Monday, April 22, 2013

Tradable drops and profits

Perhaps the most important part of the spreadsheet for many players is the predicted profits/losses of their task list. Players can select which drops they want to pick up in the “Drop selection” sheet. To begin with it is assumed that players pick up some but not all of the drops. I log all drops of reasonable value most tasks, however cheap drops such as death runes from nechryael are based off of a small sample size as I am not bothered picking up every single drop- as are most players. Each time I log a drop accounts for sale runescape it will automatically update the drop log in your copy. The drop rate of the draconic visage is gotten from a thread on the runescape forums, they have a huge number of kills logged and I believe they are a reliable source of information.

Rare drop table drops can be a number of drops such as tooth half of key, 100 noted runite ore, uncut dragonstones. You can sell runescape accounts , if you are good at this.

All the main costs i.e. cannonballs, prayer potions, chaotic repairs scrolls and repairing weapons are accounted for.

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