Thursday, March 2, 2017

Additional weapons on FFXIV

You weebs got your Samurai, leave yoshi p alone! Guys, it's £4. If you work for a single hour at minimum wage you'll have money for this and some to spare, I don't see why everyone is freaking out like it's the end of the world. Yes but I could also buy dinner for that price.  I'm pretty sure you also work more than 1 hour over the whole week? I work 5 hours on saturday since I'm a student on a god-awful paying job and I pay sub, food money, house money and still have a bit left over to spend every month. Cheap FFXIV Gil Its a game I enjoy, they give us decent amount of content, events, and the means to have a lot of fun with our time investment, therefore I see absolutely no problem in paying a little extra for something I know I'll use a lot.So you're suggesting people who work jobs don't need that money for other things?

 Also it could be for more then just one character.sadly, that's... half a day's work here LOL i wish it was only an hour XD.  Not at all, what I'm suggesting is that £4 won't break the bank. If you like the game, if you think that it's worthy of the £8 a month for the sub and you're getting all your money's worth out of it, what's the problem with those people who want to invest in this? If you havn't got the extra money but want it. Save up the pennys and buy it later. don't be so shortsighted, not everyone earns 7$ an hour.

Or just suck it up. It's a fucking emote, it's there for you to get whenever you have some extra money lying around. If you prefer to use that money elsewhere, then you shouldn't whine about 1 emote out of the whole bunch you have and still get.   I earn around $10 for hour and I find games expensive still (although some are still worthy, Cheap FFXIV Gil at least if you are not paying for an alpha version) and I would never buy an emoticon for such a price. Not sure if I'd ever buy it. I understand, that SE wants money, that's fine, but I do find price policy a bit... Strange, let's call it that. I'd reduce price by half for most items in MogStation.  People are entitled whiny children now a days...also everyone another idea about this emote thing...if you don't like it...DON'T BUY IT .

I don't think it's worth £4. Additional weapons on FFXIV are like 79p each or something like that. That I would pay for emotes/hairstyles. Nayia Georgopoulou and Marcus Hughes both get it. It's completely optional. You want it? Get it when you can, there's no need to bitch and whine about something that isn't all that important to your enjoyment of an otherwise fantastic game. Yeah, if they were £2/$4-5, like the older emotes, that'd be preferable, I dunno why they're priced as they are. £4/$7 isn't going to kill you or run you financially into the dirt.Yes, they get a lotta money from people's subscriptions, but they're still a business. Some executive probably demanded these items be put on the Mog Station or some poor sod would lose their job. Probably.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017


What do we have here…? The EU Fan Fest attendees will get a super nice goodie bag with FFXIV related items. We found Kuplipo trying to take the samples of the ADS stress ball, the lanyard and the USB stick! Do you have your ticket to the Fan Fest yet?   Uable to go due to a ankle fusion surgery I had to get done. Sucks so bad as this time I was NOT going to miss out on this as i have played XIV since July 2011 and always have wanted to meet yoshida in person and thank him for all that he has done for the game Cheap FFXIV Gil . Maybe next time. Oooh, I hope we can buy the ball and usb stick! Those look neat! Probably can't it'll be like the London one where the tshirt wristband and lanyard were exclusive.

 They were showing up on eBay after the Vegas Fan Fest, keep an eye out. o because I live in the us and don't have thousands to spend to get to Europe -.- I'll probably be putting my bag up on eBay still sealed. I'll probably be putting my bag up on eBay still sealed . I hope the ADS stress ball gets sold. The one I got in Las Vegas was already cracked when I got my bag. Wow. You guys and Japan get the good stuff and the cool news. NA always gets like nothing lol! Buy FFXIV Gil I was wondering what goodies would be in the goodie bag. What size is the USB stick?  I would totally buy those if some end up on the store. Was gonna say. They even get the moogle plushie?! Oh wait no lol.

