a few sheets so far with great results. 1 sheet had a slightly bent corner from shipping I'm sure but things happen.  When it comes to using vinyl l love that this bundle has an assortment plus its flat easier to use. Variety of colors, inexpensive, good quality.

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

HTVRONT HTV transfer tape makes working with decals so easy

HTVRONT HTV transfer tape works well for transferring adhesive vinyl (making stickers). It's sticky enough the grab it from the backing and easily releases when sticker is in place. The tackiness of HTVRONT HTV transfer tape is perfect and so easy to work with! I originally tried another product that would not even pull the vinyl off the backing sheet. the tape easily pulls the vinyl off the backing sheet, but also easily releases the vinyl on whatever you are applying it too.

HTVRONT HTV transfer tape is great transfer paper, had no issues with sticking or transferring, I dislike there is no backing to this transfer tape. (This is no fault of the company, it was my lack of observation) it was a great product and definitely helped while I was in a pinch! I got some other transfer tape and it was terrible , it wouldn't stick to my vinyl then when I got it to stick. While this is fantastic , it goes on nice to vinyl and then when you put it into goes to transfer it , it comes of real easy leaving no film of glue. I will always buy this it's great, the frustration is gone . Best transfer tape I've come across. HTVRONT HTV transfer tape makes working with decals so easy. We had been using another product prior to this and had trouble with transferring the decals. Now it's easy and looks professional. I will definitely order this again and again!! Highly recommend.

HTVRONT HTV transfer tape is the best transfer tape for vinyl for Oracal 651. If its not sticking to the tape or if it wont let it go--its the vinyl. This is by far THE best transfer tape I have used. The grid lines on the tape make it soooo much easier to get things lined up and placed on your project. I highly recommend this. Tried it on Cricut and silhouette vinyl and it didn't work. Love the no back and lines. Inexpensive, quick delivery, & exactly as described. I wad very pleased & would gladly purchase from this seller again. Exactly what I needed, not overly sticky where anything that touches it now belongs to it, but sticky enough to get the job done. Worked like a charm. Easy to use. I highly recommend. Will always order this.

Only used HTVRONT HTV transfer tape once but it worked OK. Great price and quick shipping. It sticks well and doesn't leave residue. Also releases vinyl pretty good.

Sunday, February 9, 2020

YRYM HT butcher paper roll reviews

YRYM HT butcher paper roll is fine, but some tape seems to have a hard time sticking to it. I am using it for Christmas gifts and the labels I was using were coming off. It will work for the purpose and the value was great but I don't think I would buy it again. Purchased this paper because it is biodegradable unlike the printed Christmas papers. YRYM HT butcher paper roll looks great tied with the red and green twine. Makes packages look like the old time Christmas paper when we use to turn grocery bags inside out and use for wrapping. Love the look Thanks again for offering this option. 

I bought YRYM HT brown butcher paper to cover the grate in the tray liner in the flight cage for my two Cockatiels. I cut it into individual sheets which makes it easier to keep their cage clean by removing the paper every other day. An added benefit is that the birds love walking and foraging on the bottom of the cage as well as chewing on the paper. The brown butcher paper is sturdy and does not come apart and buying it by the roll is cost effective. Totally satisfied with this product and plan to buy again. The brown butcher paper thick enough to wrap a gift but thin enough to poke a hole of not careful. Overall very happy with the amount of paper and decent for the price. Would buy again.

I needed the paper quick and YRYM HT butcher paper roll arrived just in time. The paper is light weight and will be used for a variety of paper crafting project as well as to wrap items I've already made. I love that it's Made in the USA! Perfect!  I have bought this roll of brown paper many times, and as soon as I see myself running out, I scramble to order more! I use it to cover tables, wrap packages, make patterns, etc. It lasts for a long time considering how many projects I get out of it. I even use it to cover my counter when I bake to make clean-up much easier. Nothing not to like about this paper roll! Easy to make crisp edges for wrapping. Easy to write on. Would definitely buy again.

