Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Wrathion Legendary Chain

From a tech standpoint, they probably can't do this, but it'd be nice if the NPC's in your practice party actually showed up in the raid or party frames.  WoW accounts for sale That way people could use Proving Grounds as a good place to test out new interface stuff (particularly for healing). They should show up in raid frames. Actually, this already happens as part of the Wrathion legendary chain. When you get the 20 Secrets and do the solo scenario to forge the Spear, there is a point where you are defending Wrathion from attacking Mogu. Some pandaren join the fight and actually form a party with you. Frames and all!
It's pretty neat. I'm sure Blizzard will carry that into Proving Grounds.
Is it wrong that this is literally my favourite perk to PGs?  I will finally have somewhere I can live test group unit frames without having to bother people to party with me or the much worse tactic of queuing a BG, Where to buy wow accounts testing when I zone in and /afking out.

runescape farmer100- runescape accounts: enjoy runescape Community Roundup in this weekend

runescape farmer100- runescape accounts: enjoy runescape Community Roundup in this weekend: It is back... it's called RS 07  buy runescape account . Go and play that if you really don't like the live game. Jagex have alread...

enjoy runescape Community Roundup in this weekend

It is back... it's called RS 07 buy runescape account. Go and play that if you really don't like the live game. Jagex have already said pre EOC can't be done. So either go and quietly play 07, or play EOC. Or better yet, quit. The community doesn't need you. we are the community ... 2002´s players ... we are the comp capes ...and they want to skill all again in 07 ... lol... anyway ...jagex its a lie behind lies...they said before they cant get back old rs ..and they after 1 week release rs07 ... wake up kid ... before eoc rs was all right

"Kid". You're the one acting like a screaming ten year old because he's not getting his way. I'm one of the long term players of RuneScape too. I've played it for around 8 years now. And I think that RS has never been better, as do many veteran players. People need to learn to rs accounts for sale adapt to change. Change is happening every single minute around us all in the world. So why can an online game not change every week without you "kids" kicking up a fuss. Learn to adapt. It will benefit you in life. Posting comments crying for an older version of a game won't get you anywhere in life...

ouch ....umm now i think its was tooo much for almost 11 years of membership the beging was only 2.99 then every update was only to raise the price of membership ...welcome to jagex logic. How else do you think that Jagex can give us good content every week basically? You think they do it with no cost to them at all? Good luck running a successful game like RuneScape without membership fees to keep it going. I'd like to see you try. XD ...umm im not the only one calling for pre eoc rs ...anyway ...join the league dude... f2p and u dont need a max account to be pro ...just player´s skills ...  nice try about the " good content" .

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Blizzard is referencing Pompeii

I am kind of grumpy because I don't like this sort of thing. I like it when games tell me what to do. I'm okay if they don't want to hold my hand through it.. Buying world of warcraft account but I prefer some direction. I thought the Isle of Thunder worked great. Just enough direction with the dailies to put the extra fun stuff in your path. My only problem with IoT's dailies was them requiring people to do dailies to unlock the island, and after a while people understandably got sick of that.  WoW accounts for sale I still do them at times, now that they feel optional, but at that point it was brutal.

Makes me wonder if someone at Blizzard is referencing Pompeii, or is a fan of OOTS.
EDIT: On double-checking, the name is one letter off from the volcano, so probably referencing Pompeii.
I immediately thought of the genderless elf from OotS too!  But yes, mostly likely the still active volcano in Italy.

Anyone else reminded of the ghosts here being pretty much exactly like the ghosts in Skyrim?
I double-checked the name, and like I said, it was one letter off. Now if it had an R after the A, I would say it was referencing OOTS.
Oh, and she has a gender.
Richard Burlew screwed up one time, when he uploaded a strip. The one where her kids are threatened, the name of it was "A Mother's Worst Fear." He quickly pulled the strip down, and renamed it "A Parent's Worst Fear."
He won't admit it, Cheapest WoW accounts and her unknown gender identity has been part of the strip since the beginning, but that kind of revealed what he had in mind.
If there are going to be any events that lead to achievements, then I really hope they're not set to occur at night like the one in Krasarang.  I don't want to have to stay up til at least midnight to get an achievement when there's work to go to in the morning.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

