Tuesday, April 23, 2013

interview of Matt on vampire diaries

The last time I interviewed “Mat”, Matt headed to the dance of the originals and were excited about the dance classes that the cast received. What was the best part of filming the prom scene?

Zach: I did not take any special class in all this time. However, the best thing about the filming of the dance was fantastic that our team built a barn and there celebrate the event. And I, being a Midwestern boy from Ohio, I felt pretty close to home, so for me it was fun filming those scenes.
Matt Tyler gave his mansion. Does this mean that there is an opening party on the future of Matt? [Editor's Note: Thanks to @ TeamTSD by the question].

Zach: I think so. I'm not sure when, but I think there's a party.
How you decorate the new home of Matt?

Zach: I like to decorate the place with many traditional Irish Gaelic with colors and symbols. However, the first thing is to have a party in honor of Tyler. I'm pretty sure that Tyler sent a letter to Matt asking him to do that. (Laughs)
Matt and Rebekah share moments in dance and in episode 4X21. In your opinion, should you forgive him for the pain he has caused him and all he wants?

Zach: I think at some point Matt understand why Rebekah caused the accident on the bridge and acts the way she does. It has a few candid moments with her in the dance. There's still something there and we'll see how it develops. I do not think I'll ever forget what he did, but I think the pardon. At this point, everyone has done many bad things to have clouded consciousness. In addition, they all had a reason for what they did, so a pretty blond girl could probably easily convince Matt.
Elena is wreaking havoc on Mystic Falls. Matt? Lends a hand to help her bring her back from the darkness?Zach: Yeah, Matt always will, because in a way, that's what Matt is. He is the humanity of Elena.
Graduation is approaching. Matt? Have someone encouraging him during his walk to the stage?

Zach: Not at all. Matt is practically an orphan.
Oh God. That's so sad!

Zach: (laughs) It's very sad. However, he will not be alone. It has the support of all his friends, and they, in a sense, have become family. Caroline Besides having her mother, no one has any relatives, and essentially all are family.
Where do you expect your character to finish the graduate?

Zach: Well, as always, alive. And yet human. I like that Matt is human. I would also like to see him move up the Mystic Grill. I mean, how long has to be a waiter? Manager should be at least.

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