Thursday, September 29, 2016

I like the Wonderland outfit of Blade and Soul

The sources were posted back when it was a thing, go find yourself the sources.Out of all the outfits, Wonderlands is the worst one. Period. Vinicius Nogueira That's just your opinion man, Cheap Blade and Soul Gold to me it looks better than everything else here. As for the claim "the costume is copied" it shares a lot of similarity with common fantasy and wonderland themes. Of course it's going to look like other alice in wonderland type costumes they share the same theme. That's called inspiration, not stealing.

However, that mask is straight out of fire emblem, we'll have to wait and see how NCsoft responds. Maxfield Barron Best looking among the bunch is also your opinion, not fact, sir. The design of Wonderland looks nice, but I'm not sure if it is the best among the best, putting it together with other artists. Personally, I prefer the tribal-like and monster-hunter-like outfit among runners-up instead.

I like the Wonderland outfit, but I don't tolerate the origin, Buy Blade and Soul Gold if it is actually just a bowl of mashed artworks. Real artists squeeze their brain and their hurt their hand just to draw a piece of art that can worth $50-150 for nothing, while a copy-paste art get won, just cuz the judges did not know about it origin and let it pass.

Edit: I got a better example. Think of writing an essay. You work your butt up to write an essay from scratch, while you know someone just go copy-paste an ready-made from other sources with some modifications. And that essay copier got high grade, while you was ranked way below.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

FFXIV tomestone are there to help lower skill rating on their raiding quest

It will kill even more casual player off the list the tomestone are there to help lower skill rating on their raiding quest every week without it..... man it will be hell it will be like fighting Alex - midas in i220 every single week if you can't clear Alex 1 .  I agree with you if they got rid of that i would return to play
Thw weekly cap really killed my love for the game

At least for me if the cap is gone buy FFXIV Gil .I would spend more time getting tomes and getting gear for every class i play and barely log out the game. With the weekly cap i just log do the roulettes do the weekly stuff and log out .Sometimes i level a craft to try and not get bored.

But crafting for a week straight is boring.And i cant seem to find groups because all i have is nin at a decent level but after 3 months of hiatus its impossible to catch up with the tome cap and the up in ilv. Cheap FFXIV Gil  Haruka Akemi he's not talking about the cap. He's saying get rid of it altogether. So you basically want everyone to be able to get max tier gear in a day or week. Yea that will work lol until you start crying for the next content update to be rushed because you rushed through the last 1 and got bored.

^exactly. Doesn't want tomestones, but ppl already crying for more content after a patch was released less than a month before. The tomes are there to limit gear lvl so it'll take longer to complete endgame content. How hard is that to understand? Its not there for casual players. A casual player wouldn't run every single roulette every single day.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Token of Devotion

Forever P2w, that's why I stopped playing this game, very good story gameplay just that in the evolution of equipment you spends horrors of money to evolve the gun and equipment in the MAXIMO 2 Interships, not to mention that the game came bad comparing with optimized The Version of other servers, a disrespect to Brazilians Blade and Soul Gold , Cade the benefits of the players who do not have money but spends hours of his life playing to stay strong in the game the basis of farm??

I never thought I would fail the ncsoft monstrously in that point of View!  i don't see where it says anywhere that you need premium to get the ruby XD you get a token from passing start premium or not these people whining need to learn how to read.

No, u did not get it right. All the one that have play the rulet know that in average no premiun ppl can only complete 1 round (+70%) if u are lucky u make 2 rounds. Buy Blade and Soul Gold Thats the way the roulette is constructed. But u need 3 rounds for the AP bonus wich is imposible to get, unlesss.... u have extra spins. Without Premium you’ll still be able to roll normally, receive the rewards you land on, and receive a Token of Devotion for landing on or passing Start.

Thats practically officially announcing P2W. Was gonna try give it another chance don't think ill bother now.  How in the hell is it p2w ? Premium or not you will get the same rewards so stop acting so dumb. and this is gradually becoming a P2W is that the server has to survive somehow but it comensaron to give very noticeable bentajos those who have money.