Wednesday, December 28, 2016

zergfeat PvP

They said that it'll use existing skills, and sometimes multiple ones: for instance a bed might require both Woodworking and Clothier.  I alpha and beta tested this game, was a dang good game but just didnt suck me into the world.... this may really help. Mostly why spend time on this instead of fixing the broken, boring, zergfeat PvP?  Yeah if you've played during beta it's almost a different game. It would take me a long time just to type all of the improvements. Buy Blade and Soul Gold  Are wars fought 1v1? I thought zerging was how you win wars. Sure, in a perfect world without lag. Hardwire your console if that's what you play on. It doesn't eliminate it 100%, but it reduces it significantly.

I run hard wired fiber optic, the lag is so bad, it's not playable most days. I agree they should fix the lag first before spending time on this. The fish bowl has been over flowing and eso just keeps adding water. I'm on PC with super fast hard wired connection and the lag is really bad most times. Not to mention the map is bare. Changes need to be made to PvP before adding stupid houses. I don't get how some people's lag is so bad. After I hardwired my PS4 the lag all but stopped, not completely, Cheap Blade and Soul Gold I still get a spike here and there, but it's virtually non-existent since. As for the bare map in Cyrodiil, well I can tell you that on PS4 Scourge always has action in it. I'm not saying your issues don't exist, but I really haven't seen or experienced them from my standpoint.

Yes.. I'm on ps4 and scourge. It's ridiculous with lag. Skills bars lock up, skills don't work, no damage numbers, blue screens and kicked off the server. The worst decision they made was dumping everyone on one 30 day campaign with champion points. I don't wanna run on a non cp server. Why grind as many cp points as I have not to use them. All my builds are built around them.If anything, they should have opened a 3rd 30 day campaign or make everything 7 day campaigns. I don't really care. Just fix the dam servers.

 Will it be SWG housing where you have your own plot of land and everything or will it be more like EQ2 housing where you just go into an instance? Can we let people store stuff there and charge them for it? Houses are instanced, so you don't have to worry about racing to grab the perfect spot of land. That was part of the fun though, finding that perfect spot.  I disagree. I found the perfect spot many times in ArcheAge. They were taken. No thanks. I fully support instanced housing. Can we let people store stuff there and charge them for it?

Sunday, December 18, 2016

We need more pvp areas in ESO

We need more pvp areas, minigames or something different, i completed main questline on one character and that's it, now i only pvp but cyrodiil and IC are really boring now man, its not fun at all, not to mention server issues. Gilberto Ríos I totally agree, I think smaller scale pvp like arenas or battlegrounds would be great. Buy FFXIV Gil I like how they release their content, instead of waiting like 2 years for a damn expansion. If you were to take all that has been released for eso, it would equal to an expansion pack for wow or something.

Been waiting for info and so long, now we got it! I certainly hope that furniture isn't expensive when it comes. Time to get buddies together, drink ale ?? and just chill!  Can't find another place to bitch but we cant leave imperial sewers. I you go to top city it's a infinite load screen. If you go back to cyrodiil it's a infinite load screen. Fix your shit before you make new shit that don't work eso. I noticed some Orc 'tapestries' (wall-hangings?) in the small Orc home, which then led me to wonder -- beyond wood furniture, can textiles (rugs, tapestries, etc) be player crafted to decorate a home?

I'm very much interested in my own decore however what great use will this have I see Crafting areas which I find great for people that don't want to head to town and deal with the delay I got my Coin all saved up for a large home.I can't wait been playing since Launch.And I love,Love the game.Its the best looking MMORPG out there in my opinion.What other MMORPG you know that gives us four Major updates a year?I hope they make a update soon for us magic users.Like the Psijic Order. Plus,add a new skill line would be cool as hell. You are close luv. Cheap FFXIV Gil But its Vivenne The Grand Enchanter. Im still waiting to hit up the Summer Set Isles!!! But yes, Cheap FFXIV Gil eso is fucking great! What your ID. Mines is @dundress add me. however I don't see well storage options and yes I understand banking can store stuff but look a house isn't just a house until you can store shit in it XD.... But that may just me and I enjoy the fun stuff in decorating (Hopefully I didn't miss that they said they would allow storage when reading but I'm pretty sure I didn't)  Still looking for a decent guild to join on Xbox US, so if anyone has or is a member of a decent one, LMK

 Think you need to fix your support system before doing more expansions...two days I've been trying to contact you guys through support but I can't even get an automated response or password reset account has been compromised...yet nobody is able to help me? Only posting this on here in hopes that someone will see it and try to help me out...the forums were a waste of time as well...Message me at Darth Cutshaw. We're "The Children of Skyrim"

Thursday, December 15, 2016

FFXIV reborn combat is just to dam slow

We've got to get all the Christmas items . ugh. Might log when you come over just to get the outdoor front lawn thing. i love FFXIV reborn but the combat is just to dam slow. Cheap FFXIV Gil and it makes me puke quite litterly. but i do love FFXV.That was painful to read. FFXV is just a single player 14 the grind is just the same. The combat in XIV is vastly superior to XV. Also the camera is actually functional. I enjoyed my time with XV but the combat is the worst in the entire series.

 Wow, that robe doesn't look completely terrible. Still not quite enough to bring me back, though. the game is good but the seasons part of it just suck and needs to be removed. I can't log in Q.Q says something about not being able complete version check and throws me out.  Ugh, i wish I didn't like that coat thing cause I didn't really want to come back lol. Surprised this game is still going. It doesn't have a real endgame and raids are 8 man parties. Kind of sad! Why no reindeer mount yet >~> They want you to use your chocobo...   But they gave us a broom at one point so no excuses.

