Friday, November 6, 2015

start doing all the campaign 1-49 in Aion

Yeah...i thought you have a different symbl over theyr head or so : oh no, you need to open the quest to see the rewards. The arrows on the heads of npc only show if that is a secondary quest (dark blue) or if is a campaign quest (yellow) And which one should i do usually campaign or secondary?

Generally you should do both. Usually they both have similar objectives and you can do them at the same time.For example, if the campaign quest you need to kill a boss, in the secondary quest you need cheap Aion Kinah to kill some mobs that are around or in the way that you do to get to the boss. The quest that you don't always need to do are the light blue, which are not displayed on arrows on the heads of NPCs.

Can I bug you when I need help :)) ? Now that I have done with lvl 20, reasrching the internet everyone has a different version of which questes you should do frown emoticon I'm so lost. I have followed the one you told me until now...but it's confusing with so many versions. Well, I play with Elyos and I don't know much about Asmos. But you can leave me a message whenever Aion Gold you have doubts about something. I will try to help you.

Nana, I don't know if this help but, when i start playing... i was alone because my friends were lvl 64... I recommend you start doing all the campaign 1-49 (yellow) all the yellow quests, and after quest lvl 49 o 50s you must hunt hunt hunt to lvl up, or found aleatory party, ppl usually ask por help on chat, "<RECRUIT GROUP>" for all instances, it's been a half year since i played aion but i'm actuallu back, so Nana, i know it's rough, but i'm telling all i know about lvl up alone

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