Wednesday, April 22, 2015

how to hack DFO gold

Way to go guys! Keep the game clean and we'll keep blowing it up for you. I see an incredible amount of players daily, and it's good to know most of those are still going to be real DFO Gold. Create a tool that reports hackers, you won't have a problem after that because everyone will report them.

 I hope I didn't get banned .-. I was getting some weird Korean warnings for running dungeons too much I guess.   I could be mistaken, but I think the warning just warns you that you aren't getting any Mileage points cheap DFO Gold . I noticed that seemed to be the case for me since I was repeating a dungeon without bothering to complete the quest. After about 5 runs, it gave the Korean warning and I noticed I was getting no Mileage.

Ok so question, you guys seem really harsh about hacking and third party usage, but what about modding? Would modding your hp bar be a permabannable offense? Modding is purely asthetic and doesn't effect the game, it just makes what you see look slightly different.

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