I think there is a starlight gear for the chocobo that will make it look like a reindeer.  yea.. glamour you can't get anymore. There's Halloween barding for chocobos too, FFXIV Gil but they still gave us the broom mount. So, there still isn't an excuse for not getting a reindeer mount one of these years lol. Her hands are abnormally small. Am I seeing things? they are indeed.  This makes me want a FFXIV anime! Is anyone else hoping the scroll is like the Jeuno Christmas music?

Love how Christmasy the music is; glad its an Orchestron.  As a first time MMORPG player, I loved the game up until you realize you have to depend on others all the time to advance the game. Loved the open world quest etc but tired if the game when people had no clue what their job was. You're gunna love Overwatch then. There are no roegadyn. I am offended! (Popcorn). Reindeer mount? I want a Mrs. Claus mount.  anyone know if they'll be doing a new years event? Yoooo where the Au Ra at in this pic?

Monday, November 28, 2016

Blade and Soul start to be realy anoying game

peeps blade soul start to be realy anoying game , disconect 2 much , sinds couple days its keep error 200 conection problems , now afther maintenance Blade and Soul dont work again , what the hell they are doing ?? anyone knows, if in case i get a flawless sparkling gem on this new green chest, the cost of Gold, that will need to get it? This new actualization sucks, all the time is disconecting and lag, lag and more lag.

i want to download this game but I have a problem in the patch because the patch does not want to download Blade and Soul Gold ... can you give me a manual download link? or solution what should I do? thank you. Blade & Soul please fund me the money i paid for trove tyvm.Tag match pvp nothing but bots keep reporting and they aren't disappearing. The game opens more does not appear the server always says that it is in to boring.. there is a bugs in NA always DC ,, but i talk to my friend he is playing EU.. he never get DC after patch or update,, but aready i have high level in NA,, tanking to tranfer to EU, to start new one :( sad.

i have a problem with making an acc it keeps saying i dont have the autorize to make it. can someone please help me ?  c´mon NCsoft how many times we'll get disconnections and errors? Cheap Blade and Soul Gold all this week servers worked really bad.. fix it PLEASE!!! why is it every game I really like when they go to update the game they brake it some how and it takes forever to be able to play again?  its solved for me just let the game run out of time and close then restart it.

I was exited because i was going to run my first run and sudden when the lead was going to explain the mech we dc like a boss XD.  Its when the strongest entity in the Gaming history "Disconnection" attacks. And you can't do anything to stop it.. if you not fix the game, you'll lose a bunch of players!!!!!!!!  its not live its Desconected. they havent made this think good still. it seems server its good now.  i log in and then dc ..that happens like 4 times already!...same happened with my friends so server its screw!..Y_Y.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Have you played Midnight Skypetal before?

Iván Levente Nice!! 40-45fps while killing world bosses like I said? 40-45fps while doing GHS? 40-45fps while killing Blackwyrm? While killing Bay Lee? Teach everyone how to run WORLD content with 40-45fps.  Vinicius Nogueira 20-25 fps there. Still playable /NamSoyooCool. Just set everything to 1. You can handle that for a 5min boss fight. Altho with SSP i have serious problems. Even on low and boosting GPU i have max 15 fps there. Vinicius Nogueira uhmm, i run the same exact spec you do, i get 120fps. you need to learn how to build one i think. all maxed execept extra physics effect.

Mike Cháingan Yea my man, your gtx970 is better than my gtx1070. Cheap Blade and Soul Gold Congratulations, you are the chosen one to run this game doing massive group content with tons of fps.  Vince Verrette 120fps while killing Blackwyrm, Boar in SSP, GHS? ur pc just suck so hard mate try to fix it im using lap and get 20fps at world boss. Ahmed Akram You must be a very happy guy playing on a laptop with 20fps.... SUPER happy. Solution: be a whale and get stuff / cry in comments and quit / cry in comments and play / just play. I have average computer i can go on in ssp with lowest graph and ctrl+f. Not that I like or even need that place that much.

Laura Mäntynen You are correct, I am crying like a baby. Buy Blade and Soul Gold Whales aren't going to outbid you on anything cuz every one gets their own drop like with world bosses and all other 24 man dungeons for that matter. Amr Al Sayed Have you played Midnight Skypetal before? If you never played it, wait and see. Cheers. I'm not gonna play on lowest graphics with my high-end PC, sorry that wont happen. Getting around 15 FPS in SSP, 120 FPS in empty areas (that's a huge difference) on highest settings in game with i7-6700k and GTX 1080 FE, both OCed.

You guys should play on consoles if you like having low FPS.  Im chilling fine with 50-60 fps... In open world. Shauna Lizama I chill with 120fps in open world while theres no one there... But when GHS last boss appears, or Boar in SSP, fps goes down a lot! Have you played GHS and SSP before?

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Blade and Soul Beluga Lagoon live on twitter

wtf r u even talking about. because they imported the game from a TINY country in which its normal to stack all servers in one location, all servers are in texas, which hey guess what, its pretty much the central point between the biggest pools of population in america. if you want a latency improvement, u can always complain to about a dozen isps which share agreements to route you from where you live to texas, Buy Blade and Soul Gold but rly, that wont ever happen.

When everyone moves from BnS to Revelation. I have quit this game long time ago, too many updates in close to each other made the game unplayble... I started playing q few months after the game was released and i was able to catch up and keep up playing casualy. Just need to know what youre doing. If you just walk around all day you wont be up to date ever. why i cant register it say "Account Creation Failed.

