Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Blade & Soul founders pack

Okay bought a founders pack so i could play cbt..... i cant even play, its been 2 hours and im still waiting? are you kidding me? I do not mind a question you should quit blade and soul I can not wait to see how you sal download site writes that on October 30 and 31 year but we did not show.  just waited in a two hour cue just to play and once i got in i tried to join a dungeon party and then couldnt cue for anything and couldnt leave the lobby-after five minutes it said disconnected and now i have to wait another freaking hour to log in bc im number 895....................wtf get some more servers please.
 This closed beta is just to test the game Blade & Soul Gold, everyone will be playing at the same Lv when its launch! All closed beta character will be wipes, so u don't have to worry about falling behind in Lv!

how u tackle dungeons... hide... go straight to the boss... stack poison... hide... backstab x4 x2... refresh poison stack... hide... backstab... finish within a few minutes... repeat... There's not that method anymore , the game has changed.  this game already have perfect dungeons and pve system .. I think you should focus the pvp system. more pvp rewards... and you must encourage people to pvp.

simple,look at old pvp games. knight online,silkroad online, wow. (my eng not enough but i hope you understand me) hello, i finaly downloaded the game in more Buy Blade and Soul Gold than 1 day , been w8ing the game for long time,please send me a key to . Staff please fix E02018 error, can't even update the game and play at all!  Because the Warlock is inexorably tied to L50 content. And NA/EU is starting with L45 content. We'll get Warlock when we get the L50 patch. Expect that in about 6 months......

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