Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Blade and Soul crafting and gathering guilds

Blade & Soul why do you have to patch and restart servers at day time? can't u just do it early in the morning? Does anyone know what can i do i keep getting a disconnect error after i put the game pin.Is there a way to solve such a problem?

 Not being able to play because I disconnect so much is really depressing me Blade and Soul Gold .I play every other game just fine. Tera, League, xbox games, no problems.Blade & Soul? Disconnect at least 10 times a night.Please fix your game its so fun from what I've played and it looks so beautiful, but I just end up giving up and switching to something else.

That's the part I'm not understanding. I have this problem, other people have my problem.But then there are people that can play it perfectly? It can't be my computer or internet, otherwise I wouldn't be able to play anything, but at the same time it could be my computer or internet?

Try waiting before you cross into new reduces ram overload a lot, since you give your pc time to "render" the areas...idk how else to put it D: but try it out, maybe it helps! You announced a 5:30 hours maintenance 4 hours ago only... by the time its over it'll be 8:30 PM here. Buy Blade and Soul Gold So much for catching up with my friends on weekends... EDIT: Weekend here is Fri. Can anyone put a link about crafting and gathering guilds? and locations. im a noob so i need to do some reading!

They are simple if you want weapon go to forge smiths and its corresponding guilds. Locations for materials are all written in game under specific item in crafting window. 

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