Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Alpha New Interface System looks great for me

The Alpha version of RS looks sweet! Makes me regret not buying premium membership, but maybe I will get in later. Can't wait for this to be in game.
I have RS3 beta, But I'm not getting any interfaces, like this new update shows.

Am I doing anything wrong, or aint I'm one of your Chosen ones; for this update?
The alpha interface isn't the HTML5 beta, you need to select either the java interface alpha or the HTML5 beta. I suggest those who want to enjoy Alpha should buy runescape accounts right now.

Its cool how you can change  resize the game interface I cant wait to test it out in beta!! It also looks really good in graphics and detail. I wonder about the 2 new skills also!!! Thnx for Jagex making this possible.

I think we can have better gameplay with the New Interface System. All members can get a chance later. Looking for where to buy runescape accounts? You can go to Farmer100 which is professional to sell and buy runescape accounts.

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