Thursday, April 25, 2013

Hope camera zoom works well

The interface has a few issues but all in all its working pretty well a tutorial on how to would be nice but the quick get stated helped some, the biggest issue for me is the camera zoom, beta gives us this great long draw distances only you cant use them with alpha the zoom out is cutting the draw distance to half of regular runescape so y bother with the beta if you can’t use the draw distance in the first place with the alpha interface? I knew many players didn’t like the camera zoom. If it can be improved, more players will pay for accounts for sale runescape.

Might be nice to have a large map, chat boxes and other less click intensive interfaces open whilst maintaining a clean interface of most used icons on the primary screen as such. At last, I hope more players support Jagex selling runescape accounts as they need money to optimize for us!

Good. Take me a bit to find the settings button. Very Tiny cog.

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