You are not authorized to Blade and Soul Gold create an account."why i cant register it say "Account Creation Failed.You are not authorized to create an account." Please help. I can't enter in the marketplace, neither the website (I went to check if there was a solution in the forums) I had the same problem. I changed my windows xp with windows 7. The moonstone price going to be 4-5g. This bg event with ssp nerf going to kill the game..

 And ofc, ssp going to be unplayable during the weekend.. so the hole thing that the geared rich players going to get richer others are &#&# up.  It will at least allow weaker factions to do ssp during the week for either soulstones, mirage, achievements since it wont be as heavily dominated buy the stronger faction. I log in my account on website but always " something went wrong on our end" . What was that ? Revelation is comming in 2 days.RIP BnS. Yeah, everybody was saying the same thing with BDO.

Monday, October 17, 2016

FFXIV is on sale on the European PlayStation Store until the 19th

Are you a PS4 owner that’s been eyeing an upgrade from their PS3? Or perhaps looking to start FFXIV? Fret not! FFXIV is on sale on the European PlayStation Store until the 19th, with massive savings to be had! You know the only reason why I don't play the ps4 version is because the tilde key (~) doesn't work. It tells you you're not allowed to map the key Cheap FFXIV Gil. Like, wtf... why? I can use it on pc. Also can't map to extra mouse buttons on the PS4 version either.

That's so bizarre. Haha made me laugh. They are pushing ps4 cause next xpac getting announced is dropping ps3 support.  i will tell you one thing my friend a bluetooth keyboard or a keyboard with a usb connector is your friend on the ps4 my ex roomate had one and it made things a lot easier. Could be nice if there were offers for the monthly subscription.

The only reason i m not playin it anymore is that my free month expired.   If you only want to play one character per server, the sub is only like 10 bucks a month. But if you need 8 per server then it's 15. It's not very expensive honestly.Think of it this way. One fun day out with a friend, let's say you go to the theatres. Two tickets, two popcorn buckets, and two drinks would probably cost you 30 bucks maybe more in certain towns. FFXIV Gil That's just for one day of fun.

With the subscription for FFXIV, if you enjoy the game a lot and want to play it, it would only cost a few cents each day to play and enjoy yourself. I think that's far more worth it than blowing money on eating a fancy dinner or going to the movies or something like that. I never wanted to pay a subscription for any game, ever. I was super against it for so long, until I played this mmo and fell in love. I don't even like mmos. But this game changed my mind really fast about paying for a subscription. It's just worth it to me.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

I watched all 3 streams for FFXIV

"Each event will have their own unique live stream experience, and I'd like to use this opportunity to answer some of the more frequently asked questions we have been seeing around the internets"
So tell me, what can I expect from each live stream that will be unique to justify me spending $90 when all I want is the minions? I watched all 3 streams last year. The Japanese and FFXIV Gil European streams paled in comparison to the Vegas stream.

The Vegas stream was all the major news on the expansion. The other two streams were almost the same exact thing with details we already knew and nothing else that interesting to be worth buying aside from the cosplay contests (not even another performance from The Primals after Vegas). I really don't get how this can be worth $90 for someone who wants all the minions. buy FFXIV Gil There should be an option for buying the other two minions separately if you purchase at least one stream. Please please PLEASE look into this SE...I will buy at least one stream if this is possible. But otherwise I'm not buying any.

 Is there a free version of the stream to watch? No, the only way to enjoy the Fan Festival live stream will be to purchase it.  People buy it, then stream it. Is this your first fanfest? The idea of the outfits, then, would be to encourage people to purchase the ticket. If they offered the outfits separately, there'd be even less incentive to buy a ticket.

Apparently this year the company streaming have watermarked the stream with your financial information that will appear if you attempt to restream. That technology doesn't exist. Greg Gerk actually it does. Research it. Send me a link, I'd love to learn more about this. ERROR (-24202) repeatedly when trying to enter credit card information. You are pre-authorizing a charge on my card $1 each time, but the information never sticks in your system. You don't want my money?

Thursday, September 29, 2016

I like the Wonderland outfit of Blade and Soul

The sources were posted back when it was a thing, go find yourself the sources.Out of all the outfits, Wonderlands is the worst one. Period. Vinicius Nogueira That's just your opinion man, Cheap Blade and Soul Gold to me it looks better than everything else here. As for the claim "the costume is copied" it shares a lot of similarity with common fantasy and wonderland themes. Of course it's going to look like other alice in wonderland type costumes they share the same theme. That's called inspiration, not stealing.

However, that mask is straight out of fire emblem, we'll have to wait and see how NCsoft responds. Maxfield Barron Best looking among the bunch is also your opinion, not fact, sir. The design of Wonderland looks nice, but I'm not sure if it is the best among the best, putting it together with other artists. Personally, I prefer the tribal-like and monster-hunter-like outfit among runners-up instead.

I like the Wonderland outfit, but I don't tolerate the origin, Buy Blade and Soul Gold if it is actually just a bowl of mashed artworks. Real artists squeeze their brain and their hurt their hand just to draw a piece of art that can worth $50-150 for nothing, while a copy-paste art get won, just cuz the judges did not know about it origin and let it pass.

