Thursday, April 18, 2013

My view of runescape general discussion

In my opinion they do pose a lot of discussion value, but never really appear to focus on runescape instead of focusing on what you would do in an imaginary situation. Sure it relates to runescape, but I've never seen them as that relevant, and often discuss reactions instead of ideas. This is the reason why buy runescape account and run business to runescape sell accounts.

However it is not as easy you say. I have thought up of numerous topics for general discussion. I have written and saved at lesat 4 of them on my computer. The only reason I have never posted them is because of the folowing reasons:

The first is just kinda pointless and the last 3 all are based on What if this happened. Well What if Magic was taken away from Runescape, there's lots of things that can be taken away besides prayer. 

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