Saturday, April 27, 2013

How do I feel about starfire weapons

Before Jagex make this update, I am highly anticipating, and hoping for, a buff to Bandos and Void as I feel they have been in the shadow of the more recent armors like Torva, Nex, Ganodermic, etc...And have been somewhat neglected and overseen compared to the others. Also, I am happy about my skills, potions, and prayers meaning more to you in combat and giving you more of a buff. Great! Please give both Bandos and Void a fair buff, or at least a higher damage output, as I have both and I use them very frequently. This means for me I'll be hitting higher, so that goes to higher xp/hr which means I get 99 Attack faster.  Once I am going to make profit from runescape accounts selling. There are numerous runescape accounts for sale in my company. And I update many rs guides on my blog every day.

Thanks JaGeX, make this update good and think about what players would REALLY want, especially those who actually own and use those specific armour sets. 

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Hope camera zoom works well

The interface has a few issues but all in all its working pretty well a tutorial on how to would be nice but the quick get stated helped some, the biggest issue for me is the camera zoom, beta gives us this great long draw distances only you cant use them with alpha the zoom out is cutting the draw distance to half of regular runescape so y bother with the beta if you can’t use the draw distance in the first place with the alpha interface? I knew many players didn’t like the camera zoom. If it can be improved, more players will pay for accounts for sale runescape.

Might be nice to have a large map, chat boxes and other less click intensive interfaces open whilst maintaining a clean interface of most used icons on the primary screen as such. At last, I hope more players support Jagex selling runescape accounts as they need money to optimize for us!

Good. Take me a bit to find the settings button. Very Tiny cog.

The Alpha New Interface System looks great for me

The Alpha version of RS looks sweet! Makes me regret not buying premium membership, but maybe I will get in later. Can't wait for this to be in game.
I have RS3 beta, But I'm not getting any interfaces, like this new update shows.

Am I doing anything wrong, or aint I'm one of your Chosen ones; for this update?
The alpha interface isn't the HTML5 beta, you need to select either the java interface alpha or the HTML5 beta. I suggest those who want to enjoy Alpha should buy runescape accounts right now.

Its cool how you can change  resize the game interface I cant wait to test it out in beta!! It also looks really good in graphics and detail. I wonder about the 2 new skills also!!! Thnx for Jagex making this possible.

I think we can have better gameplay with the New Interface System. All members can get a chance later. Looking for where to buy runescape accounts? You can go to Farmer100 which is professional to sell and buy runescape accounts.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

interview of Matt on vampire diaries

The last time I interviewed “Mat”, Matt headed to the dance of the originals and were excited about the dance classes that the cast received. What was the best part of filming the prom scene?

Zach: I did not take any special class in all this time. However, the best thing about the filming of the dance was fantastic that our team built a barn and there celebrate the event. And I, being a Midwestern boy from Ohio, I felt pretty close to home, so for me it was fun filming those scenes.
Matt Tyler gave his mansion. Does this mean that there is an opening party on the future of Matt? [Editor's Note: Thanks to @ TeamTSD by the question].

Zach: I think so. I'm not sure when, but I think there's a party.
How you decorate the new home of Matt?

Zach: I like to decorate the place with many traditional Irish Gaelic with colors and symbols. However, the first thing is to have a party in honor of Tyler. I'm pretty sure that Tyler sent a letter to Matt asking him to do that. (Laughs)
Matt and Rebekah share moments in dance and in episode 4X21. In your opinion, should you forgive him for the pain he has caused him and all he wants?

Zach: I think at some point Matt understand why Rebekah caused the accident on the bridge and acts the way she does. It has a few candid moments with her in the dance. There's still something there and we'll see how it develops. I do not think I'll ever forget what he did, but I think the pardon. At this point, everyone has done many bad things to have clouded consciousness. In addition, they all had a reason for what they did, so a pretty blond girl could probably easily convince Matt.
Elena is wreaking havoc on Mystic Falls. Matt? Lends a hand to help her bring her back from the darkness?Zach: Yeah, Matt always will, because in a way, that's what Matt is. He is the humanity of Elena.
Graduation is approaching. Matt? Have someone encouraging him during his walk to the stage?

Zach: Not at all. Matt is practically an orphan.
Oh God. That's so sad!

Zach: (laughs) It's very sad. However, he will not be alone. It has the support of all his friends, and they, in a sense, have become family. Caroline Besides having her mother, no one has any relatives, and essentially all are family.
Where do you expect your character to finish the graduate?