Edit: I got a better example. Think of writing an essay. You work your butt up to write an essay from scratch, while you know someone just go copy-paste an ready-made from other sources with some modifications. And that essay copier got high grade, while you was ranked way below.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

FFXIV tomestone are there to help lower skill rating on their raiding quest

It will kill even more casual player off the list the tomestone are there to help lower skill rating on their raiding quest every week without it..... man it will be hell it will be like fighting Alex - midas in i220 every single week if you can't clear Alex 1 .  I agree with you if they got rid of that i would return to play
Thw weekly cap really killed my love for the game

At least for me if the cap is gone buy FFXIV Gil .I would spend more time getting tomes and getting gear for every class i play and barely log out the game. With the weekly cap i just log do the roulettes do the weekly stuff and log out .Sometimes i level a craft to try and not get bored.

But crafting for a week straight is boring.And i cant seem to find groups because all i have is nin at a decent level but after 3 months of hiatus its impossible to catch up with the tome cap and the up in ilv. Cheap FFXIV Gil  Haruka Akemi he's not talking about the cap. He's saying get rid of it altogether. So you basically want everyone to be able to get max tier gear in a day or week. Yea that will work lol until you start crying for the next content update to be rushed because you rushed through the last 1 and got bored.

^exactly. Doesn't want tomestones, but ppl already crying for more content after a patch was released less than a month before. The tomes are there to limit gear lvl so it'll take longer to complete endgame content. How hard is that to understand? Its not there for casual players. A casual player wouldn't run every single roulette every single day.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Token of Devotion

Forever P2w, that's why I stopped playing this game, very good story gameplay just that in the evolution of equipment you spends horrors of money to evolve the gun and equipment in the MAXIMO 2 Interships, not to mention that the game came bad comparing with optimized The Version of other servers, a disrespect to Brazilians Blade and Soul Gold , Cade the benefits of the players who do not have money but spends hours of his life playing to stay strong in the game the basis of farm??

I never thought I would fail the ncsoft monstrously in that point of View!  i don't see where it says anywhere that you need premium to get the ruby XD you get a token from passing start premium or not these people whining need to learn how to read.

No, u did not get it right. All the one that have play the rulet know that in average no premiun ppl can only complete 1 round (+70%) if u are lucky u make 2 rounds. Buy Blade and Soul Gold Thats the way the roulette is constructed. But u need 3 rounds for the AP bonus wich is imposible to get, unlesss.... u have extra spins. Without Premium you’ll still be able to roll normally, receive the rewards you land on, and receive a Token of Devotion for landing on or passing Start.

Thats practically officially announcing P2W. Was gonna try give it another chance don't think ill bother now.  How in the hell is it p2w ? Premium or not you will get the same rewards so stop acting so dumb. and this is gradually becoming a P2W is that the server has to survive somehow but it comensaron to give very noticeable bentajos those who have money.

Monday, August 22, 2016

moonstone reward in Blade and Soul

 If they add trove event, The moonstone price should be drop.
6v6 pvp reward added moonstone? Alot bots then.. PiPo Pipo Also if a cash shop event reduces the price of a supposedly in-game item, Buy Blade and Soul Gold it just proves how insufficient the in-game supply for such items is. Join us TOMORROW for our Desolate Tomb Preview with Producer Jonathan Lien and Community Manager Bethany Stout!

lol, the amount of bitchin about the game since the announcement has increased exponentially within my clan. so i left the clan and made my own :) bns rocks. Mushin / OMC if ur looking for a fresh clan, im recruiting active people who love the game, Blade and Soul Gold no whining, just fun. hit me up -Khayto.

Desolate Tomb 4man , 900ap+ incoming xD Nah, actually if everyone is aware of mechanics and get a good tank on party, u can clear it with 650AP xD. this was intended to make fun of the people who ask for way too much ap when all you need to is know the mechs and have the min ap required.  I see how ppl fucked up when Asura came.

Now with this fucking dungeon they will delete BnS.  i7-6700k probably. You wanted the best for mmo so. This game mainly uses one core so go for speed versus core count. i5 or i7 should be good. But if you have to stay AMD, FX6300 & a decent GPU card should be fine. Overclocking AMD can also really help with this game.

Friday, August 5, 2016

BNS Costume Desing Contest

Tomorrow at 4PM PDT! Find out who the winners of the Costume Design Contest are. I rlly like ppl of latinoamerica can participate in yours event, is unfair :/. Remind me later if you open sea/oceanic server. Buy Blade and Soul Gold P2W Game, Greedy Money Sucking Publisher lol skip this one mate. Of the NA Costume Desing Contest*. will it take to update again?

Of the NA Costume Desing Contest*. please is possible to switch between servers? You can play as Poharan in the upcoming action game MXM! I'm from Brazil, I forgot my pin code, and can not recover someone help me? i play for 16h a day now 16mins only semi quit only farming the pig custome.

Greetings! Please submit a ticket to our Customer Support about the forgotten PIN: Thank you, I hope someday to have the game in Brazil, my english is horrible. What a shitty game, b& s too, played so much for nothing, Blade and Soul Gold if you dont nerd for like 14 Hours per day, its useless try become "strong". You are just a bad player, deal with it.

Nah man i was One of them best in arena pvp, im talking for who dont have much time ti play, so dont make me laugh, i was bored to win easy ;) prefer gsmes that gives me challenges, in that One just noobs spamming, easy to counter .  Next time before talk try think, bad player ahhahahahah, such ridicolous. that is part of the game tang ina ka.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Blade and Soul costume

Voted school days and its listed. Friends voted Black padded, its listed too. Win-win. a Best Friend ficou em 5 kkkkk mas pelo menos da pra comprar. After update Linked Server Blade and Soul Gold , especially Poharan & Iksanun (for me) every time when im login into game there are 5-10 BOT SPAM chat in faction chat.THATS SO AMAZING, really!!! Report program, Block IS USELESS !