YRYM HT brown butcher paper roll will be a wonderful addition to my sewing and craft room. I used this product to cover my paintings that need to be stored. I love it. Not sure what you're using it for but if you're planning on cutting and crinkling eight 19-foot strips of it to line your entire hallway front to back to look like a cave then I can't recommend this paper enough.

Monday, December 23, 2019

HTVRONT adhesive transfer tape adheres easily and transfer perfectly

I just got HTVRONT adhesive transfer tape yesterday 7/24/2019 and I have to say its the best tape I have used. It was easy to get off the roll, apply to my decal and then apply to my product. I would recommend this transfer tape to anyone. I will be buying more of this to have on hand. It was so easy to peel off unlike some transfer tape I have used before. I just received my adhesive transfer tape roll today, and let me just say that I was super impressed at how fast it was shipped to me. It is super easy to use, and I like that it has a cardboard roll inside of it making it more durable in my opinion. Great product.  I like the fact they are not trying to match price of my Oracal vinyl, with the throw away part. People are price oriented, hard to justify costs everyday in work. Bought this as transfer tape for stickers, super easy to use.

Love this, good quality, easy to use love that's it’s clear. First time using transfer paper and this was so easy to work with. This is my go to best transfer tape for vinyl. I never have an issue with it. Sticks very well. Will definitely order again.  I love this stuff! I prefer a transfer tape without a grid, and this works really well for me. Easy to use, good price, and they sent two sample sheets of a heavy duty vinyl rolled up in the middle of the tub of tape that was a nice surprise. Will definitely be purchasing again! I love HTVRONT adhesive transfer tape! I prefer a transfer tape without a grid, and this works really well for me. Easy to use, good price, and they sent two sample sheets of a heavy duty vinyl rolled up in the middle of the tub of tape that was a nice surprise. Will definitely be purchasing again! Great adhesive transfer tape all around the thing i don't like it is that it doesn't separate easily from curtain vinyls.

We originally bought the Cricut brand transfer tape for use with vinyl decals cut with a Cricut Maker but that tape created bubbles that were easily visible and ruined application. HTVRONT adhesive transfer tape does not have that issue and transferred the decals perfectly. I really like this transfer tape for my decals. The only thing I will warn you about is that it is quite tacky. I use Oracal 651 vinyl and it works pretty good. The only time the tackiness becomes an issue is when I am transferring the decal to the final surface. Sometimes the transfer tape does not want to let go of the decal. I have really only had this issue when applying the decal to plastic. On glass it seems to have no issues. I would definitely recommend for decals. Great for your vinyl sticker transfer. This stuff is easy to use. and the best transfer tape for vinyl I can even use it by myself without the help of my husband to line up the edges when making vinyls stickers.

Love this... not to sticky and works great. This is my go to transfer tape. I never have an issue with it. Sticks very well. Will definitely order. It is awesome!! I able to use with ease! It adheres easily & transfers perfectly!! I will definitely be reordering! Picks up from the carrier almost without rubbing and releases on the object with some quick rubbing. Does not warp and stick together. Can reuse a piece multiple times.

Monday, December 16, 2019

how to use vinyl transfer tape with Cricut

I'm new to the Cricut world so I figured I won’t spend a lot of money getting expensive vinyl. These HTVRONT self weeding transfer paper sheets are seriously great. They came flat and packaged dry. It seems like there’s at least two of every “popular” color and then one sheet of rarely used colors (browns, tans). The variety is excellent. I used several sheets already and they were so easy to weed! I bought the Cricut made vinyl from Walmart one time, and it was the toughest thing to weed. These however were great. I highly recommend! I’ll definitely be buying more. The vinyl is very thin, but great for easy get it done products! I just got a Scan n Cut and these are perfect! Great selection and a good number of sheets so lots of choices and ideas. Good for beginners looked me!  Reasonably priced good color selection.

