Wednesday, May 24, 2017

FFXIV EU community

Naruto references are a little tongue in cheek, we don't need it on the nose lol. Also, apparently the new move that allows jutsu to be cast with one hand sign is the replacement for kassatsu. oohh.. well, i guess that's fine.. but if it's goona disappear when you move out then it sucks.. specially during AoE dodging...The "caster no jutsu" skill would be used for when you know the boss isnt going to be moved. So you cast it > quickly get those 3 ninjutsu off then repeat it seems. Cheap FFXIV Gil If possible assuming there's no time limit I'd suiton > trick attack > fuma/ration x2.

Can't we just use infuriate after the four fell cleaves then make another four, possibly 8?!, but that would be overkill, but then again in the trailer he used infuriate when he already got five stacks which doesn't make sense, since every fell cleave cost 25% then make four and another four because the bar was maxed out when he used it, or I could be completely wrong and infuriate would only give you 50% of the bar back because in the trailer he was at 50% when he infuriated and then he got up to a hundred....

Ummmm, Phoenix servers running pretty fine from what i've seen. Plus if we need a new server because its lacking, we definitely deserve 50% off pizza.    Anyone ripping into Papa John's for not approaching SE about a UK deal as they did for the US? That's how these work.  You don't "deserve" anything, it's a promotion. FFXIV Gil God forbid SE does something nice and easy for a change. If it's not valid in your area then it's not valid in your area, quit crying.Also we don't get Square Enix Members rewards coz we're not loyal enough apparently.  

Thats the thing though, SE never have to FFXIV promotions in the UK, Where there is a playerbase, who not only enjoy the content and have a close knit community. But its times like this when i think 'Yeah the EU community deserves some loving. We're as much a part of the complete FFXIV community as anyone else and everyone deserves and equal chance for an opportunity to be included in promotions.  Meh, who's crying? Its just a fact that theres a distinct difference between what is offered/rewarded/promoted between the eu and us servers. 

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

BNS DLC for every character

Who partied the hardest? Who built it, and they all came? Who gave the classiest dinner party? We’ve announced the winners of the EU house party screenshot contest. Check them out! Angel Fish The only reason we didn't enter is because it wasn't a bedroom party contest.  i wanted to try this game since Warcraft turned into a pile of crap but the website wont let me make an account. Guess you guys dont want me either. any chance of a promotion elsewhere where non-mericans can get a cloud mount? Buy Blade and Soul Gold It's been available for awhile in the Asian countries I thought.

 I sold my account last year or so, great game, but these days it's old and not worth a sub at all. God everyone is Miqo'te... Ugh.... Oh his comment disappeared.but I've been Miqo'te for nearly 4 years now... why change .  I change every time I resub. I've been every race and both genders at least 2 times now.??Elezen Master Race, you mean.  Could be worse, they could all be lala. congratulations to all winners \o/.  Dang it. I missed the contest..  Lol I can't even get enough money to buy a house haha. New optional items have been added to the Mog Station!
Stop with the $7 emotes that are 1 character only. Seriously that is bs. All this should be account wide.$10 barding that only goes to 1 character too. Seriously SE, looking real greedy there. At least when I buy something in other games its not only cheaper but account wide as well. Also why I get absolutely nothing from the SE store. Blade & Soul Gold  I have to agree with both comments, that is pretty shitty on their part.  Why should they stop doing it when people buy them?  Must be their first dive into video games this decade. Every video game is doing this. have to say i agree with this 100% even though i just paid for the angel barding :( it was too good to pass up; that's how they get you i suppose lol.

