Friday, April 24, 2015

do-rag for ages

The topknot looks pretty good but I bet it'll look really meh with hats.

Need more good hat 'dos. I've been using Snow's 'do-rag for ages because it looks great with hats, but the bandana tails out the back do kind of ruin it a little.  I really want that top-knot for my female character  hopefully they'll consider a unisex top-knot.

Jess I'm on leviathan and I like it. It's certainly an active server. I don't ever see people yell but people shout all the time. Hey guys  anyone want to design me a ff14 themed tattoo? If you are a good artist and interested, please message me. Lovely!! Unfortunately I won't be able to puchase Heavensward.

It will cost aproximately 23% of minimum wage (plus taxes) in my country... My question is is it a race exclusive until 3.1 or will it be available for all races?

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