Tuesday, February 7, 2017


What do we have here…? The EU Fan Fest attendees will get a super nice goodie bag with FFXIV related items. We found Kuplipo trying to take the samples of the ADS stress ball, the lanyard and the USB stick! Do you have your ticket to the Fan Fest yet?   Uable to go due to a ankle fusion surgery I had to get done. Sucks so bad as this time I was NOT going to miss out on this as i have played XIV since July 2011 and always have wanted to meet yoshida in person and thank him for all that he has done for the game Cheap FFXIV Gil . Maybe next time. Oooh, I hope we can buy the ball and usb stick! Those look neat! Probably can't it'll be like the London one where the tshirt wristband and lanyard were exclusive.

 They were showing up on eBay after the Vegas Fan Fest, keep an eye out. o because I live in the us and don't have thousands to spend to get to Europe -.- I'll probably be putting my bag up on eBay still sealed. I'll probably be putting my bag up on eBay still sealed . I hope the ADS stress ball gets sold. The one I got in Las Vegas was already cracked when I got my bag. Wow. You guys and Japan get the good stuff and the cool news. NA always gets like nothing lol! Buy FFXIV Gil I was wondering what goodies would be in the goodie bag. What size is the USB stick?  I would totally buy those if some end up on the store. Was gonna say. They even get the moogle plushie?! Oh wait no lol.

Man i wish i could play this game again but i cant afford the subscription. And we'll get greedy people selling theirs to make a quick buck unfortunately. I think all players attempting Zurvan extreme should be sent the ADS stress ball.  Allagan Tomestone of USB?! please stop changing the end game currency..  If I buy a ticket, but can't attend, can I be mailed the goodies? No. It says on the website that they will not be mailing out the sample bags. You have to attend. I've got a ticket to fly. Looking forward to seeing the fans. This is seriously a tease, I can't go all the way to Germany and a guy is asking for £200 online for the bag !!!!

Aussies must miss out, need a better way to globalise. Ahh I cant travel to EU but I want those! Ohmagad so cute!  ads stress ball and usb on the store please. omgomgomg that poetics USB is too good. I want one! Why do you do this... why do u do this to all of us?  Please bring these to PAX East! The EU Fan Fest is almost here! Check out the latest Developer’s Blog for recap videos of the Las Vegas and Tokyo Fan Festivals!

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