Tuesday, April 21, 2015

DFO Mortal Kombat X

I don't care just TAKE MY MONEY, sell stated avatars soon please.  Still cant play cause of the popup "this is a neoplelauncher for game" thing. Can anyone advise. Made ticket twice to no avail.

I love the cutscenes when you DFO Gold unlock each new area. On the other hand though, the english in them is very broken. While I'm sure there's rules against it, or reasons to not take me up on it (probably changing the subtitles would require remaking the scenes? I don't know programming.)...If someone sent me all the text from the cutscenes, I'd be glad to fix all the grammatical and English errors for free. Anyone else getting this in "Runa's Report" ? You trying to tell us something neople?

 It's a bug/glitch that Neople will be taking care of in the next maintenance.  I wish Mortal Kombat X didn't consume most of my game time X.  Not really...logged once and since then Neople launcher crashes when I hit "PLAY"...which is really unfortunate but I guess I gotta pass this game...have fun everyone.   I voted for knight but I'm enjoying the growing dragon weapon cheap DFO Gold a LOT as well.

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