Val Santoro There is a different between DLC and having to rebuy the DLC for every character you make in that game if you want it on them all. I play ESO too and I get a mount, that mount is account wide, I buy a house, that house is account wide, I get glamour items, those items are account wide. I buy DLC for a game, I have access to that DLC every play through not just on one, this policy is just asinine. Esp in a sub based game.  Jon's got it. If people pay them it encourages the behavior. It's literally why ftp is ruining the industry. Because consumers encourage it and then complain about it. But if it makes them money they'll keep doing it. So SE isn't the only one at fault.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

FFXIV Eggcellent Adventure

We've posted a new developers' blog update that details the rewards of the Hatching-tide event that begins tomorrow! Read "Jihli Aliapoh's Eggcellent Adventure" now. i can't wait for this event. would it be possible to get the in game wallpaper for this event made into a wallpaper for desktop computers? i'm completely in love with it already and would love to have it on my computer screen lol. My character's name is Jihli Senah haha, same first name ?? When I'm back from work I'm gonna do the event right away, love it! ? So many eggshilaration systems doing Shockobo, causing so much lag that the game shutdown in my brother's com... FFXIV Gil damn I love this game... can I just have the Japanese Nimbus mount instead of this.

 It probably plays papaya, to the dismay of 95% of the player base. Kim Estelle Merlos this mount tho!!!!!!!! Wait for me to do the Event!! That is if Jon doesn't hog the TV lol. I am hoping it plays Papaya song as you ride. It's like they know what I want! Be eggcellent to each other. And party on, dudes! Can anyone agree more if SE bring's in the Nimbus mount and wukong outfit to NA and EU servers? Bill and Ted reference?! I love it! Through side quest in old gradania. Looks freaking awesome.....Oh wait, no it looks terrible.

the amount of puns in that article make my eyes hurt. the amount of puns in that article make my eyes hurt. Looks freaking awesome.....Oh wait, no it looks terrible. New Day's Xavier Woods plays XIV and Cheap FFXIV Gil he's interviewed Yoshi-P before. He's got a gaming channel called upupdowndown in case anyone is curious. All 3 of them do! Xavier got the other 2 into playing. They aren't as big a fan as he is but nonthe less!!  My hubby introduced me to them cause they play all sorts of games with the other wrestlers. As someone who loves both FFXIV and WWE, please never make Michael Cole say the words "Moogle" or "Chocobo" again.

Yeah they should have had Jim Ross come out early to read it, like how he killed it with the Glover ad back in the day. I never saw any promo being done for FFXI like this. This is great. Yeah its all scripted but its a great way for Square-Enix to get more hype out there for their game. So some think this isnt good or a good way to promote a game? But having an event for a different game on a console that doesnt even support FFXIV is alright?

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Blade and Soul Endgame content

Also - Endgame content gets outdated very fast. I start this game since close beta... im from asia.. with 500 ping n suck fps... but there no prob for me. Cheers. "This time last year we released our eighth class, the Warlock!" I wish there was the following: " And now release the Gunner Class!".i m 820 ap wl and i never did the black tower raid... becouse all pll hawe they pt for soon i leave this game..So are you guys celebrating the fact this game has lasted more than a year? Is that the occasion of this? Hell with your guys bad business practice I'm surprised it's still alive too.  please release it in SEA... Blade and Soul Gold I cant stand playing with 190 ping all the time.. I'll always wait for this game to come here...Their going to be a sea server of bns soon.

Yeah especially if u're playing ph where our internet is damn slow, I wish they release it early cuz lots of people will
Play it. Nope, there won't be but get Thai version instead of Game is fine BUT PLS FIX recent ping problems. It's really annoying when it jumps like a crazy from 90 to 200 ms.Buy Blade and Soul Gold Got the same problem also the framerate is a pain also specially in raids i always have to hide other ppl around me and still cant get more then 15 fps even on a decent pc!

