Monday, April 8, 2013

the vampire dairies story

Executive producer Julie Plec has been interviewed by SheKnows, and has revealed new and juicy details about the rest of the season.

Many people want to turn their humanity Elena again, but what do you think of the new, evil Elena?

Julie P: As a writer and as someone who loves to do new things and your discovery a new expression, we love. We love Elena evil because it is different. It's a fun shine. She is nasty, inflexible and unforgiving, and this worsens safely. Every time I see a cut of the series feel it is very new and fresh. But it is not permanent. I think it's all part of the journey. When we decided to turn Elena into a vampire did not want it to be easy. We did not want it to be a quiet ride. The need to run the roller coaster of emotions and the experience of things for not only outside, "Oh, I'm a vampire, now let's go party and I am happy."

It is obvious that Elena will go for a darker path. What's in store for her?
Julie P: You've got these two guys that they want more than anything is fixed. In the next episode recruit some of his friends, also over the next couple of episodes, in an attempt to reach it in the most emotionally they can, whether through nostalgia, memories, through sneaky tricks to that addresses things I had feelings in the past. They cling to do anything to get to her.

So far we have seen vampires, werewolves, hybrids, witches and warlocks. Can we expect to see other supernatural creatures in the future?
Julie P: Well, in the 1st season trying to do to the mother of a succubus Matt Donovan, wrote three scripts about it and shot it. When we first saw it we realized that this is not correct. This does not feel like part of our series. I'm not saying we will not see other creatures, but certainly far where we stayed.

Are there characters who have died to become a more supernatural - specifically Jeremy?
Julie Q: Given that the season is the desire to break the separation Silas with the other side and release all supernatural beings, I think I feel very safe in saying that his plan will not be completely frustrated. Hopefully, our heroes will be able to succeed and do not induce supernatural apocalypse.
I definitely think we'll see some familiar faces before the season ends. I think it is possible, as we try to restore the humanity of Elena facing some things in his past that could be glimpsed represent and again.

Elena is not the only person who struggles with his dark side, it seems that Bonnie may be going down a dangerous path. What's next for his character?
Julie P: Bonnie is in the midst of a very dangerous path because of their search for a mentor, someone who could help her understand her magic and how to use it correctly, and she has been unwittingly manipulated and controlled by our big bad. What she wanted and hoped to do was to be able to overcome that control. In episode 19 we will see the extent of control that Silas can still have on her and what she does with it. But ultimately Bonnie will always do the right thing, and when you have no control of their own magic and fight very hard behavior to get out of it.

We have heard that in order to film The Originals Joseph Morgan The Vampire Diaries leaves. The plays a fundamental role in the series. Silas? Kills him? Klaus? Going to die?

Julie P: No. Klaus to Mystic Falls is going to pursue a mystery that will take him to New Orleans. The idea is that even though they no longer live in Mystic Falls necessarily, if the spin-off moves, certainly not the last time we see him there. We will see more of him in the course of the season. Of course, if the spin-off does not take place, will be there to wreak havoc with Caroline.
Klaus is immortal. The only thing that could kill a white oak stake. If ever dies, then all our heroes will die with him. That definitely ensures longevity.

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