Why is chat so filled up with spam for parties?? I cannot see anything else anybody is writing because my chat is flooded with people who are so intrusive with getting clan members and party members. I'm glad that Best Friend is back but I wish I couldve bought it with hongmoon RNG.. I like Dreamcutter but I already own it. Ah well, I didn't like most of them on that list anyways Buy Blade and Soul Gold .

Dreamcutter is worst costume ever.  I like it. It looks good on my Blademaster. Yuns look good in almost all the costumes tho. More spam more bots more multiboxers more woes in SSP. Best thing that could happen from a merge. Devotion would have been a better choice than School Days -_- also why the hell are the runnerups more expensive? just only 8 MB more to play,, but it fail and fail again.

Good job Assholes selling RNG box outfits that people sunk a tonn of cash to get from fuckign boxes ! the one doing 😠either didnt win or there outfit choices didnt win grow up lol 0% need to get angry-.- MG, help.... someone changed my account so now i cant log in or use that mail .... why would you bring them out at different prices?

Thursday, July 7, 2016

FFXIV theme song Good King Moggle Mog

Small portion?? Have you even listened to the songs and its a blatant rip off lol i was just trying to be nice by saying its homage. Good King Moggle Mog is actually Mog's Theme from FF6 in a minor key. it's not a rip of This Is Halloween. All industrial metal sounds the same.

It's originally written in japanese.Cheap FFXIV Gil They probably did literal translations instead of re-writing lyrics. I highly doubt it was written in Japanese first, because that is the only line in the entire thing that sounds incorrect. Everything else would never translate correctly given how high level the vocabulary is. hey Must DPS or my fist will wipe them /SEPHIROTH They Tanks are in vain i will give them more pain.

Sephirot. Not Sephiroth. One letter, big difference.  In case you wanted to see, or more like...  I'd love to join for whatever, but please fix your payment options.. I'm litterary throwing money at you but you dont want em appearently.  Dream vacation location in eorzea? Cmon now thats easy. Costa Del Sol. Minus the behemoth sized crab that spawns just south of it lol.

Can you buy time cards off Amazon? That's how I have been subscribing for a while.  As far as using items outside I know the weapons you get you can eventually use them outside once you've cleared the context I believe. And you get to choose. For example say you do palace of the dead on Bard,FFXIV Gil but you want the warrior weapon. You can get that!

Sean Westbrook I think so as of now anyway. We will have to see what else! Maybe minions and mounts! Im sensing a disturbance in the Force...either that or it's an Aether Withdrawal that I'm currently going through.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Blade and Soul gears

The issue here the game is already too much hardcore, that almost you need to throw your life just to do the dailies and hunting materials, i already quit long time ago, I got a life and not to play almost more than half of my day like just only doing daily quests on each char u have. RNG is bad. Last thing, if you don't like this game, easy answer is just quit and find a new one. No Arguments with people and etc.

The problem with the game is that it's asian-based game.Blade and Soul Gold They farm like crazy for hours, but their drop is bigger which follows more items needed for the upgrade. Here, we have same amount of items needed and the drop rate drastically lowered. They should balance out the game.

Ricardo Rodriguez I like the grind as much as the next guy but I have a limit to what I can do in the game without being burned out and stopping. Gratz for getting that far but me I just play to have fun, not to gear and rape lowbie geared people all day. Just the games not fun for me anymore period. I agree actually. I stopped playing because the gear grind is too much. I have capped 7/8 classes and gearing all of them up is simply impossible.

Lol so funny to hear these people whining and Buy Blade and Soul Gold complaining, guess what , every mmo has some type of grind factor in it, just so happens the grind factor in blade and soul is gear. News flash: you don't need to be god like to play this game. The problem is your so focused on everybody else gear that your not focused on yourself ...... makes me sick to hear people complaining about this over and over.

Friday, May 27, 2016

new dungeon in Blade and Soul

I am all for better load times for the game - especially while teleporting in-game. Please reduce the amount of ridiculous portals in the game! All your coding for these zones are making the game clunkier Blade and Soul Gold and slower to load and are causing loyal players to leave the game that they can no longer play on a consistent basis. with each new dungeon/area you make the game more difficult to play. Also, am I the only to think cute pets don't fit in this world? We should collect broken bones, not food for them;

RIP B&S... my master pack is a waste... if there is a chance to have a sea/oceanic server, Cheap Blade and Soul Gold then i am in... for now, hibernate mode... anyway, you wouldn't care because you already have my money... goodluck to this game... This game doesn't work for me for some reason... if these shits are in pvp with the summoner oh lawd.

I just start the game,then that pin code gets on the screen,I tpye it,and then it just says "lost connection to the server / error 404" and crashes...  I deleted the game because it doesn't work,and yes,I disabled firewall,but still didn't work,also I was looking on Youtube and google,but couldn't find anything that works... I can't log in since the new update >_> it is annoying as hell.