DPS and Tanks Do Not Have A Secondary Timer

They actually do whine about that... but also dps and tanks do not have a limited time frame in which they can do their role.  If they did, then I am guessing they would also be rationing out what they put their focus into. Cheapest WoW accounts You clearly have never done an encounter with a tight enrage. Every point of DPS becomes precious.
Edit: And even in those situations, add spawns have to be handled. Watch Method's world first H Lei Shen kill: they had multiple add spawns to deal with, which they did, despite being so close to the edge of the DPS timer that they killed him with 3 people alive. 
I have seen more 2-3% wipes on raid bosses than I could even begin to count.
 The enrage timer affects all 3 roles and isn't what I am talking about.  I am obviously talking about the mana pool that when gone is pretty much gone.  It is basically a second timer that only healers deal with.
DPS and Tanks do not have a secondary timer before the enrage that will also wipe the group.
For many fights that matter, the healers' mana bar is the enrage timer (Heroic Megaera, Lei Shen, Iron Qon, Twin Consorts, Ji-kun, and Horridon). 
Keeping the DPS alive through fire, if possible, is always the right choice. 
You clearly do not heal, because if you did there is zero chance that you could possibly think this.
DPS are not supposed to stand in the fire therefore healers are not designed to heal that kind of damage.  Buying world of warcraft account This will wipe a raid much quicker than one dps dying. 

Friday, July 19, 2013

improve the drop rate of Runescape

If you guys are going to make journal pieces/strange token a task, PLEASE remember to improve the drop rate and maybe implement a textbox notification like we have for champ scrolls. Some might call it easyscape, but ultimately nobody wants to spend a month grinding for drops sell runescape accounts

Mod Maz said:
Rewards... What would you like to see? Should it be only available in Daemonheim? Could it be something that acts like a bound item that you can rely on? What effects would it have? How would they improve through the tiers?

I'd personally be interested in small unlockables instead of just another equipment part for the task set sell rs accounts
- second ammo bind slot, maybe even freebie slots for boots and gloves
- slightly increased chance of spawning slayer npcs in a the highest tier, they should spawn on even solo floors
- unique unlockable binds, like a potion chest that can hold more as you progress in the tasks
- new dg rewards from the shop, like a pet soulgazer that can morph into stalker bosses (shadow forger, world gorger, etc). I really want a shadow forger.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Come up Much in Current RP, Though

I play Atun on Wyrmrest, and I'm one of the players in Kharanei.
I /think/ that might have been taken from the guild timeline, rather than the official one (which is, as you noted, muddy.) During Cataclysm, some of the guild events caused us to split the guild timeline from Blizzard's timeline-- basically, we have Cataclysm lasting five years, but  it was probably a year in game canon. It really doesn't come up much in current RP, though.

"I like to go with Velen being super special in his connection to the naaru, and other draenei are long lived due to the Light and their inherent magic, but "immortal" is not something I tend to like."
One of the NPCs in Bloodmyst
talks about one of the cities on Argus from memory and the Argent captive you talk to if you start a draenei death knight tells you to remember Argus in hopes of getting you to snap out of it, so a twenty thousand year old draenei doesn't seem to be uusual. My personal headcanon is that they're technically not immortal-- they do age very slowly-- but with a thirty or fifty or sixty thousand year lifespan they may as well be.

It's also assumed that most non-essential personnel were in stasis for a great deal of the trip-- one of the physically older members of the guild was born during the flight, WoW accounts for sale but was a cryo-pod technician, and so didn't go into stasis.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I Love Single Rrace Guilds

I love single race guilds. Theres's another big all tauren guild on called (I think) the Earthspears? Theres also a roughly 250 member all Troll guild on my server called Shadowtusk Clan, and those guys are amazing people. Cheapest WoW accounts Similarly there are a few all-orc military themed guilds, who're equally excellent. reading things like these, makes me realize how much my server sucks, community-wise. I guess its time for a server change. Because tauren are awesome. We are cowed by nothing and no one.

I love the guild I am in, but if I ever needed to look for a new one, I think I would have just found it.

