Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Is it possible to add a lodestone to Trollheim

Is it possible to add a lodestone to Trollheim with requirement: Eadgar's Ruse or something like that.

Good idea Yell0ww, I was thinking about the same thing. It would be ideal for the God wars dungeon, and way better then places like Zanaris which you can already get to from ALL fairy rings.EVERYONE WHO WILL NOT AGREE WITH JAGEX ARE WRONG AND THEIR OPPINION AND NEGATIVE FEEEBACK WILL NOT BE TAKEN INTO CONSIDERATION.

^ This should be the main reason why jagex will put lodestones no matter what results of this thread will be. If Guthix (god of balance) was in charge we would have maxium 6-8 lodestones in total. So buy runescape accounts If you want new lodestones remove old ones. "Balance is the power" this moto suit very well, especially in our RuneScape crisis days.You finally proved your own claim you made several posts ago. Good for you! And you didn't have to pawn off the responsibility for proving your assertion onto someone in the HLF! Yay!

(You do realize that, in debate, you have to prove your claims, right?)

And...you prove my point there. You sell rs accounts are completely dismissing the view of the vice president and general manager (since 2001, mind you) of a company that produces games and has the third largest revenue after Nintendo and Activision Blizzard. But hey, what does he know, right? His view undermines your opinion, so he *must* be wrong!!! Those must be some pretty spiffy rose-tinted glasses you've got. Did you have to pay extra sell runescape accounts?

And you can't twist things around then accuse me of twisting your words. You claimed that the vocal minority was crucial input to companies making decisions about their games, I refuted that claim with a direct quote. You can't accept it, that's your problem.

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