Man i wish i could play this game again but i cant afford the subscription. And we'll get greedy people selling theirs to make a quick buck unfortunately. I think all players attempting Zurvan extreme should be sent the ADS stress ball.  Allagan Tomestone of USB?! please stop changing the end game currency..  If I buy a ticket, but can't attend, can I be mailed the goodies? No. It says on the website that they will not be mailing out the sample bags. You have to attend. I've got a ticket to fly. Looking forward to seeing the fans. This is seriously a tease, I can't go all the way to Germany and a guy is asking for £200 online for the bag !!!!

Aussies must miss out, need a better way to globalise. Ahh I cant travel to EU but I want those! Ohmagad so cute!  ads stress ball and usb on the store please. omgomgomg that poetics USB is too good. I want one! Why do you do this... why do u do this to all of us?  Please bring these to PAX East! The EU Fan Fest is almost here! Check out the latest Developer’s Blog for recap videos of the Las Vegas and Tokyo Fan Festivals!

Monday, January 23, 2017

FF14 Collectors Edition for Physical

 I just did a small estimated calculation for CE:
-$60 for the game.
-$20 for the artbook
~$100 for the samurai figure Cheap FFXIV Gil (18cm, a bit similar to Granblue Fantasy Charlotta figure on amiami website which is 108 usd and 22cm tall -16.5 + stand), the details of the Samurai looks pretty nice so I guess it's a HQ figure.
-5$ for cloth map of Eorzea (or you can reduce the artbook price and increase this a lil bit)
-$5 for sticker cling
-10$ for the in-game items (consider the price when you buy stuff on mog station)

Not so rip-off? I know it can be a lil bit cheaper by cutting the price here and there but this looks fine to me. It's only my personal estimation since I've been buying CE for quite a while (not only from SE but other games).Anyway, the crucial part: no one FORCES you to buy so do us a favor: stop complaining and just move on. *peace. The biggest negative for me is shipping to my location. I would rather not order from them directly but obviously we don't have a choice.  SE customer service sucks I can agree on that. Marcell Calvo You can just add your game code to your account via Mognet. Should work fine as long as it's the same region (US/JP/EU etc) To follow up on this, I ordered a Play Arts Kai Fran figure and just got it in yesterday. Box and figure are in great condition.   I've bought tons of stuff from their online store and didn't once have a problem.

 Sounds about right, Buy FFXIV Gil and you don't shafts get this collection. I would, but I got to get mine threw steam store. I do like the break down of how you did it.  Yeah the figure alone would cost 100USD or more. I have both artbooks and they're about 30USD each (not from the physical CEs), bundled with the figure and other things it sounds like a fair price. I hope they'd sell that cloth map on SE store, I want one but I'm not interested in the figure. Game is actually 40. Like it retails for 40.

 People need to learn the REASON why Collectors Edition for Physical is expensive is because you get MORE goodies than Digital and because you get actual Physical Items. can't tell much about it, by the picture but the quality looks less than a play arts kai figure, it's also 3+ inches shorter than most of those figures, and isn't articulated or posable.  and yet HW CE was 120$ with the EXACT same physical goodies no this is a cheap cash grab period there is no way in hell that a piece of molded plastic and aan art book is worth 140$  I'm not paying money for extra cosmetic in game items.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

zergfeat PvP

They said that it'll use existing skills, and sometimes multiple ones: for instance a bed might require both Woodworking and Clothier.  I alpha and beta tested this game, was a dang good game but just didnt suck me into the world.... this may really help. Mostly why spend time on this instead of fixing the broken, boring, zergfeat PvP?  Yeah if you've played during beta it's almost a different game. It would take me a long time just to type all of the improvements. Buy Blade and Soul Gold  Are wars fought 1v1? I thought zerging was how you win wars. Sure, in a perfect world without lag. Hardwire your console if that's what you play on. It doesn't eliminate it 100%, but it reduces it significantly.