I love the sound of this guild.  I'm not the biggest fan of tauren, but just the fun factor, community, and friendly, family atmosphere sounds brilliant to me.  I'm currently languishing in a semi-hardcore raiding guild that I no longer raid with, and there are absolutely zero community events or any effort put in to do anything together outside of their raiding, a fact that I lament. WoW accounts for sale  I'd love to be in a guild like this one - the weekly meetings especially sound wonderful.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

RuneScape quest - Bringing Home the Bacon

Today we're serving up a classic RuneScape quest experience. It's fully voiced

Well that's quite a contradiction there :-P Was such a fun quest to complete, the humour especially. Quests like these are always worth the wait.

sell rs accounts

Still, looking forward to the quest. I'd prefer something for the lore fiends, but comedy quests tend to be very good also.I notice no voice at all during this quest. Did you all forget to update the sound? I will not go to the first check point as I want to hear this one.I just checked there and I get Voiceover and Audio fine in general. There is a VO slider in the options menu if you want to check that, failing that I've seen some people rs accounts for sale restarting the client and that working!

for more details, click

Kinda sad the rewards don't scale into the 90s... Just imagine the ultimate Bacon Weave Rocktail Sandwich...

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Is it possible to add a lodestone to Trollheim

Is it possible to add a lodestone to Trollheim with requirement: Eadgar's Ruse or something like that.

Good idea Yell0ww, I was thinking about the same thing. It would be ideal for the God wars dungeon, and way better then places like Zanaris which you can already get to from ALL fairy rings.EVERYONE WHO WILL NOT AGREE WITH JAGEX ARE WRONG AND THEIR OPPINION AND NEGATIVE FEEEBACK WILL NOT BE TAKEN INTO CONSIDERATION.

^ This should be the main reason why jagex will put lodestones no matter what results of this thread will be. If Guthix (god of balance) was in charge we would have maxium 6-8 lodestones in total. So buy runescape accounts If you want new lodestones remove old ones. "Balance is the power" this moto suit very well, especially in our RuneScape crisis days.You finally proved your own claim you made several posts ago. Good for you! And you didn't have to pawn off the responsibility for proving your assertion onto someone in the HLF! Yay!

(You do realize that, in debate, you have to prove your claims, right?) prove my point there. You sell rs accounts are completely dismissing the view of the vice president and general manager (since 2001, mind you) of a company that produces games and has the third largest revenue after Nintendo and Activision Blizzard. But hey, what does he know, right? His view undermines your opinion, so he *must* be wrong!!! Those must be some pretty spiffy rose-tinted glasses you've got. Did you have to pay extra sell runescape accounts?

And you can't twist things around then accuse me of twisting your words. You claimed that the vocal minority was crucial input to companies making decisions about their games, I refuted that claim with a direct quote. You can't accept it, that's your problem.

Friday, July 5, 2013

how will Jagex deal with bots in RS 3

how about Jagex deal with all the bots first instead of graphics and all that good stuff, 75% of all players in runescape are bots yesterday in fish guild their were 20 people and only 3 or 4 were actual human players its a big fat disgrace that jagex chooses not to sell rs accounts ban them instead collects bot money every month!! i see bots i reported weeks even months ago still happily farming fish logs and ores, the wildy green dragons are over run by bots again,

these bots are liek a cancer if others see they arent punished the cancer will spread more and more and that is exactly what is happening to the game and been happening for years buy runescape account!!!

in short how about you address the real problems in this game instead of pulling the wool over our eyes with fancy new graphics and fancy new options..

also every time jagex makes hugh changes to runescape it always leads to a loss in members i fear this time it will be the same,.., in short iam far from happy at this moment! every thing in runescape now revolves arroudn earning more money for jagex, this company went from a nice and kind business into a money hungry grabbing company fixed on increasing profits by flooding the game with sof junk no one can ever get unless they buy spins, iam even willing to go so far as to say that jagex now earns more from selling sof and  rs accounts for sale sollomon junk then members fee!!!

so how about it william!! address the real problems!!!

A hardy thanks again to Jagex and all your employes, for designing, managing, testing, and releasing this new version of Runescape for everyone to enjoy! I hope to see the next few years to be the best for both Jagex and it'amazings players and employes!I tried to do the world wakes but it's just too difficult. what am i supposed to do about that then?

