Wednesday, October 28, 2015

ffxiv can wait their content

It really depends on what you do in game. Are you in a progression guild or are you in a pvp guild or are you just a filthy casual that just want to play the game for fun. If you're in either FFXIV Gil a progession guild/pvp guild or both I highly doubt you have time to play another game. This patch will still be here when Fallout and the other games are gone... bad comparison. Yea and lucky I have tree of saviour to keep me busy till nov 10 and then I will play fallout 4 lol ffxiv can wait their content will not be updated for 5 months anyway Lolol.

 I will be playing Rise of the Tomb Raider first since I will be picking that up in person. Then depending on when Legacy arrives (takes excessively long to deliver here) I will be doing 3.1 alongside it. But I record 100% of the main story so yeah. Tomo, quit being a little bitch. Fallout does suck. Nathan Orimura : I, too, can have an opinion Buy FFXIV Gil . That opinion being that I like both FFXIV and Fallout. Another opinion being, you look like a weeaboo that is probably 15 years old, and whose balls hasn't dropped yet, thus have a limited appreciation of varying tastes. So grow up, and stop sucking on your mom's tit. Learn to go out of your weeaboo special snowflake shelter. Not everyone cares about those games and most people can do fine doing more then one game.

Hyped for Void Ark. Both new dungeons look pretty cool as well. Another Minstrel's Ballad fight I'm ready for! A lot of American servers are empty, a latin American server would be less crowded and hard to find parties. Thanks for the boner at work.

Best MMO in the market. Totally Worth. But we should have a server in Latin America. Our canadian server got closed so yea... Closed? All servers are in Data Centres which until recently were all based in North America. It's the Chaos one, the one intended for EU players, got moved to Europe. None of them closed down.I want an oceanic one... but beggars can't be choosers.

Friday, October 23, 2015

loved Guild Wars 2 for 3 years

"Black Feather Wings Backpack and White Feather Wings Backpack owners can receive a free matching glider by equipping the backpack and talking to any map scout in Verdant Brink." Will this become available for the butterfly wings as well? It's not in the patchnotes, but there's no harm in asking kiki emoticon.

The butterfly wings are pretty new compared to those silly feathered wings, who who knows, perhaps in the future?  MAD KING!!! Pullin out my Chainsaw Greatsword NOW. why achievement point lost after this update ? Chat isnt working? I mean guild chat. Congrats on the HoT launched!!! Although it crashed on me straight away. We're now live with our Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns Launch mega livestream! Join us on Twitch as we celebrate the moments before we launch Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns!

I Cheap GW2 Gold just wanted to take a moment to say thank you. I love that you all are streaming! I've loved the core game for 3 years and I can't wait to play the expansion. Some people may say "oh it's just an easy line of code to do X or Y," but I know it takes a lot of time and dedication. Thank you to every staff member that helped to make Guild Wars 2 the lovely game it is today. heart emoticon

maybe we already have the patch!? Anet has been dl the patch for months unlike other games they are way more rdy. The maps and new stuff are already downloaded when we play the beta, they just filter out accounts who didnt pre order and block the creation button. Giving Anet and team a shout out for an amazing year! Can't wait to see your hard work in action! Congrats! hamsturs... can only start rev after complete download... I had such high hopes on "playable"... how big is the patch? just GW2 Gold running in 100kbps connection. Today is your last chance to pre-purchase before we launch tonight at midnight Pacific Time

Monday, October 19, 2015

play Vanilla GW2

Graeme Maver, it is not possible to "buy" another copy of the base GW2 now that it has gone free to play. Graeme Maver its ok, its a one way reply, caused by frustration.  its just that i really like this game a lot and its quite a bit of money to spend. If I recall, I think it is cheaper (just a little) on Amazon. But I may be wrong.

Or just play Vanilla GW2 until HoT goes on sale if you want to save $... Remember when GW2 had 50% and 75% off weekends? Just wait for a HoT ones. It's not like you're not going to be able to play just vanilla GW2 when HoT hits.Davud Porter: Base game is free now. I don't think Anet would ever need to have HOT on sale. Sales were just to get people playing the game. It's a standard expansion price to be honest. Look at WoW expansions, 50+$ a pop. You people sayin its free to play need to take a good look at the restrictions. Their free to play is little more than a glorified trial account. Andrew Gibbs A trial account that has unrestricted Buy Guild Wars 2 Gold access to the entire story line, level 1-80.. their restrictions are more then fair and are in place to protect the accounts of those who have paid and the balance of the economy. Also to help with gold spammers and botters.

The system they have in place is actually great for new players. You know if you wanted to play WoW you'd have to buy the original game as well as each expansion after vanilla? Spoiled rotten by Anet and still complaining. gg no re. Hi guys. I think they are still making people to pay for Guild Wars 2. I went to a website where it was asking me for a Serial code just to download the core game. But then I looked up Free to play but maybe it was for the new expansion? Also maybe GW2 Gold this Hearts of Throns won't be that big? Just a few new things.  Ryan Gibson Not true, you can still buy serial codes for core game on many sites xP They do work, friend just did so like 5 days ago.

Marian Morosanu Lmao free to play is so limited, so its totally different thing than full game. Nah it wasn't a bug, Anet just decided they didn't want to support that content anymore. The Countdown Timer© will be ready "when it's ready".

Thursday, October 15, 2015

NA Data Center

 Also what class was your main? Maybe you just need to organize your hot bars better. Don't worry, everyone has sucked at some point. When I started playing I was clueless as to what Limit Break was. And then trying to learn what cross class abilities were...oh god ahaha. People in this game are generally nice though and are pretty patient and always willing to help. I love FF players! smile emoticon if you are ever in the Coeurl server, my friends and I are always looking for more people to hang with so you can come say hi.  I quit year ago game got boring not planning on making come back soon.

I can't remember what server I was on and I think Buy FFXIV Gil I played a (Lalafel) dark mage but it's been so long I can't really remember. I'm just clumsy with keyboard and mouse but with most games it manageable for me but with FFXIV, even with a tweaked menu, it was still really difficult for me to play. Will probably start over fresh with a new character to test combat with the controller, I'll probably need to learn the system all over again and start over the story line which I forgot about. If you make a new character, can you choose a new server? I remember that transferring an existing character costs money but don't remember if the same thing goes for a new character? I think I was on a Dutch server maybe?

 Oh I forgot to say targeting, moving/running, dodging, etc was mostly difficult for me. Casting spells was OK ish. Okay a blm. I started as a blm and the 2.0 and 3.0 rotation is fairly simple. I'm on a NA server Lamia and would be willing to help a new player out \o/ and you can generally see where an aoe is about to hit and can easily dodge FFXIV Gils them and as a blm we have the ability to fight at a distance which makes things easier.  You can pick a NA Data Center and then a Server. Making a new character doesn't cost anything but transferring a new character does. I think there is also a level requirement before they will let you transfer a toon. I want to say a transfer costs $20-ish? I played the old online final fantasy. Lead a Linkshell of 80+.... I'm tempted to play this. Would you all recommend it? I was a pretty hard core player.

I'm curious. Don't know a lot about this one yet tho. I'm curious. Don't know a lot about this one yet tho. I'm curious. Don't know a lot about this one yet tho.