Friday, July 19, 2013

improve the drop rate of Runescape

If you guys are going to make journal pieces/strange token a task, PLEASE remember to improve the drop rate and maybe implement a textbox notification like we have for champ scrolls. Some might call it easyscape, but ultimately nobody wants to spend a month grinding for drops sell runescape accounts

Mod Maz said:
Rewards... What would you like to see? Should it be only available in Daemonheim? Could it be something that acts like a bound item that you can rely on? What effects would it have? How would they improve through the tiers?

I'd personally be interested in small unlockables instead of just another equipment part for the task set sell rs accounts
- second ammo bind slot, maybe even freebie slots for boots and gloves
- slightly increased chance of spawning slayer npcs in a the highest tier, they should spawn on even solo floors
- unique unlockable binds, like a potion chest that can hold more as you progress in the tasks
- new dg rewards from the shop, like a pet soulgazer that can morph into stalker bosses (shadow forger, world gorger, etc). I really want a shadow forger.

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