Yesterday i play and the ping suddenly rose from 300 to 600 ms,lag and delay so much that i cant do anything. Your 200ms is a dream with me T T . Recent LOL lagspikes were in EU sicne beta NCshit did nothing, so pvp died and nwo you have just pve grind roleplayers left in game.... You guys fix that gold spammer problem yet? Or am I gonna log in and have 100+ friend requests from the same company of gold sellers over and over? They're boys using female character. I do it too... I have 3 men and 3 females

 I logged in first time in months, 200+ friend requests. Your answer is a no xD I dont get any spammer requests lol im still very active and i can say its died out. Theres the occasional spammer in faction chat or xs but that's about it for me. Maybe it depends on server??? But its not bad for me anymore as it was some time ago. ah spammers aren't that many anymore. Maybe 1 or 2 in a few days.  When is story update happening ?? That's what i wanna know.  i'm playing it since 3 months now and it's cool to see so many Female Gamers in BNS haha ^^

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Additional weapons on FFXIV

You weebs got your Samurai, leave yoshi p alone! Guys, it's £4. If you work for a single hour at minimum wage you'll have money for this and some to spare, I don't see why everyone is freaking out like it's the end of the world. Yes but I could also buy dinner for that price.  I'm pretty sure you also work more than 1 hour over the whole week? I work 5 hours on saturday since I'm a student on a god-awful paying job and I pay sub, food money, house money and still have a bit left over to spend every month. Cheap FFXIV Gil Its a game I enjoy, they give us decent amount of content, events, and the means to have a lot of fun with our time investment, therefore I see absolutely no problem in paying a little extra for something I know I'll use a lot.So you're suggesting people who work jobs don't need that money for other things?

 Also it could be for more then just one character.sadly, that's... half a day's work here LOL i wish it was only an hour XD.  Not at all, what I'm suggesting is that £4 won't break the bank. If you like the game, if you think that it's worthy of the £8 a month for the sub and you're getting all your money's worth out of it, what's the problem with those people who want to invest in this? If you havn't got the extra money but want it. Save up the pennys and buy it later. don't be so shortsighted, not everyone earns 7$ an hour.

Or just suck it up. It's a fucking emote, it's there for you to get whenever you have some extra money lying around. If you prefer to use that money elsewhere, then you shouldn't whine about 1 emote out of the whole bunch you have and still get.   I earn around $10 for hour and I find games expensive still (although some are still worthy, Cheap FFXIV Gil at least if you are not paying for an alpha version) and I would never buy an emoticon for such a price. Not sure if I'd ever buy it. I understand, that SE wants money, that's fine, but I do find price policy a bit... Strange, let's call it that. I'd reduce price by half for most items in MogStation.  People are entitled whiny children now a days...also everyone another idea about this emote thing...if you don't like it...DON'T BUY IT .

I don't think it's worth £4. Additional weapons on FFXIV are like 79p each or something like that. That I would pay for emotes/hairstyles. Nayia Georgopoulou and Marcus Hughes both get it. It's completely optional. You want it? Get it when you can, there's no need to bitch and whine about something that isn't all that important to your enjoyment of an otherwise fantastic game. Yeah, if they were £2/$4-5, like the older emotes, that'd be preferable, I dunno why they're priced as they are. £4/$7 isn't going to kill you or run you financially into the dirt.Yes, they get a lotta money from people's subscriptions, but they're still a business. Some executive probably demanded these items be put on the Mog Station or some poor sod would lose their job. Probably.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017


What do we have here…? The EU Fan Fest attendees will get a super nice goodie bag with FFXIV related items. We found Kuplipo trying to take the samples of the ADS stress ball, the lanyard and the USB stick! Do you have your ticket to the Fan Fest yet?   Uable to go due to a ankle fusion surgery I had to get done. Sucks so bad as this time I was NOT going to miss out on this as i have played XIV since July 2011 and always have wanted to meet yoshida in person and thank him for all that he has done for the game Cheap FFXIV Gil . Maybe next time. Oooh, I hope we can buy the ball and usb stick! Those look neat! Probably can't it'll be like the London one where the tshirt wristband and lanyard were exclusive.