Zach: Well, as always, alive. And yet human. I like that Matt is human. I would also like to see him move up the Mystic Grill. I mean, how long has to be a waiter? Manager should be at least.

Monday, April 22, 2013

runescape in-game benefits from cosmetics

 I, being a major Tolkein fan, would suggest some Tolkein-themed items.
-Elessar headband. This would be a headband with a green stone, as given to Aragorn by Galadriel.
-Anduril. This would be a cosmetic weapon skin, looks like a high-detail steel longsword, it flashes when you hit stuff. (see Moria, "With a flash of light his helm burst asunder"
-Glamdring. Again a cosmetic sword skin, this, being an Elvish sword, glows blue while in combat. (This is Gandalf's sword, Elvish for Foehammer)
-Rohirrim shield. A cosmetic shield skin, a green shield bearing a white horse. This is the shield given to Gimli by selling runescape accounts Theoden.

Don't want anything put on the SoF, cosmetic or otherwise, unless it's something that'd reduce the advantage it currently offers. Otherwise, no me gusta.

I'd like to buy runescape accounts see a surprise cannibalism emote just because it'd make me LOL, but there's no way in hell I'd pay for it. Actually, there's no way I'd really pay for anything on the SGS Whatever, ideas are fun to make anyway. Also, inb4 chicken dance emote for Oktoberfest.

Tradable drops and profits

Perhaps the most important part of the spreadsheet for many players is the predicted profits/losses of their task list. Players can select which drops they want to pick up in the “Drop selection” sheet. To begin with it is assumed that players pick up some but not all of the drops. I log all drops of reasonable value most tasks, however cheap drops such as death runes from nechryael are based off of a small sample size as I am not bothered picking up every single drop- as are most players. Each time I log a drop accounts for sale runescape it will automatically update the drop log in your copy. The drop rate of the draconic visage is gotten from a thread on the runescape forums, they have a huge number of kills logged and I believe they are a reliable source of information.

Rare drop table drops can be a number of drops such as tooth half of key, 100 noted runite ore, uncut dragonstones. You can sell runescape accounts , if you are good at this.

All the main costs i.e. cannonballs, prayer potions, chaotic repairs scrolls and repairing weapons are accounted for.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

My view of runescape general discussion

In my opinion they do pose a lot of discussion value, but never really appear to focus on runescape instead of focusing on what you would do in an imaginary situation. Sure it relates to runescape, but I've never seen them as that relevant, and often discuss reactions instead of ideas. This is the reason why buy runescape account and run business to runescape sell accounts.

However it is not as easy you say. I have thought up of numerous topics for general discussion. I have written and saved at lesat 4 of them on my computer. The only reason I have never posted them is because of the folowing reasons:

The first is just kinda pointless and the last 3 all are based on What if this happened. Well What if Magic was taken away from Runescape, there's lots of things that can be taken away besides prayer. 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Six rare armor in Runescape

This is a list of rare armors on Runescape, from the most rare to least.


Mithril kiteshield
Rune medium helmet
Rune chainbody
Rune square shield
Rune kiteshield
Dragon medium helmet

When you want to buy rs account, you can check whether it contains above armors.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Do you know that the Duel Arena is available now?

It is best time to have a taste of PvP combat as long as you join the Duel Arena. As it is available for both members and free players, you can either log into your free runescape accounts or buy runescape account to go forth and duel.

There is no requirement to get access to it. And you can see an axe icon in the top right of the screen with its bounds. Just right click other players and press ‘challenge’ to invite them to a duel.

Why not take a tour of the improved Duel Arena. There's information about the benefits that the HTML5 Graphics Engine will bring to RuneScape 3, too

For more details about this news, you can read

Runescape HTML5

HTML5 is the almost new server rs will run off now, no longer being on java, graphics are better, different interface system. No more foggy backgrounds, rs will now have a sky. The beta will be testing it seeing how it works. Claims it will be less crappy than java, less laggy, so all looks promising.

 I know, I mean, if they don’t like EOC, they have every reason to leave the runescape community, yet the continue to stick around to complain about the EOC and I bet most of them still play anyway, cant they just learn to accept the change once and for all instead of complaining about it? If you like the EoC, why not buy rs account to join it?

