Monday, February 29, 2016

FFXIV High Allagan gear

The items needed for dyeable Allagan/High Allagan gear (something long requested) double as incentive to get people actively trying to run the content again, to also help newer players wanting to experience it. (Similar to the relic utilizing Heavensward fates and Alexander for those who had yet to try it out) I main a DRG and am happy with FFXIV Gil everything it gets. That Garuda set looks sexy. In fact we need more DRG classes. DRG TANKS DRG HEALERS hell DRG craft and gatherers. Get rid of the fishing pole and use a spear booya did fishing just got more EPIC!

I hate to ask here, but comments section on this fb page is the only place I can find non google-able ff14 questions. How the hell does one dye their artifact/relic whatever it's called ---LV 60--- gear? Like the callers set. I can't find anything but the exchangeables that are level 50 on google, at all and for some reason the people who have done it in my FC completely go silent when I ask. I also seen the dyes used in the mog station store in the dyes section.

To make the Caller's set (and any of the Esoterics sets) dyeable, you first need to upgrade them to iLv 210. To do that, you need a "Machai Farthing" cheap FFXIV Gil which you receive upon each completion of avoid ark, which can be exchanged for a gobdip/gobcoat/gobtwine with the NPC to the right of the Esoterics vendor, which is the item necessary to upgrade your eso gear to 210. Take your eso piece and your upgrade item to the NPC near the western-most retainer bell in Idyllshire (I forget her name, sorry!) and select Artifact Gear from her list. Your gear should then become dyeable. 

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