 They were showing up on eBay after the Vegas Fan Fest, keep an eye out. o because I live in the us and don't have thousands to spend to get to Europe -.- I'll probably be putting my bag up on eBay still sealed. I'll probably be putting my bag up on eBay still sealed . I hope the ADS stress ball gets sold. The one I got in Las Vegas was already cracked when I got my bag. Wow. You guys and Japan get the good stuff and the cool news. NA always gets like nothing lol! Buy FFXIV Gil I was wondering what goodies would be in the goodie bag. What size is the USB stick?  I would totally buy those if some end up on the store. Was gonna say. They even get the moogle plushie?! Oh wait no lol.

Man i wish i could play this game again but i cant afford the subscription. And we'll get greedy people selling theirs to make a quick buck unfortunately. I think all players attempting Zurvan extreme should be sent the ADS stress ball.  Allagan Tomestone of USB?! please stop changing the end game currency..  If I buy a ticket, but can't attend, can I be mailed the goodies? No. It says on the website that they will not be mailing out the sample bags. You have to attend. I've got a ticket to fly. Looking forward to seeing the fans. This is seriously a tease, I can't go all the way to Germany and a guy is asking for £200 online for the bag !!!!

Aussies must miss out, need a better way to globalise. Ahh I cant travel to EU but I want those! Ohmagad so cute!  ads stress ball and usb on the store please. omgomgomg that poetics USB is too good. I want one! Why do you do this... why do u do this to all of us?  Please bring these to PAX East! The EU Fan Fest is almost here! Check out the latest Developer’s Blog for recap videos of the Las Vegas and Tokyo Fan Festivals!

Monday, January 23, 2017

FF14 Collectors Edition for Physical

 I just did a small estimated calculation for CE:
-$60 for the game.
-$20 for the artbook
~$100 for the samurai figure Cheap FFXIV Gil (18cm, a bit similar to Granblue Fantasy Charlotta figure on amiami website which is 108 usd and 22cm tall -16.5 + stand), the details of the Samurai looks pretty nice so I guess it's a HQ figure.
-5$ for cloth map of Eorzea (or you can reduce the artbook price and increase this a lil bit)
-$5 for sticker cling
-10$ for the in-game items (consider the price when you buy stuff on mog station)

Not so rip-off? I know it can be a lil bit cheaper by cutting the price here and there but this looks fine to me. It's only my personal estimation since I've been buying CE for quite a while (not only from SE but other games).Anyway, the crucial part: no one FORCES you to buy so do us a favor: stop complaining and just move on. *peace. The biggest negative for me is shipping to my location. I would rather not order from them directly but obviously we don't have a choice.  SE customer service sucks I can agree on that. Marcell Calvo You can just add your game code to your account via Mognet. Should work fine as long as it's the same region (US/JP/EU etc) To follow up on this, I ordered a Play Arts Kai Fran figure and just got it in yesterday. Box and figure are in great condition.   I've bought tons of stuff from their online store and didn't once have a problem.

 Sounds about right, Buy FFXIV Gil and you don't shafts get this collection. I would, but I got to get mine threw steam store. I do like the break down of how you did it.  Yeah the figure alone would cost 100USD or more. I have both artbooks and they're about 30USD each (not from the physical CEs), bundled with the figure and other things it sounds like a fair price. I hope they'd sell that cloth map on SE store, I want one but I'm not interested in the figure. Game is actually 40. Like it retails for 40.

 People need to learn the REASON why Collectors Edition for Physical is expensive is because you get MORE goodies than Digital and because you get actual Physical Items. can't tell much about it, by the picture but the quality looks less than a play arts kai figure, it's also 3+ inches shorter than most of those figures, and isn't articulated or posable.  and yet HW CE was 120$ with the EXACT same physical goodies no this is a cheap cash grab period there is no way in hell that a piece of molded plastic and aan art book is worth 140$  I'm not paying money for extra cosmetic in game items.