Tuesday, April 28, 2015

FFXIV Blood Elves are about that same color

Blood Elves are about that same color -- you might be thinking of Night Elves  You might wish to visit Alexstraza in game, her skin is decidedly more red in tone. please people of blizzard , please can you tell me why the human racial is more op than everybody else ? seriously could you fix this by doing that everybody can choose his own racial regardless of the faction or the race , because right now horde is begening to disapear everday , everyday more people i kno and more and more people and eaven me are switching alliance just because of the human racial ( remove imparing effect) to have 2 dps trinket . this is completely op and because of this horde is begening tondisapear ... soon for real there will be only alliance player or something like 90% alliance 10% horde ońy because alliance overall have more op racial buy FFXIV Gil ... please tell me if il wrong but please balance the racial for esch faction or just make that FFXIV Gil everybody is abble to choose their oen racial .. am i right ? do i exagerate ? please answer me . thank you

yep, lots of places to see her, and her different color skin. I mean this cosplay is so good, just puzzled as to why she didn't take it that last step.Plus you kinda need to do a test run with body paint before you actually cosplay it. Just to make sure you've got everything right. And she said she ran out of time. She'll prob look super fantastic once she is able to work with the.body paint.

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