I agree, I find some people's attitude on rs just appaling . Everything says the past is past we must look to the future and adapt and could say, that if rs stayed the way it was, it would attract very few new people. You can search for Runescape accounts for sale if you are interested in Runescape HTML5. People whine, its becoming more like WoW. well surely that's good because WoW has so many more players because they like how the game functions, so making one similar can attract similar sort of players. People just act selfish a lot of the time.

The ONE big problem with runescape really is the community.. all these whiners are the ones "ruining the game" because it is the same game, just updated to compete with other mmo's, runescape cant be stuck in the past or it'd never get any updates.. they'd complain if it had gone years with no updates...

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Yonkers newyork

If anyone lives in Yonkers newyork and is interested in joining my band please message me need a drummer with their own equipment and has to be commited we will pick you up to band practice and drop you back home we play rock punk rock alternative rock metal ect but which ever your comfterble playing we will play =] Hey to any members out there do you know if selling runescape acconts or using dragons in a poh player owned house will let me charge my dfs dragonfire shield or does that not work? If anyone knows?

Trying to give my lvl 116 acc to someone for a reasonable price. If you want to buy runescape account and contact me add me on Xbox Live NICKELB4CK or add me on facebook

Throne of Thunder

unny thing is I actually have played the new content Kaipo Moore and I leveled a guild from 1 to 25 on Frostmane during MOP. I have done the raids, through LFR, and through the actual raid itself. I tanked the fights and it didn't take too long to get gear. My argument was that it was much harder then, than it is now and that just moves to a more boring game, meaning o hey I reached level 90, I have gear and I've completed everything, now what do I do? Run around in circles for 12 hours? Another thing that ruined Cataclysm is the fact leveling is so much easier now than it was then. Why I say that ruined the game is because the whole purpose of the expansion was the release a massive amount of new content, primarily in the form of new quests, and changes to the environment. Since leveling doesn't take near as long, there is a increase in the amount of content players never see, because they either A: out-level the zone, or B: Whenever they out-level the zone, they don't want to take the time to play through the other zones contents (by Zone I mean ex: Westfall, Duskwood, etc.)

WoW used to be "harder" because resources like wowhead, Ask. Mr. Robot, Icy Veins etc. didn't exist not to mention the absurd task of "coordinating 40 players".

I have also played since vanilla, and am still enjoying it. Please give me your name so I can look you up in the armory and see your 100% completed achievement list. Out of things to do and running in circles? Sounds more like only certain aspects of the game interest you and the rest are boring.

Monday, April 8, 2013

the vampire dairies story

Executive producer Julie Plec has been interviewed by SheKnows, and has revealed new and juicy details about the rest of the season.

Many people want to turn their humanity Elena again, but what do you think of the new, evil Elena?

Julie P: As a writer and as someone who loves to do new things and your discovery a new expression, we love. We love Elena evil because it is different. It's a fun shine. She is nasty, inflexible and unforgiving, and this worsens safely. Every time I see a cut of the series feel it is very new and fresh. But it is not permanent. I think it's all part of the journey. When we decided to turn Elena into a vampire did not want it to be easy. We did not want it to be a quiet ride. The need to run the roller coaster of emotions and the experience of things for not only outside, "Oh, I'm a vampire, now let's go party and I am happy."

It is obvious that Elena will go for a darker path. What's in store for her?
Julie P: You've got these two guys that they want more than anything is fixed. In the next episode recruit some of his friends, also over the next couple of episodes, in an attempt to reach it in the most emotionally they can, whether through nostalgia, memories, through sneaky tricks to that addresses things I had feelings in the past. They cling to do anything to get to her.

So far we have seen vampires, werewolves, hybrids, witches and warlocks. Can we expect to see other supernatural creatures in the future?
Julie P: Well, in the 1st season trying to do to the mother of a succubus Matt Donovan, wrote three scripts about it and shot it. When we first saw it we realized that this is not correct. This does not feel like part of our series. I'm not saying we will not see other creatures, but certainly far where we stayed.

Are there characters who have died to become a more supernatural - specifically Jeremy?
Julie Q: Given that the season is the desire to break the separation Silas with the other side and release all supernatural beings, I think I feel very safe in saying that his plan will not be completely frustrated. Hopefully, our heroes will be able to succeed and do not induce supernatural apocalypse.
I definitely think we'll see some familiar faces before the season ends. I think it is possible, as we try to restore the humanity of Elena facing some things in his past that could be glimpsed represent and again.

