Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Diablo 1 came out on Playstation 1

 Diablo 1 came out on Playstation 1 and did just fine D3 items. In fact it looked better because the water had reflections. It is what it is, a new way to market the game. D3 didn't live up some our expectations but it still was an engaging game for awhile. I will likely end up owning this just to play it with my Son and Wife instead of buying them each a PC.With comments like these, who is truely driving the gaming market? Apparently not the consumer.Why is everyone getting so mad? Who says they aren't going to make changes to  the PC version? If you don't like it then Don't comment about how much you don't like it Your opinion means nothing.

blizard sold out dumbasses ur never gonna get the same experience as d2 buy D3 items lod there just trying to make monsy now the fans are done. I don't get it why you people complain about this being turned to console. Diablo1 was made to PlayStation and it turned out pretty well imo.  I guess they want to succor in players that don't have a pc. Heads up from pc gamers, it's a pretty boring kite game and the story is poor. There's a reason for all the dislikes.  can we please talk about what buy Diablo 3 gold the future of this game is and what blizz is doing to address the issues with it! i'm ready to unsubscribe because i'm sick of being spammed about consoles!

 I'm going on a road trip. Guess what I won't be playing? I'd love to, but I can't play it on the road.lol I imagine if you own a console this will be sick. But I'm so annoyed at blizzard for spending so much time on this and forgetting their core fans, the pc gamer. leaving d3 to rot is disgrace and this is a kick in the teeth

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