I run hard wired fiber optic, the lag is so bad, it's not playable most days. I agree they should fix the lag first before spending time on this. The fish bowl has been over flowing and eso just keeps adding water. I'm on PC with super fast hard wired connection and the lag is really bad most times. Not to mention the map is bare. Changes need to be made to PvP before adding stupid houses. I don't get how some people's lag is so bad. After I hardwired my PS4 the lag all but stopped, not completely, Cheap Blade and Soul Gold I still get a spike here and there, but it's virtually non-existent since. As for the bare map in Cyrodiil, well I can tell you that on PS4 Scourge always has action in it. I'm not saying your issues don't exist, but I really haven't seen or experienced them from my standpoint.

Yes.. I'm on ps4 and scourge. It's ridiculous with lag. Skills bars lock up, skills don't work, no damage numbers, blue screens and kicked off the server. The worst decision they made was dumping everyone on one 30 day campaign with champion points. I don't wanna run on a non cp server. Why grind as many cp points as I have not to use them. All my builds are built around them.If anything, they should have opened a 3rd 30 day campaign or make everything 7 day campaigns. I don't really care. Just fix the dam servers.

 Will it be SWG housing where you have your own plot of land and everything or will it be more like EQ2 housing where you just go into an instance? Can we let people store stuff there and charge them for it? Houses are instanced, so you don't have to worry about racing to grab the perfect spot of land. That was part of the fun though, finding that perfect spot.  I disagree. I found the perfect spot many times in ArcheAge. They were taken. No thanks. I fully support instanced housing. Can we let people store stuff there and charge them for it?

Sunday, December 18, 2016

We need more pvp areas in ESO

We need more pvp areas, minigames or something different, i completed main questline on one character and that's it, now i only pvp but cyrodiil and IC are really boring now man, its not fun at all, not to mention server issues. Gilberto RĂ­os I totally agree, I think smaller scale pvp like arenas or battlegrounds would be great. Buy FFXIV Gil I like how they release their content, instead of waiting like 2 years for a damn expansion. If you were to take all that has been released for eso, it would equal to an expansion pack for wow or something.

Been waiting for info and so long, now we got it! I certainly hope that furniture isn't expensive when it comes. Time to get buddies together, drink ale ?? and just chill!  Can't find another place to bitch but we cant leave imperial sewers. I you go to top city it's a infinite load screen. If you go back to cyrodiil it's a infinite load screen. Fix your shit before you make new shit that don't work eso. I noticed some Orc 'tapestries' (wall-hangings?) in the small Orc home, which then led me to wonder -- beyond wood furniture, can textiles (rugs, tapestries, etc) be player crafted to decorate a home?

I'm very much interested in my own decore however what great use will this have I see Crafting areas which I find great for people that don't want to head to town and deal with the delay I got my Coin all saved up for a large home.I can't wait been playing since Launch.And I love,Love the game.Its the best looking MMORPG out there in my opinion.What other MMORPG you know that gives us four Major updates a year?I hope they make a update soon for us magic users.Like the Psijic Order. Plus,add a new skill line would be cool as hell. You are close luv. Cheap FFXIV Gil But its Vivenne The Grand Enchanter. Im still waiting to hit up the Summer Set Isles!!! But yes, Cheap FFXIV Gil eso is fucking great! What your ID. Mines is @dundress add me. however I don't see well storage options and yes I understand banking can store stuff but look a house isn't just a house until you can store shit in it XD.... But that may just me and I enjoy the fun stuff in decorating (Hopefully I didn't miss that they said they would allow storage when reading but I'm pretty sure I didn't)  Still looking for a decent guild to join on Xbox US, so if anyone has or is a member of a decent one, LMK

 Think you need to fix your support system before doing more expansions...two days I've been trying to contact you guys through support but I can't even get an automated response or password reset account has been compromised...yet nobody is able to help me? Only posting this on here in hopes that someone will see it and try to help me out...the forums were a waste of time as well...Message me at Darth Cutshaw. We're "The Children of Skyrim"

