Monday, April 6, 2015

FAQ for DFO players

Here is a quick FAQ for you guys with questions. I have answered each of these questions at least twice before, so I believe an FAQ will help cut down on questions:
Q: How do I download the game?
A: Please go to to download the client.
Q: How do I make an account?
A: After downloading the client, follow the steps in the launcher to create an account. Or, go here:
Q: How do I fix problem "X, Y, Z"? Can you fix it?
A: If you're looking for a fix, please report a bug at the bug reporting site before asking us how to fix a problem. We are not associated with Neople so we know very little on how to fix errors. If you are still out of luck, feel free to ask the community and if we know the answer, we will respond. Otherwise, please do not message us with issues about getting into the game. We know not the Answer.
Q: Are you in contact with Neople?
A: I wish.
Q: Why is fatigue back in the game?
A: I personally believe keep the economy in check. For Neople's explanation, here is an article
Q: Is the free Skill Reset Permanent?
A: As far as we know, yes. Although, if you want to have a second build, you will have to buy that in the Cash Shop. In this case, it will before convenience.
Q: Why did you ignore me in game?
A: Didn't mean to. Kinda hard to notice white text when contrasted with layers of Yellow megaphones.
Q: Will the information be wiped after Open Beta 1?
A: Nope! All of your current info will be moved over to the second phase!!
Q: Can I use a USB controller to play?
A: You can, but not as a legit means in the game. You will need external software which may or may not conflict with the anti hacking software.
Q: How do I job change my creator/ Dark Knight?
A: Unfortunately, there is no way to
buy DFO Gold upgrade these classes in OBT1.
Q: How can I refill my fatigue points?
A: FP restores at 2am Pacific/ 5am Eastern. If you want to refill your fp before then, you can buy fatigue potions in the cash shop later on when the cash shop is live.
Q: What is Hardcore Mode?
A: Those who reach max level are able to access Hardcore mode. To create a Hardcore mode character, click the radio button for Hardcore Mode at the character creation screen when you create a new character. All Hardcore mode characters start at level 1.

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