Hmmm whenever they DON'T turn into a P2W factor, I'm okay with everything, perhaps they could fix also the fact that Euro players have to spend more than non Euro players to get the same amount of NCoins, the main reason because of I haven't spent in this game yet. oh my god, you can salvage those pets? isn't it the same like killing them?, oh god.. I really hope you can salvage them. But im hoping it requires a pet grinder so you can grind them down for enhancements. Or maybe take the to a sacrificial alter.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Blade & Soul new dungeons update

Gunner which uses minigun. Also skill to summon 2 tigers ??. Other stuff I can obtain from dungeons . parang may gunner talaga kasi nasa mobs yun eh sa BSH. 10AM PDT is 17:00 UTC, or midnight 00:00 Friday morning in Cambodia; 01:00 Friday in Beijing and Singapore, and 02:00 Friday in Seoul and Tokyo.They took the end boss of Tomb of exiles Blade and Soul Gold and Lycan the mighty and made mini versions of them.  i m trying to login on my accounts, BUT any e-mail of the NC dont come to me... i can't create accounts to send one tiket, because the verification e-mail to active it NEVER come... where is the problem? in others games the e-mail works fine, only on NC account it doesnt work ....

 will anything be done about the movement bug in dungeons. Buy Blade and Soul Gold It is a pain for bloodshade harbor since u need to run up walls to get to next boss and you can't do that since its bugged. don't care about updates or new contents.. i'm gonna stop playing this game.. bots, cheaters, loots drop sucks.. good luck spending your life farming moonstones & stingers..   Pets will have some extra stats and then you can buy it in Shop. Well I think that was a lie at livestream with p2w NCWest. Did you copy it from Gameforge or WTF are you doing NCSoft?

Then stop playing and stop moaning. Pets? LOL! No changes to the Premium system? Stop wasting your time with insignificant changes to the game. With the monthly fees charged for premium, I, as well as many others will not be returning to play your game even after purchasing the master pack. Stop being so greedy . pay to pets system, i hope nobody will get them because i can image how my fps drops if all have it. At least i looking forward for end of the story . Hey does anybody know what happened to the ''ground pound'' skill of the Kung Fu Master ?...because i really couldn't find it after some patches...

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Blade and Soul Awakened Pirate

 I was thinking that Awakened Pirate will change to Awakened Breeze and True Pirate will change to True Breeze on June 1st. So that means I should make a True Pirate weapon to save some cash Blade and Soul Gold. im BM at True Pirate. so fking expensive to get to the next upgrade squint emoticon

tried selling loads of stingers back when they were like 8G a piece but oh man the cost just catches up to you. NCShit pls sell Blade and soul to othere company. even gayforge will do better job then you! Hope we can play here in Asia with low ms.. Can you help us by creating another route of server here.
Buy Blade and Soul Gold

I can't download the patch i'm stuck in here, how to fix this? Please tell me. plz do not update the patch so fast, no one has the time to do that and soon no one wants to play. its not really that difficult to get the requirements to upgrade your weapons. What will happen if I have true pirate until June 1? Guys... U kidding us with maintenances... Yesterday maintenance... Today another... And lasts sooo long... WTF?
How does it comes i didnt received any Gem Hammers? I had unlocked all sockets on my weapon, when i went to Breeze it reseted to 3... Didnt received any Gem Hammer :s

Friday, March 18, 2016

Blade and Soul KR content

R u an idiot? It is new to NA/EU who cares about KR content? They don't release everything KR has atm, oh right it's your 1st mmorpg. Are you an idiot? cheap Blade & Soul Gold I'm saying the na branch is doing nothing, except putting out already made product. You're a pro. Game isn't really a "money grab" when the subscription doesn't add that many benefits. Nor does the game become harder if you don't pay.

Vincent Weisz ...yea sure. I have a 970gtx, i5 3.2 quad, 8ram. I have a lot of fps drops in different situations, and belive me i'm not alone. More than 60% of people who play the game complain about this. And the ping? are you searious? maybe you don't notice, but is there. I have 500mb/s connection speed. In games like dota, cs:go, paragon, heroes of the storm, Buy Blade and Soul Gold battlefield, i have no problems with ping. But this game sux hard on this part.

George Phantasm Galatanu that's odd. I'm using the European server though, you're probably using the American server which could explain the difference. I've got 16ram, 2.5hz i7, R9 M370X. But your setup should be able to run it smoothly as well I think.  Lord all these QQ. Before NA/EU was launched, ppl QQed that NCWest better bring the new contents asap. Now that we are having the new contents, ppl are QQing that it is moving too fast. Can't beat Mushin tower? Try harder! Spend a few hours there and learn the bosses moves! Read your skills thoroughly and test them out! Other than the bots issues, I think NCWest is doing a great job. 

Why so fast? cry emoticon I'm busy with my work and school but I want to play the game at least 3~4hrs every night.. I'll be behind even more.. Sad life . And btw, do something with the damn bots at arena! I'm tired of facing bots on the same class.. I want to face different class at least.. The problem is, I don't have time to PvP at the arena because I have to do my dailies.. I'm a PvPvE type of player but I do PvE as a priority.. PvP is like a change of pace or "taking a break" from farming..

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Blade & Soul Player Character

Wait, so you need to pay attention to the story when you're playing mmorpg? huh...Naj Agamao This one has actually video WITh ur character in it. .was JUST A BIT more interesting than most other mmo to check out lols. Naj Agamao Who said that? Where did I say that? Just because you and others don't care about the story doesn't mean that Blade & Soul Gold everyone shouldn't care about it, especially those that have been playing the foreign versions, where I hear that the Player Character is less of an idiot and more of a jerk in story for those versions. Michael Sagoe I think he was making a facetious remark on the majority of MMORPG players, who just quest grab and run.