There was absolutely nothing wrong with HTVRONT self weeding transfer paper. Plus, the weeding tool that came with it has been invaluable! Don’t know how well it’ll hold up to the elements or come off later yet but put these vinyl decals on my SUV so I can find it! There are so many white suv's like mine I put decals on so I can ID mine in parking lots more quickly! Made them, they cut out ok on my daughters Cricut , applied easily & now we’ll see how it holds up! Don’t know how well it’ll hold up to the elements or come off later yet but put these vinyl decals on my suv so I can find it! There are so many white suv's like mine I put decals on so I can ID mine in parking lots more quickly! Made them, they cut out ok on my daughters Cricut , applied easily & now we’ll see how the plastisol transfer paper holds up!

Good plastisol transfer paper, good service. My only complaint would be for the seller to offer several less vibrant colors. Back off a bit. Otherwise excellent. Product came super fast with shipping and colors are bright and correct! I found the product easy to use. HTVRONT self weeding transfer paper came when it was supposed to and was a good quality. The seller made it easy to receive this product. I got what was advertised. Very good variety. It takes some trial and error to work with it because its very sticky and a tad thinner than name brand vinyl. Also weeding can be a little difficult for very small detailed pieces. Overall great product, good price! Great price with a significant array of colors to use. It is so hard to find variety packs of good quality vinyl, but look no further! Beautiful colors, great quality, great bang for my buck. Will definitely repurchase when I need to restock.

Bought HTVRONT plastisol transfer paper as a vinyl beginner. Just learning to cut vinyl with cricut. Put a simple 2 layer butterfly on stainless tumbler and it's still there. And I use it everyday. So the sick power is really good. And the price was great, also the colors. I've since learned a lot about the different vinyl companies, what to use where and why. But honestly this sticks like epoxy and is great. Would and did buy again. It's easy to use but super thin. Otherwise it's a great plastisol transfer paper. I loved the color selection and the quality of the vinyl. I have not had it long enough to comment on the durability. I've used it to personalize gifts such as water bottles, etc. I love ordering vinyl from this seller! Every time I order, I am not disappointed. The color selection is great and the vinyl last for a while. I am always pleased every time I order.

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

how to use heat transfer vinyl for t shirts

HTVRONT vinyl transfer paper is a great value! It’s so easy to use! Would highly recommend! I cant vouch for adhesion as of yet as I haven't washed my item yet. But it adhered well and it weeded really well too. I had no problem having my cricut cut the vinyl. We made teacher appreciate tote bags. HTVRONT vinyl transfer paper weeded easily and we were satisfied with the end result. Used it with my cricut. It was easy to cut and weed! There is so much vinyl for your buck. I will order again for sure!! If you are looking for a good iron on, this is the best! I absolutely love it!! Love this HTV! Made 9 shirts and have plenty to spare. Very easy to weed. Excellent product! First of all this roll is NOT 25 Feet! I was able to make 21 10 inch cuts out of this and I have 3.25 inches left! On the plus side it is very easy to weed, probably the best quality I've worked with. I just wish the  vinyl transfer paper had been 25ft as advertised so I didn't run out before I was finished with the project!

Many reviewers said that this vinyl was easier to work with and weed. I was actually skeptical but they were right. This is the best heat transfer vinyl  I have ever used. I’m making a bunch of tote bags for a friends’ business and they turned out great! Many reviewers said that this vinyl was easier to work with and weed. I was actually sceptical but they were right. I’m making a bunch of tote bags for a friends’ business and they turned out great! Easy to use!! My family shirts looked amazing. HTVRONT vinyl transfer paper is the first blue I felt like I got more for my money and it’s better than I expected. Made 40+ shirts using the large white HTV. Bought 2 rolls and have used almost all of both. It was great to use! Looks great on the shirts I made! I have made several t-shirt projects with this vinyl, although I have not washed the shirts after ironing it on. My projects were difficult to weed due to the design, but on the larger areas this weeded easily, or at least very comparably to Cricut brand for much lower cost! Overall I am happy with the product so far, it is the best heat transfer vinyl!