Thursday, July 4, 2013

wear a SoF item

And its funny how you're against this update yet wear a SoF item.

Lol no but seriously, I have to agree with you here. Teleport locations are becoming easier to get to.

When I saw this update, I was like "wow, nice!" but immediately after I was like "Wait, this is going to make transportation easier, thus diminishing the use of other methods, making many players mad runescape accounts for sale!"

So, I do agree. Which is why I've made this idea: The free-to-play lodestones have a cooldown for 30 minutes after use (like older lumbridge home teleport), while members lodestones require 1 day after use. It might sell rs accounts restrict things, which should go with this update, which will make players happier.

Although, I'm not going to be immature about it. As for people who love lore, give the lodestones a bit of a backstory. Another WoW update. runescape accounts sell.. Jagex only supports players who don't want to spend any time actually learning how to play by making things too easy. Jagex needs to realize that keeping Veteran players will help the game grow because of word of mouth. If you only support those who don't want to learn how to play, will only stop the growth and decrease the amount of players fast.

You're not speaking for me. And you're not speaking for the friends and clan mates I know in Runescape, who are mostly pro-Jagex.

This update sounds promising, although I agree with Lori about the Wild. I can definitely use most of the new lodestones.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Diablo 1 came out on Playstation 1

 Diablo 1 came out on Playstation 1 and did just fine D3 items. In fact it looked better because the water had reflections. It is what it is, a new way to market the game. D3 didn't live up some our expectations but it still was an engaging game for awhile. I will likely end up owning this just to play it with my Son and Wife instead of buying them each a PC.With comments like these, who is truely driving the gaming market? Apparently not the consumer.Why is everyone getting so mad? Who says they aren't going to make changes to  the PC version? If you don't like it then Don't comment about how much you don't like it Your opinion means nothing.

blizard sold out dumbasses ur never gonna get the same experience as d2 buy D3 items lod there just trying to make monsy now the fans are done. I don't get it why you people complain about this being turned to console. Diablo1 was made to PlayStation and it turned out pretty well imo.  I guess they want to succor in players that don't have a pc. Heads up from pc gamers, it's a pretty boring kite game and the story is poor. There's a reason for all the dislikes.  can we please talk about what buy Diablo 3 gold the future of this game is and what blizz is doing to address the issues with it! i'm ready to unsubscribe because i'm sick of being spammed about consoles!

 I'm going on a road trip. Guess what I won't be playing? I'd love to, but I can't play it on the I imagine if you own a console this will be sick. But I'm so annoyed at blizzard for spending so much time on this and forgetting their core fans, the pc gamer. leaving d3 to rot is disgrace and this is a kick in the teeth

Monday, July 1, 2013

DH DPS making in MP10

Demon hunters are part of the girl classes of diablo 3. On paper there is nothing in this game that can theoretically keep up with a demon hunters need to buy diablo 3 account  and damage, and honestly they can't, as long as me monster power is low enough in d3 account.

Its general perception that "a DH can't do mp10" even tho proHacker has proven this to be false on multiple occasions, but it takes a very specific kind of gear and skill combination which will get easily trumped by barbs, monks and wizards. Its not because you have too little damage but because the fundamental structure of the class favors lower MP running.

Accept what your class does best or rethink your options.

Your whole point is invalid because Blizzard with recent patchs tries to give incentive to play at highers monster powers, DE drops for example are a clear proof of that. A well deisgned game would have classes that play different, but all of them should shine with the right gear on the top difficulties.
Also the resource system of DH put them behind other classes who can just run around facerolling and spamming every skill like no tomorrow, so that need an adjust too IMHO OR, if you dont like DHs getting buffed nerf all the other "OP" classes like barb with the perma cc inmunity or monks retarded dmg because right now the difference its too big.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Blacktooth Grin of WOW