They're constantly patching that. People have to report it for it to be noticed as well. It was a bit rushed (localization). Tried both, still goes down to 3fps at the lowest from time to time. I even put my graphics to the lowest and still yield the same result. Connections are good. I'd wanna say the region I live in (Asia) but I have friends playing this game as well and they don't have any problems at all. I play in sg they only fps problems i mainly encounter is in blackwyrm 20+ on medium to max graphics. fps is mostly your pc and not their problem. of cos the game is old so they are constantly optiimizing.

Don't care about the English voice over. They should have just kept the Korean ones and use subtitles. The thing is to play without having to click ctrl-f. To enjoy while playing.. I had freezes at terrors for 1 min or 2, this isn't ok. Scott Mylin Check the forums. Everyone got framerate issues, even people with top-of-the-line specced machines.
1) The game is very CPU heavy.Buy Blade and Soul Gold My GPU usually sits on 10-30% of usage, even though I have an overclocked top i7 CPU.
2) The game can only use 2 threads. Even though they can fix the high usage with optimization - we know that won't happen. And since the game is bound to two threads - this issue will never get fixed. UE3 is abandoned too.

Playing this game with my 980ti getting over 90fps, dips down occasionally around 24man to 30fps, even my r9 390x would run this game pretty solid.

Monday, February 29, 2016

FFXIV High Allagan gear

The items needed for dyeable Allagan/High Allagan gear (something long requested) double as incentive to get people actively trying to run the content again, to also help newer players wanting to experience it. (Similar to the relic utilizing Heavensward fates and Alexander for those who had yet to try it out) I main a DRG and am happy with FFXIV Gil everything it gets. That Garuda set looks sexy. In fact we need more DRG classes. DRG TANKS DRG HEALERS hell DRG craft and gatherers. Get rid of the fishing pole and use a spear booya did fishing just got more EPIC!

I hate to ask here, but comments section on this fb page is the only place I can find non google-able ff14 questions. How the hell does one dye their artifact/relic whatever it's called ---LV 60--- gear? Like the callers set. I can't find anything but the exchangeables that are level 50 on google, at all and for some reason the people who have done it in my FC completely go silent when I ask. I also seen the dyes used in the mog station store in the dyes section.

To make the Caller's set (and any of the Esoterics sets) dyeable, you first need to upgrade them to iLv 210. To do that, you need a "Machai Farthing" cheap FFXIV Gil which you receive upon each completion of avoid ark, which can be exchanged for a gobdip/gobcoat/gobtwine with the NPC to the right of the Esoterics vendor, which is the item necessary to upgrade your eso gear to 210. Take your eso piece and your upgrade item to the NPC near the western-most retainer bell in Idyllshire (I forget her name, sorry!) and select Artifact Gear from her list. Your gear should then become dyeable. 

Monday, February 15, 2016

daily quests update

And i'm not talking about the fee,like "pay 1 silver to send 5 items".Literally you have to buy Ncoins at least one time,so that the mailbox sending system become available.
easy to show then say,or people are stupid or don't understand what i'm saying.

Mail is available... At the stash. AFAIK you don't need to be premium to use mail. Lol it's just one npc for market/mail/stash. Not a single mail person. I've never paid nccoin to use the mailing system. :T WHAT Buy Blade and Soul Gold . You're complaining about Blade and Soul Gold 1 silver? The hell  you must still be level 10 if you haven't got that much.

 welcome to the Internet where anybody can have an opinion. WOW i put an IMAGE there so that people would know what i'm talking about and they still don't get it....amazing,i'm out of here,smart people will understand the rest RIP brain cells. Austin Muscat please try and read what he is saying, YOU NEED TO PAY REAL MONEY IN ORDER TO haVE ACCESS TO SEND MAIL there hope that makes it easier for you to understand and try reading it a few times.

Felipe Juan Servers, maintenance, updates...those things are NOT free. How else are they supposed to pay for these things if they don't charge for things? Mail feature isnt that important anyways lol, don't pay 5$ when you can give up a couple copper to have it instantly delivered and everything thats sendable by mail is anything that can be traded. Problem solved.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Blade and Soul crafting and gathering guilds

Blade & Soul why do you have to patch and restart servers at day time? can't u just do it early in the morning? Does anyone know what can i do i keep getting a disconnect error after i put the game pin.Is there a way to solve such a problem?

 Not being able to play because I disconnect so much is really depressing me Blade and Soul Gold .I play every other game just fine. Tera, League, xbox games, no problems.Blade & Soul? Disconnect at least 10 times a night.Please fix your game its so fun from what I've played and it looks so beautiful, but I just end up giving up and switching to something else.

That's the part I'm not understanding. I have this problem, other people have my problem.But then there are people that can play it perfectly? It can't be my computer or internet, otherwise I wouldn't be able to play anything, but at the same time it could be my computer or internet?

Try waiting before you cross into new reduces ram overload a lot, since you give your pc time to "render" the areas...idk how else to put it D: but try it out, maybe it helps! You announced a 5:30 hours maintenance 4 hours ago only... by the time its over it'll be 8:30 PM here. Buy Blade and Soul Gold So much for catching up with my friends on weekends... EDIT: Weekend here is Fri. Can anyone put a link about crafting and gathering guilds? and locations. im a noob so i need to do some reading!

They are simple if you want weapon go to forge smiths and its corresponding guilds. Locations for materials are all written in game under specific item in crafting window. 

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Looking for an 18+ Blade and Soul Gaming Community

They need to make a rule about high levels pvping noob at low level maps. After Patch always CRASH/ERROR!!! Blade & Soul .Program Files (x86)\NCSOFT\BnS\bin Delete GameGuard folder run repair should fix server Disconnection error.