Elena is not the only person who struggles with his dark side, it seems that Bonnie may be going down a dangerous path. What's next for his character?
Julie P: Bonnie is in the midst of a very dangerous path because of their search for a mentor, someone who could help her understand her magic and how to use it correctly, and she has been unwittingly manipulated and controlled by our big bad. What she wanted and hoped to do was to be able to overcome that control. In episode 19 we will see the extent of control that Silas can still have on her and what she does with it. But ultimately Bonnie will always do the right thing, and when you have no control of their own magic and fight very hard behavior to get out of it.

We have heard that in order to film The Originals Joseph Morgan The Vampire Diaries leaves. The plays a fundamental role in the series. Silas? Kills him? Klaus? Going to die?

Julie P: No. Klaus to Mystic Falls is going to pursue a mystery that will take him to New Orleans. The idea is that even though they no longer live in Mystic Falls necessarily, if the spin-off moves, certainly not the last time we see him there. We will see more of him in the course of the season. Of course, if the spin-off does not take place, will be there to wreak havoc with Caroline.
Klaus is immortal. The only thing that could kill a white oak stake. If ever dies, then all our heroes will die with him. That definitely ensures longevity.

How to Become Runescape Member

Joining the world's most phenomenal MMO is easy! All major credit and debit cards are accepted, as are other secure payment methods such as PayPal, PayByCash, PayBySMS and many more. Membership cards are available to buy at participating stores, and, if a subscription is not for you selling runescape accounts, it makes a great gift for a friend.

All it takes is a small monthly fee to access more than 150 incredible quests and buy runescape account story arcs, level up nine formidable new skills, play 20 awesome minigames, construct your own amazing home, explore a world three times larger than in the free game and much, much more. Sign up to RuneScape today, and fulfil your destiny of becoming the ultimate warrior!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Jagex account guardian

Why is it necessary to use Jagex Account Guardian?

Jagex Account Guardian can help prevent any unauthorized device from logging into game on your runescape accounts, to keep your account, items, gold and bank in safe.

How to add devices to Jagex account guardian?

Every time you try to log in to the game from an unregistered device, you have to add that device as a trustworthy device.

To add a new device, you will be required to go through the following two additional security checks:

Correctly answer 3 of your Security questions
Validate the new device through your registered email address

Is it possible to add a device to JAG temporarily?

Yes. You can decide how long you suppose a device to be valid for when you add a new device. You can set how long the device should be registered, choosing the number of hours, days or even make it permanent.

How to delete services from JAG?

After logging in, navigate to the ‘Jagex Account Guardian’ section.

Then you can view and delete your registered devices after passing the additional security checks.

Community Round-up 28/03


Team up with the RuneHQ events team to take down the Chaos Elemental this weekend. Fame and fortune await! You can read more information here.

Calling all skillers! The Toxin is holding a skilling event this Monday (April 1st) and welcomes everyone to take part! More details can be found here.

We are also running a Wilderness Warbands weekend! Head on over to the Warband Peacekeepers or Warmongers threads to buy runescape account find out how you can get involved.

Community Creations

The Scapers Talk: The World Wakes & New skills

Castle Wars, Regicidal, Skiller and Will Miss It share their thoughts on the recent quest ‘The World Wakes’ and what they think the new skills could be selling runescape accounts.

*This video does contain plot spoilers for this quest, so make sure you play through it before watching if you don’t want to know what happens!*
You can purchase spins here, or by clicking ‘Add Spins’ in the Squeal of Fortune interface. Don’t forget that members get two daily spins instead of one!

Queen Black Dragon

The Queen Black Dragon is a type of Black dragon, and the most effective method to kill her is to use magic or range. Melee is not advisable as it is not so useful when defeating this monster. However, you can’t get Slayer XP, as you just defeat her by restoring enchanted slumber instead of killing her.

selling runescape accounts
Queen Black Dragon 

With the valuable weapons and items, you are able to kill almost every monster in Runescape. If you are looking for players to kill the Kalphite King, you can be a leader. If not, you can invite some gamers to group a team to kill him! But I have to remind that these strong and tough monsters are available for members that buy rs account to kill. 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

It is necessary to make the most use of rs gold

This article shortly tells how to make most use of rs gold. In fact, it needs time to farming gold. However, it is equal important to make full use of rs gold.