Shu'Halo Life Magazine has run for many seasons, Cheapest WoW accounts but the earliest issues were lost.  Ravkha has taken over the current publication, but it once resided on a blog which is long gone.
If you would like to see the archives of Thunderhoof Clan's adventures from WotLK and Cata times, visit
The <blacktooth grin> are proud to be guild brothers with the thunderhoof. Many times we defended Mulgore and the oats trade route in the barren not just to show alliance who's boss, but to protect the noble tauren of the thunderhoof clan. Many times we invited the thunderhoof taurens to our clan events and many times they invited us as equals to their events. Truly, they are the noblest people you can meet on your caravan travel towards the Mulgore plains.
 Now, to show my respect i shout my clan's warcry: FEAR THE GRIN! But more importantly, i shall shout theirs as well.
The clan is a good and fun community my name is Rosial i am the currently the monk champion and i believe as im speaking on behalf of all the champions we need more challengers so come make your taurens and enjoy our monthly pvp event THE THUNDERARENA! FOR THE HERD! WoW accounts for sale  Clans are far from race-exclusive. In fact, most races have what would be considered "clans;" Dwarves anyone? Pretty sure a clan is just an extended family unit. 
In fact, I'd say a tribe would potentially be made up of multiple clans, since that's just more of a governmental thing, whereas I consider clan to be more familial. Of course, pretty sure the members of TC don't consider themselves to all be related, but maybe just a close unit. They're probably interchangeable. 

There are no "PvP stats"

In regards to this, I like GW2's approach to PvP gear Where to sell World of Warcraft accounts  (in sPvP, not in WvW). Everything has the same stat weights, you just choose what combination of stats you use and is available to everyone who enters. The "gear" you get in sPvP is cosmetic to make you look more aesthetically pleasing.

There are no "PvP stats", everyone has the same stat weights, so the game becomes based on player skill rather than who has more time to get bigger numbers on their gear so they can hit a 6 seconds stun and mash your face in with 2-3 buttons.

Mind you the comparisons are not entirely apples to apples because GW2 plays differently (casting everything on the move, no trinity, dodge mechanics rather than stats), but it could be a possibility to normalize the gear so everyone carries the same stat weights (ie for WoW, if you wanted to carry more health and be a FC as a warrior, you could grab a set that is 3:1 Stam, 1:1 Str, 2:1 Dodge, 1:1 Block, but as a DK get one that is 3:1 Stam, 1:1 Str, 2:1 Dodge, 1:1 Parry, but if you wanted to hit people, go 1:1 Stam, 3:1 Str, 2:1 Haste, 1:1 Crit,) and that would keep people on a relatively even footing gear wise.

It's just an idea, I don't know how well it would work in WoW, but I know it keeps the gateway to entry low for GW2 which is a PvP-centric game.

PvP is absolutely knackered and has been this entire season so far.  Nothing Greg Street says or does convinces anyone that he or his team can fix it anymore. where to buy WoW accounts It's in bad shape. I also worry that the problems have become intractable. Look at how they've left lowbie pvp for years now. That feels like where level 90 pvp is going: a few "correct" classes/specs and a bunch of also-rans.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Anyway, I Still Stick to My Idea of WOW

I think PVP has to be completely separated from PVE. Completely.

Different databases, different spells, buy cheap wow accounts even a different launcher. If the person wants to do BGs or Arenas, he logs out, enter another .EXE executable, and then gets sent to an isolated area from where he can't leave. May be a Sanctuary, with vendors, AH, trainers, reforgers, banks. And from there he queues to BGS and Arenas, or duels, including against people from other faction.

What about World PVP? In there, applies the rules from the PVE database... World PVP is not balanced anyway, you just bring new players to counter the attack.

Only then I think PVP can stand a chance to be almost balanced.
PVP gear already makes players choose between those two games at the moment. Yes, you can acquire both, but you could play both under that system too.

You'd keep the chat so it worked across-.exes, obviously. Chat aside, what problems does it create?
To start with it's a barrier to entry for casual players. Forcing people to shut down their current running game, and making them log into a different client would prevent a lot of folks from bothering to PVP in the first place.

Then you have a secondary issue of the fact that Blizz would need to allocate additional resources to maintain separate PVP and PVE clients, for all platforms, in both 32 and 64 bit setups.

I'm also failing to see what actual benefit it would provide anyone; fast wow gold  PVP and PVE seem to co-exist fine for me as-is.