Wednesday, October 28, 2015

ffxiv can wait their content

It really depends on what you do in game. Are you in a progression guild or are you in a pvp guild or are you just a filthy casual that just want to play the game for fun. If you're in either FFXIV Gil a progession guild/pvp guild or both I highly doubt you have time to play another game. This patch will still be here when Fallout and the other games are gone... bad comparison. Yea and lucky I have tree of saviour to keep me busy till nov 10 and then I will play fallout 4 lol ffxiv can wait their content will not be updated for 5 months anyway Lolol.

 I will be playing Rise of the Tomb Raider first since I will be picking that up in person. Then depending on when Legacy arrives (takes excessively long to deliver here) I will be doing 3.1 alongside it. But I record 100% of the main story so yeah. Tomo, quit being a little bitch. Fallout does suck. Nathan Orimura : I, too, can have an opinion Buy FFXIV Gil . That opinion being that I like both FFXIV and Fallout. Another opinion being, you look like a weeaboo that is probably 15 years old, and whose balls hasn't dropped yet, thus have a limited appreciation of varying tastes. So grow up, and stop sucking on your mom's tit. Learn to go out of your weeaboo special snowflake shelter. Not everyone cares about those games and most people can do fine doing more then one game.

Hyped for Void Ark. Both new dungeons look pretty cool as well. Another Minstrel's Ballad fight I'm ready for! A lot of American servers are empty, a latin American server would be less crowded and hard to find parties. Thanks for the boner at work.

Best MMO in the market. Totally Worth. But we should have a server in Latin America. Our canadian server got closed so yea... Closed? All servers are in Data Centres which until recently were all based in North America. It's the Chaos one, the one intended for EU players, got moved to Europe. None of them closed down.I want an oceanic one... but beggars can't be choosers.

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