Thursday, December 15, 2016

FFXIV reborn combat is just to dam slow

We've got to get all the Christmas items . ugh. Might log when you come over just to get the outdoor front lawn thing. i love FFXIV reborn but the combat is just to dam slow. Cheap FFXIV Gil and it makes me puke quite litterly. but i do love FFXV.That was painful to read. FFXV is just a single player 14 the grind is just the same. The combat in XIV is vastly superior to XV. Also the camera is actually functional. I enjoyed my time with XV but the combat is the worst in the entire series.

 Wow, that robe doesn't look completely terrible. Still not quite enough to bring me back, though. the game is good but the seasons part of it just suck and needs to be removed. I can't log in Q.Q says something about not being able complete version check and throws me out.  Ugh, i wish I didn't like that coat thing cause I didn't really want to come back lol. Surprised this game is still going. It doesn't have a real endgame and raids are 8 man parties. Kind of sad! Why no reindeer mount yet >~> They want you to use your chocobo...   But they gave us a broom at one point so no excuses.

I think there is a starlight gear for the chocobo that will make it look like a reindeer.  yea.. glamour you can't get anymore. There's Halloween barding for chocobos too, FFXIV Gil but they still gave us the broom mount. So, there still isn't an excuse for not getting a reindeer mount one of these years lol. Her hands are abnormally small. Am I seeing things? they are indeed.  This makes me want a FFXIV anime! Is anyone else hoping the scroll is like the Jeuno Christmas music?

Love how Christmasy the music is; glad its an Orchestron.  As a first time MMORPG player, I loved the game up until you realize you have to depend on others all the time to advance the game. Loved the open world quest etc but tired if the game when people had no clue what their job was. You're gunna love Overwatch then. There are no roegadyn. I am offended! (Popcorn). Reindeer mount? I want a Mrs. Claus mount.  anyone know if they'll be doing a new years event? Yoooo where the Au Ra at in this pic?

Monday, November 28, 2016

Blade and Soul start to be realy anoying game

peeps blade soul start to be realy anoying game , disconect 2 much , sinds couple days its keep error 200 conection problems , now afther maintenance Blade and Soul dont work again , what the hell they are doing ?? anyone knows, if in case i get a flawless sparkling gem on this new green chest, the cost of Gold, that will need to get it? This new actualization sucks, all the time is disconecting and lag, lag and more lag.

i want to download this game but I have a problem in the patch because the patch does not want to download Blade and Soul Gold ... can you give me a manual download link? or solution what should I do? thank you. Blade & Soul please fund me the money i paid for trove tyvm.Tag match pvp nothing but bots keep reporting and they aren't disappearing. The game opens more does not appear the server always says that it is in to boring.. there is a bugs in NA always DC ,, but i talk to my friend he is playing EU.. he never get DC after patch or update,, but aready i have high level in NA,, tanking to tranfer to EU, to start new one :( sad.

i have a problem with making an acc it keeps saying i dont have the autorize to make it. can someone please help me ?  c´mon NCsoft how many times we'll get disconnections and errors? Cheap Blade and Soul Gold all this week servers worked really bad.. fix it PLEASE!!! why is it every game I really like when they go to update the game they brake it some how and it takes forever to be able to play again?  its solved for me just let the game run out of time and close then restart it.

I was exited because i was going to run my first run and sudden when the lead was going to explain the mech we dc like a boss XD.  Its when the strongest entity in the Gaming history "Disconnection" attacks. And you can't do anything to stop it.. if you not fix the game, you'll lose a bunch of players!!!!!!!!  its not live its Desconected. they havent made this think good still. it seems server its good now.  i log in and then dc ..that happens like 4 times already!...same happened with my friends so server its screw!..Y_Y.