Monday, December 7, 2015

Blade and Soul combat set up

I cant connect to the server every time I try I get a error cant connect to the server + I have been reading the forum foe past 40min and cant find anything for it.. pleace what do I do.  Anybody there trying to boot up gamer after purchasing a founders Pack and BAMMMM!!!! BSoD. Trien uninstall and even redownload but nothing Blade and Soul Gold . Hopefully you didn't transfer all NA characters to the same of the 3 EU servers. Or we will have a login queue a friend gave me a premium object. and I saw that I have a 29 days membership with founder pack. I will lost everything after beta?  Blade & Soul i got the key and i was ready to log in. i got the message '' verification code has been sent to your email '' . i was waiting for like 20 min and i got nothing, i pressed it a bit more and it keep saying '' resend the verification email'' after like one hour i got the last key and somehow i logged in. i got dc, and then when i tried to login again i got the same message for verification again. wtf is going on? and i am still waiting for that.

i used the beta key i recieve last oct 29th.. but why i cant connect to server how to change the directory target of setup it want to download ON C drive that i dont have space on  When i try to connect to the launcher, i recieve a mensenger error. "ncsoft launcher data error could not connect to the Blade and Soul Buy Gold update server" im lagging so bad.. idk why.. im from canada ..i have 10mbps connection and skills are so delayed.. my friend from the philippines said he's got no lag at all.... SAD Guys, the beta codes we were given the day before yesterday is for all betas from now on 'til the end on December or just this weekend?

Absolutely love this game, it's refreshing as well as Cheap Blade & Soul Gold challenging with the combat set up. I love playing and can't wait for it to launch. Great work guys, thanks for bringing this great game to the states. im getting this 'Failed to connect to server.(200)' after starting the game .. some help would be nice .. thanks Is there anyone who got problem with fail to connect to sever rite now? frown emoticon i cant login trying 3-4hours already Blade & Soul will you guys let us buy more character slots later? I know we start with 2, but I plan on buying the $75 one that gives you 4 slots... BUT THATS STILL NOT ENOUGH Q-Q... Can we buy more later?  there are some optimasation problems, last beta with my Titan x - i7-4790K i got a constant 120 FPS, now i changed to EU servers and i only get 60 -70 FPS Since the progress are being save even after changing of phase, that means those idi0ts who had a beta key previously will be forced to purchase founders pack! Such a great marketing strategy of milking out the NABS! I Salute you guys!

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