Make sure you follow suggestions to hot and the vinyl transfer paper get bubbly. Great price, very good quality. Cuts clean and easy to weed. Trust me, you will spend more time pushing and tying to hold down your letters and design then its worth. I tried SEVERAL different cut lengths and nothing. Stick to siser easyweed.I haven't actually use the blue yet, but I've ordered and used the white and black several times for my small custom business and I LOVE them, they are super easy to weed, in fact, they are by far the best vinyl for weeded I've used thus far. This is exactly what we needed for our team shirts. Way cheaper than the cricut brand. Weeding was a breeze. Would buy this over and over again. I didn’t have a problem with this product, very easy and great to use!

HTVRONT vinyl transfer paper works great!! Bought it to make some t shirts for my nieces and nephews. I used it with my cricut machine set to iron-on vinyl. It was easy to weed the excess off. I used a regular iron to iron on the cut to tshirts. It looks really good! I was skeptical when I ordered this HTV, but let me tell ya, I LOVE IT!!! I ordered red, white, blue and black, and it works great! Had to hold some of the smaller letters down while weeding, but I have to do that with every HTV I’ve used, including Siser! I will definitely be ordering more!! Great heat transfer vinyl for T-shirt’s, etc. great value. I loved it I sure will buy again.

Friday, November 29, 2019

how to use vinyl transfer paper

HTVRONT vinyl transfer paper is my new favorite vinyl! Easy to weed & worked great! Easy to use worked great with my Cricut. Will be purchasing again. Awesome product. Easy to use easy to weed. stays on. My new favorite vinyl! Easy to weed & worked great! Easy to use worked great with my Cricut. Will be purchasing again. Easy to use worked great with my Cricut. Will be purchasing again This is good HTV. Nothing amazing though. I’ve used several brands and this is a good one. It hasn’t peeled or flaked that I know of. Made a few designs to put on flannel. It was nice to have a lot of white to work with at a time since I needed to make a lot of shirts. I normally don’t write reviews but this product deserves it! I have used a lot of iron on vinyl! But this one is amazing! Very easy to weed and sticks on to the material very easily! With other vinyls I would have to pass over again, not with this one! Your defiantly getting your money worth! I will never buy any other vinyl! This is the best by far!!

I was afraid to buy HTVRONT vinyl transfer paper because it's always a hit or miss with off brand vinyl. But all the reviews were good. Let's just say I may just be buying this from now on and NOT siser. It worked better on my project than siser did! Great product! super easy to weed too. I bought this to make some last minute baby onesies for a shower. This HTV was super easy to work with and the onesies turned out great! Absolutely love, love, LOVE this product. I purchased the white heat transfer vinyl. I had a 19 T-shirt order to fill. I was skeptical upon purchase because I had never used this product before BUT, it did not disappoint. I cut on a Cricut Explore Air 2. Loaded it in my machine, cut setting set on Iron On Plus. Cut it up, weeded like a DREAM! I used a Cricut Easy Press, heat setting were 310 for 15 seconds. Pressed PERFECTLY! I could not be happier! I will continue to use this product if price is right and quality is the same!

I love vinyl and Always try different brands to compare. I use a lot of vinyl. Happy this one was best heat transfer vinyl. Huge roll for a great price. I got a cricut yesterday and bought a few accessories to go with it, including this roll of HTV. It was priced right so if I mess up learning how to make the transfers, I won’t feel too bad because unlike the sheets, once you use them, that’s all there is, but a roll you can cut more off and use that. All one continuous roll, too. I like that it’s silver without being glittery, which I hear eats up the blades. I have used many different types & brands of HTV. I am SUPER HAPPY with this product!! It’s amazing & easy to use in all of these areas: trimming to size with my paper trimmer, cutting with my Silhouette Cameo 3, the ability to weed, the adhesive on the backing, the adhesion to clothing when using my heat press, and the flexibility once pressed into a shirt out. The only suggestion I’d make to those planning on purchasing this, is to weed slowly with intricate designs, so that the vinyl doesn’t tear.

It is hard to peel off the surface when transferring but it does what I need so 4 Stars! The price is great and so is the product. It’s easy to weed and adheres very well. I’ve had no problems with peeling or cracking. Super easy to cut on my Silhouette, weeded very easily and adhered to shirts with my household iron.