Tuesday, April 28, 2015

FFXIV Blood Elves are about that same color

Blood Elves are about that same color -- you might be thinking of Night Elves  You might wish to visit Alexstraza in game, her skin is decidedly more red in tone. please people of blizzard , please can you tell me why the human racial is more op than everybody else ? seriously could you fix this by doing that everybody can choose his own racial regardless of the faction or the race , because right now horde is begening to disapear everday , everyday more people i kno and more and more people and eaven me are switching alliance just because of the human racial ( remove imparing effect) to have 2 dps trinket . this is completely op and because of this horde is begening tondisapear ... soon for real there will be only alliance player or something like 90% alliance 10% horde ońy because alliance overall have more op racial buy FFXIV Gil ... please tell me if il wrong but please balance the racial for esch faction or just make that FFXIV Gil everybody is abble to choose their oen racial .. am i right ? do i exagerate ? please answer me . thank you

yep, lots of places to see her, and her different color skin. I mean this cosplay is so good, just puzzled as to why she didn't take it that last step.Plus you kinda need to do a test run with body paint before you actually cosplay it. Just to make sure you've got everything right. And she said she ran out of time. She'll prob look super fantastic once she is able to work with the.body paint.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

avatars are so beautiful

How is buying gold directly any different from buying avatars with real $$$ and selling them for gold? OH WOW GOTTA TRADE 1 EXTRA STEP, its the same thing, i'm for it, get these possiblybuy DFO Gold  chinese spamming hackers out, got damn annoying. Guild Wars 2 does a good job of this. You can buy gems with real money that become gold. Its nice because they have a formula that adjusts with the economy so the value of your gems to gold may vary. I encourage a feature like this to be implemented.

 Doing this seems good but will trash the economy because people will be like....well you can but gold so we will sell such and such item higher because gold is easier to attain. I don't want to

 FFXIV gil  
go back to tears bring an obscene price like 30 mill again. So overpriced.

sorry but having played real pay2win games its so far from actual p2w its not even funny.

Friday, April 24, 2015

do-rag for ages

The topknot looks pretty good but I bet it'll look really meh with hats.

Need more good hat 'dos. I've been using Snow's 'do-rag for ages because it looks great with hats, but the bandana tails out the back do kind of ruin it a little.  I really want that top-knot for my female character  hopefully they'll consider a unisex top-knot.

Jess I'm on leviathan and I like it. It's certainly an active server. I don't ever see people yell but people shout all the time. Hey guys  anyone want to design me a ff14 themed tattoo? If you are a good artist and interested, please message me. Lovely!! Unfortunately I won't be able to puchase Heavensward.

It will cost aproximately 23% of minimum wage (plus taxes) in my country... My question is is it a race exclusive until 3.1 or will it be available for all races?

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

how to hack DFO gold

Way to go guys! Keep the game clean and we'll keep blowing it up for you. I see an incredible amount of players daily, and it's good to know most of those are still going to be real DFO Gold. Create a tool that reports hackers, you won't have a problem after that because everyone will report them.

 I hope I didn't get banned .-. I was getting some weird Korean warnings for running dungeons too much I guess.   I could be mistaken, but I think the warning just warns you that you aren't getting any Mileage points cheap DFO Gold . I noticed that seemed to be the case for me since I was repeating a dungeon without bothering to complete the quest. After about 5 runs, it gave the Korean warning and I noticed I was getting no Mileage.

Ok so question, you guys seem really harsh about hacking and third party usage, but what about modding? Would modding your hp bar be a permabannable offense? Modding is purely asthetic and doesn't effect the game, it just makes what you see look slightly different.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

DFO Mortal Kombat X

I don't care just TAKE MY MONEY, sell stated avatars soon please.  Still cant play cause of the popup "this is a neoplelauncher for game" thing. Can anyone advise. Made ticket twice to no avail.

I love the cutscenes when you DFO Gold unlock each new area. On the other hand though, the english in them is very broken. While I'm sure there's rules against it, or reasons to not take me up on it (probably changing the subtitles would require remaking the scenes? I don't know programming.)...If someone sent me all the text from the cutscenes, I'd be glad to fix all the grammatical and English errors for free. Anyone else getting this in "Runa's Report" ? You trying to tell us something neople?

 It's a bug/glitch that Neople will be taking care of in the next maintenance.  I wish Mortal Kombat X didn't consume most of my game time X.  Not really...logged once and since then Neople launcher crashes when I hit "PLAY"...which is really unfortunate but I guess I gotta pass this game...have fun everyone.   I voted for knight but I'm enjoying the growing dragon weapon cheap DFO Gold a LOT as well.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

final fantasy on the PSP

That usually depends on the games budget and sales expectations FFXIV Gil .