 Sometimes i think the publishers have something with these gold sellers, for example, how can they sell that amount of gold without farm first? How they can get this gold to sell later? For me it's very weird. Stolen Credit Cards, and Premium status Blade and Soul Gold . Seeing as they are rolling in money too...

The gold sellers are professionals. These companies have been going and building and adapting for over 15 years now. Put an authenticator on your account to make sure they don't get Buy Blade and Soul Gold your stuff too. That was a possibility that i didn't think about, but makes sense.

You should revert the update. had too many problem after maintanance. my pc always shutdown when start the game then i reinstall it again. now i stuck on downloading update, always get and error,Anyone on server Soha, Looking for an 18+ Gaming Community to join with active Forums/TS Aswell as monthly game raffles grin emoticon If so, PM Me. Atsushi Murasakibara Yes, but I don't care what you think. This doesn't concern you as you live in the USA.

Trolled by update for making new chart,after attacking by lusung and meditation and press 8 for healling tonic but in slot 8 empty,the system said items does not exist. fix it please ASAP!  Hi, is the server undermaintenace, cuz i cant enter to the game.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Been playing Aion

To start asking me for a PIN number , when I came to the site to generate my PIN tells me that my birthday is not correct , which is not true. I can not generate my PIN and I can not enter to select the name of a character. Please help with this problem . Can't wait to start playing, maybe finally I will find a nice clan and fun gametime with teammates! Been playing Aion mostly solo for ages, boring u.u.

I did not start playing yet, will install after the normal launch date:) are there two servers to choose from, free to play? I am an European living in South Korea, if there is no region lock then I can choose whichever. There is an EU region and an NA region. There should not be any kind of IP block for you. All the servers are F2P in each region.Buy Blade and Soul Gold If you choose to come to NA, look into -- We are a multi-gaming community that has a large Blade & Soul division that has lots of fun doing things like karaoke, movie nights, PvP tournaments, PvE challenges, videos, giveaways, etc. Ages 18+, teamspeak reequired, and application necessary.

At first I can't connect to server, so I tought that it might be something wrong with my client, so I uninstall it and got a new installer, now it says:"Please launch the game throught the game launcher.(3002)" wot Blade and Soul Gold ?

That's what I just did, is there a hidden launcher somewhere or what? thanks for the help, it's downloading the client now, hope I can connect to server this time, thanks again for your help.

Monday, January 11, 2016

BnS due gw2 went to be boring at pvp

 I have a question: Which server is most recommended for Australian players? The closest English version is the North American version. The server is located in Dallas, Texas, USA. You will get 220+ ping though EU will be even higher as the server is located in Frankfurt, Germany. Exactly why there is a petition asking ncsoft to host a server local to us.  NA Server(s) are located in Dallas BNS Gold, Texas, USA. Already purchased the Master Pack can't wait for BnS due gw2 went to be boring at pvp. Is Bns f2p or b2p? and block ip Vietnam or not?  f2p and not blocked. use EU client since its closer to your country.  If you're gonna make us download a new client can you at least not use NCSoft's buggy as HELL launcher that stops my download progress every 3% with that stupid e02018 error Blade & Soul Gold ?

When will the download link go live? Just before head start?  Is the beta client going to be used for early access or do we have to download a new client? NA servers are different from EU, and you choose the server before you launch the game. You can play anywhere you want but each server has its own characters. so 19 this month both server will run right? anyway ty dudee. Hi?u Ph?m Yes both NA/EU playable on the 19th of January 2016.

When will we be available to download the client for name reservation? It closes on the 14th and head start begins on the 15th. Will we have the option to make our character's hairstyle look redhead-alike? Please, please, say yes. They announced new hairstyles, face options and hairstyle colors, but i haven't seen any of these. I hope Redhead is one of them. Of course you can. I played the original on the chinese and russian servers. If they copied the game exactly to NA, then yes red hair is not on your list of worries.there is already red hair green blue yellow whatever color u like. i did it already in beta.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Where can i download the client for blade and soul launch

If you're near Southern California, join us for the Blade & Soul launch event!  I forget where tf in cali you live lmao. head start access codes.. why? i mean the game launches the day after. We'll also have game stations on site, so people can log into their own accounts during the event. Wish i could go there but im from south africa so yeah no head start AC form me. Unless you email it to me. I would like to go but I live no where near Cali. have two launch events kiki emoticon have one in ohio too!
Where can i download the client for blade and soul launch this coming jan.19? Link please. link will be posted 1-2 days before 11th Blade and Soul Buy Gold , be patient. thank you but with bns 1 cant be patient. ty again.  Give me link to view and buy founderpack Blade & Soul.

They've been working on the site, so you may want to wait several hours (or another day) before purchasing. When does the stream start? It only shows the trailer video's unsure emoticon i really want to see how crafting goes because with the beta i didn't understand it how to use it .  hey admin can i play this game from indonesia? no block ip for indonesia/sea?  Question: I forgot if character names can include spaces? or underscore? dash? All 24 alphabets are allowed cheap Blade & Soul Gold , but what is not allow? what is the number of alphabet limit? its fine but better off play on EU since its closer to your country.

Why do you want to play the NA/EU version of the game and not one of the actual SEA versions? Not yet anyways. There's a lot of petitions floating around, but no official response yet.  hey admin . now im on Brazil . i'll can play bsd ? or i will need proxy to do that ? Question: I forgot if character names can include spaces? or underscore? dash? All 24 alphabets are allowed, but what is not allow? what is the number of alphabet limit?