Saturday, April 27, 2013

How do I feel about starfire weapons

Before Jagex make this update, I am highly anticipating, and hoping for, a buff to Bandos and Void as I feel they have been in the shadow of the more recent armors like Torva, Nex, Ganodermic, etc...And have been somewhat neglected and overseen compared to the others. Also, I am happy about my skills, potions, and prayers meaning more to you in combat and giving you more of a buff. Great! Please give both Bandos and Void a fair buff, or at least a higher damage output, as I have both and I use them very frequently. This means for me I'll be hitting higher, so that goes to higher xp/hr which means I get 99 Attack faster.  Once I am going to make profit from runescape accounts selling. There are numerous runescape accounts for sale in my company. And I update many rs guides on my blog every day.

Thanks JaGeX, make this update good and think about what players would REALLY want, especially those who actually own and use those specific armour sets. 

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