Sunday, April 26, 2015

avatars are so beautiful

How is buying gold directly any different from buying avatars with real $$$ and selling them for gold? OH WOW GOTTA TRADE 1 EXTRA STEP, its the same thing, i'm for it, get these possiblybuy DFO Gold  chinese spamming hackers out, got damn annoying. Guild Wars 2 does a good job of this. You can buy gems with real money that become gold. Its nice because they have a formula that adjusts with the economy so the value of your gems to gold may vary. I encourage a feature like this to be implemented.

 Doing this seems good but will trash the economy because people will be like....well you can but gold so we will sell such and such item higher because gold is easier to attain. I don't want to

 FFXIV gil  
go back to tears bring an obscene price like 30 mill again. So overpriced.

sorry but having played real pay2win games its so far from actual p2w its not even funny.

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