For final fantasy Type-0, That would be pretty good, it was originally released only on the PSP(Playstation Portable) in Japan, It wasn't until this version that it was released outside of the country and on home console. In Japan the game has sold 810 thousand copies since October of 2011 for the original.

Comparing it to it's original sales the game would be a huge success, and cheap FFXIV Gil since this is actually just a slight update to the original it would be a great financial success.

 The games been out since 2011. They simply jumped the price up to make some cash off of the little bit of work they did to it.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

multi-character in DFO

It's also a great way to dissuade possible new players. "You can play this game, it's really good and unique, but only for a little bit at a time. If you don't like it, screw off.". Not that games need a player base to buy DFO Gold be successful or anything.

The multi-character "argument" isn't stupid because the game rewards you in various ways for having multiple characters. Bonus exp, bonus stats, assist skills which allow you to run dungeons MUCH easier, and more play time since you'll be burning FP on more than one character.

You're literally handicapping yourself by NOT having multiple characters. Besides, when you hit cap, you're eventually going to cave in and make another character or get burned out and quit.Cory Alexander Wilson, they should be able to make their alts when they want, not being forced by the game itself in playing the game in a certain way they might not want.

I don't want to make DFO Gold my alt characters now, I want to make my alt characters later when my main is high leveled, and so do a LOT of people.

Monday, April 6, 2015

FAQ for DFO players

Here is a quick FAQ for you guys with questions. I have answered each of these questions at least twice before, so I believe an FAQ will help cut down on questions:
Q: How do I download the game?
A: Please go to http://www.dfoneople.com/ to download the client.
Q: How do I make an account?
A: After downloading the client, follow the steps in the launcher to create an account. Or, go here: https://member.dfoneople.com/register
Q: How do I fix problem "X, Y, Z"? Can you fix it?
A: If you're looking for a fix, please report a bug at the bug reporting site before asking us how to fix a problem. We are not associated with Neople so we know very little on how to fix errors. If you are still out of luck, feel free to ask the community and if we know the answer, we will respond. Otherwise, please do not message us with issues about getting into the game. We know not the Answer.
Q: Are you in contact with Neople?
A: I wish.
Q: Why is fatigue back in the game?
A: I personally believe keep the economy in check. For Neople's explanation, here is an article https://www.facebook.com/dfoglobal/photos/a.491544004306383.1073741828.477239829070134/657938671000248/?type=1
Q: Is the free Skill Reset Permanent?
A: As far as we know, yes. Although, if you want to have a second build, you will have to buy that in the Cash Shop. In this case, it will before convenience.
Q: Why did you ignore me in game?
A: Didn't mean to. Kinda hard to notice white text when contrasted with layers of Yellow megaphones.
Q: Will the information be wiped after Open Beta 1?
A: Nope! All of your current info will be moved over to the second phase!!
Q: Can I use a USB controller to play?
A: You can, but not as a legit means in the game. You will need external software which may or may not conflict with the anti hacking software.
Q: How do I job change my creator/ Dark Knight?
A: Unfortunately, there is no way to
buy DFO Gold upgrade these classes in OBT1.
Q: How can I refill my fatigue points?
A: FP restores at 2am Pacific/ 5am Eastern. If you want to refill your fp before then, you can buy fatigue potions in the cash shop later on when the cash shop is live.
Q: What is Hardcore Mode?
A: Those who reach max level are able to access Hardcore mode. To create a Hardcore mode character, click the radio button for Hardcore Mode at the character creation screen when you create a new character. All Hardcore mode characters start at level 1.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

more Dragon Warrior for FFXIV

Best news I heard all day! I bought a Metal Slime Edition PS4 + a physical copy of the game ... so when this comes out here ... I will buy it in America again. It's quite a fun game to buy FFXIV Gil, love it. Maybe this game will raise more awareness of the franchise in america. Thank you Square Enix! This is a perfect move. These games have been proven that they can sell thanks to Hyrule Warriors, it would be relatively cheap to localize, and it could help open up the west to more Dragon Warrior.
buy FFXIV Gil

 If only capcom did monster hunter on ps4 and not make a breath of fire game on phone but on ps4 they wouldn't be that broke definitely getting this game though nice thnx square.  I will be buying it but is there a story and stuff to this game like a dragon quest/final fantasy game?& cheap FFXIV Gil ; I'll still have to buy it for sure either way to help make sure they keep bringing their games to America.