Wednesday, November 25, 2015

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Both two very solid sides, both defences are gonna have to be on top form. Brazil because argentine is without messi and Know Neymar is on fire. Brazil is healthy and pissed off from that WC ass whuppin they suffered.. i say Brazil wins 3-1.. neymar gets 2. Brazil is greater than Argentina. have a better team,better record in more crucial match,and have a rich ex-footballers. Hype nah sissy unlike your trash country we actually win triphies hahahahahahjealpus much? So hype thats why your coach is a boludo? This guy getting violent.....lmao your funny dawg ,now go to bed.

 Mourinho statistics are Blade and Soul Gold the most impressive so far this season hahaha. Nope Christian Benteke Still has the best & hardest Goal to score of the season so far.That bicycle kick was just pure absurdity. He's absolutely right. That was goal of the season. No I'm not a Liverpool fan.  I was going to say ummm benteke has best goal. Hart is thinking why always me? Then Zlatan ,Rooney and now Mario... Who's next? You forgot Rooney's overhead kick against City. i feel bad for him and Chelsea, i mean i am a chelsea fan for BPL but a Juventus fan number 1. at least Juve is getting back on track... chelsea is not. Jordan baker and Lopez they were poor comments. I'd say rooney has a chance to compete for the top place.

 Darko Jurak Matthew Dardenne u guys gotta laugh lol. They ask which player and you are answering for a manager. Mourinho won a title last year Blade and Soul Buy Gold btw while your team celebrated the new years day only. YOU Deserve an Amazing Life - It is about time you claimed it! Take the step towards creating your own future. Get real business and money making ideas you can start today!HOW TO MAKE MONEY - Get 10000 REAL Ways to Make Money that you can start now! 10000 Money Making Ideas are simple and easy - so that if you need to start today, YOU CAN! You get an outline of the idea and some pointers on how to start each one! he is french and algerians are french too they even speak french. Musa Ben Shaban no we are not french we are Algerians we speak french as a 2nd language the 1st language is Arabic. He was born in France. That makes him French, meaning Algeria is his second nation. Mahrez was born in sarcelles, France so his national eligibility is through ancestry like Kevin pietersen for England cricket. We arab we stay arab for Ever we don't change even if we was born in Mars. ^everybody starts of as a nobody in football unless you're the son of zidane etc?  C this is the truly player, score and make the others score too.

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