Monday, January 23, 2017

FF14 Collectors Edition for Physical

 I just did a small estimated calculation for CE:
-$60 for the game.
-$20 for the artbook
~$100 for the samurai figure Cheap FFXIV Gil (18cm, a bit similar to Granblue Fantasy Charlotta figure on amiami website which is 108 usd and 22cm tall -16.5 + stand), the details of the Samurai looks pretty nice so I guess it's a HQ figure.
-5$ for cloth map of Eorzea (or you can reduce the artbook price and increase this a lil bit)
-$5 for sticker cling
-10$ for the in-game items (consider the price when you buy stuff on mog station)

Not so rip-off? I know it can be a lil bit cheaper by cutting the price here and there but this looks fine to me. It's only my personal estimation since I've been buying CE for quite a while (not only from SE but other games).Anyway, the crucial part: no one FORCES you to buy so do us a favor: stop complaining and just move on. *peace. The biggest negative for me is shipping to my location. I would rather not order from them directly but obviously we don't have a choice.  SE customer service sucks I can agree on that. Marcell Calvo You can just add your game code to your account via Mognet. Should work fine as long as it's the same region (US/JP/EU etc) To follow up on this, I ordered a Play Arts Kai Fran figure and just got it in yesterday. Box and figure are in great condition.   I've bought tons of stuff from their online store and didn't once have a problem.

 Sounds about right, Buy FFXIV Gil and you don't shafts get this collection. I would, but I got to get mine threw steam store. I do like the break down of how you did it.  Yeah the figure alone would cost 100USD or more. I have both artbooks and they're about 30USD each (not from the physical CEs), bundled with the figure and other things it sounds like a fair price. I hope they'd sell that cloth map on SE store, I want one but I'm not interested in the figure. Game is actually 40. Like it retails for 40.

 People need to learn the REASON why Collectors Edition for Physical is expensive is because you get MORE goodies than Digital and because you get actual Physical Items. can't tell much about it, by the picture but the quality looks less than a play arts kai figure, it's also 3+ inches shorter than most of those figures, and isn't articulated or posable.  and yet HW CE was 120$ with the EXACT same physical goodies no this is a cheap cash grab period there is no way in hell that a piece of molded plastic and aan art book is worth 140$  I'm not paying money for extra cosmetic in game items.

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