The only thing you can do is buy Rune essence Crown and talisman if you want to train high level of Runescrafting. You can buy the Crown and the talisman in the the Varrock east coast and buy Rune essence in any bank in any world Runescape

Crafting is the most expensive skills training, and it takes a very long time and effort to go to work, if you only need a low level of crafts. If the cheap Runescape account reached the handicraft 65, it becomes very difficult, the training and the small Ruenscape money, so it is quite necessary make your Runescape level crafts. Gold bars with different features of your materials to make different types of jewelry. In the the Falador east coast, you can buy gold bullion in the world, where you can find a lot of players are selling runescape accounts and gems including uncuts and cut. You can also buy handicraft shop in Al-Kharid.

So it is advisable every f2p to make the utmost of your Runescape accounts.

If you have already experienced, you will find that it is important to make the most money, some veterans are not very familiar with the place to buy cheap Runescape money. Some F2P often once they feel tired-level skills up to earn enough money to buy some money or cheap runescape accounts for sale. Therefore, the best F2P maximum extent your runescape sell accounts.

Myths of The White Lands

Myths of The White Lands is a particular quest in runescapes. For all those gamers who're acquainted about this will be aware of that it is very suitable for nonmembers and there is absolutely no requirement of runescape accounts. Here I will demonstrate how to play it. If the levels of your accounts are very high and you also want to make problem, you can buy or sell runescape accounts. In this way, it offers your experiences much more colorful.

Although there is no dependence on runescape accounts, it is far better to have the capabilities like this: THIRTY level of hand crafting, 80 level of reduce a tree and 55agile which could experience in the maze.

Within the north of Lumbridge castle, players have to found Explorer Jack. Acknowledge the tasks, and then ask him lots of question. He wants you to go to the wizard Tower and find Isidor. In a magician Tower bottom find Isidor, talk, and visit the snow.

This is a maze. Maze is full of ice; you can't walk and can only be skiing. Run into icicles or rock walls, ice could be halted. Run into the ground, gamers can remain on it.

Your maze, and the very first is a test tube. Gamers go into the hole. Then you will meet with 6 rooms. In the No. 2 room, in case your rs accounts level is 30, you will get 2000 experiences on the walls. Level 4 rooms, if your accounts have 55 agile, you can get 10000 snello encounters on the walls. Purple line is the method to get the encounter. The yellow line is for experience after the games. The No. 5 room is suitable for those gamers whose accounts level of reducing tree is actually 85. Always, players can get 30000 experiences. To a tree, the magenta line method is with regard to experience.

This is the improvement associated with myths of the white lands strategy in runescape. In regular, you can get lots of experiences and benefits from this mission. If you wish to get more, you can try to practice the amount of your rs accounts. Nevertheless, for a few people, they presume where you can purchase rs accounts is more important. In this manner, they can sell or buy rs account as their wish. Regardless of, what kind of way person chooses to play this video game, they might get lots from it.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Are you relaxing this weekend?

If you want to make you relax from your pressure study or work, taking a vocation is definitely a good idea. What are some tips when you are on a vocation?

Sit beside a lake or sea. It is usually romantic to sit beside water. Clean water makes your relaxing and clear air makes you feel better. You can choose a river, a lake, or a beach to sit down and enjoy the sunshine. At the same time, you can listen to birds singing. How relaxing you will find when the wind blows gently from your face. If you are good at fishing, it is quite pleased to fishing alone. Or you can chat with your lovers listening to the sound of the waves from the sea.

Stay at an all inclusive resort. Maybe you think it is of no fun to find a spot with all-inclusive resorts. You may make a mistake as you think it is lack of variety and culture diversity. In reality, it is truly relax when you go to an all inclusive resort. Not only are you taking a break from stressed work, but also you don’t need to worry about the other details coming together with a vacation like “where to eat”, “what is the next destination?” and “How much time and money left for the whole journey?”, etc. Meanwhile, you can make some friends. You can find an internet bar to play a game when you are tired of walking at night. Some gamers will drop a visit to local internet bar. And you can encounter some super games who are selling runescape accounts to start his business. And you can join their team to leveling up runescape accounts and earn some money.

Not limit yourself to schedule. You can still go sightseeing and play tourist without stressing yourself out.  The trick is to draw a simple map and not to limit yourself on your schedule.

Hope these tips are helpful for your weekend vocation and make you relaxing from routine work.