Monday, February 15, 2016

daily quests update

And i'm not talking about the fee,like "pay 1 silver to send 5 items".Literally you have to buy Ncoins at least one time,so that the mailbox sending system become available.
easy to show then say,or people are stupid or don't understand what i'm saying.

Mail is available... At the stash. AFAIK you don't need to be premium to use mail. Lol it's just one npc for market/mail/stash. Not a single mail person. I've never paid nccoin to use the mailing system. :T WHAT Buy Blade and Soul Gold . You're complaining about Blade and Soul Gold 1 silver? The hell  you must still be level 10 if you haven't got that much.

 welcome to the Internet where anybody can have an opinion. WOW i put an IMAGE there so that people would know what i'm talking about and they still don't get it....amazing,i'm out of here,smart people will understand the rest RIP brain cells. Austin Muscat please try and read what he is saying, YOU NEED TO PAY REAL MONEY IN ORDER TO haVE ACCESS TO SEND MAIL there hope that makes it easier for you to understand and try reading it a few times.

Felipe Juan Servers, maintenance, updates...those things are NOT free. How else are they supposed to pay for these things if they don't charge for things? Mail feature isnt that important anyways lol, don't pay 5$ when you can give up a couple copper to have it instantly delivered and everything thats sendable by mail is anything that can be traded. Problem solved.

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