Thursday, July 11, 2013

RuneScape quest - Bringing Home the Bacon

Today we're serving up a classic RuneScape quest experience. It's fully voiced

Well that's quite a contradiction there :-P Was such a fun quest to complete, the humour especially. Quests like these are always worth the wait.

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Still, looking forward to the quest. I'd prefer something for the lore fiends, but comedy quests tend to be very good also.I notice no voice at all during this quest. Did you all forget to update the sound? I will not go to the first check point as I want to hear this one.I just checked there and I get Voiceover and Audio fine in general. There is a VO slider in the options menu if you want to check that, failing that I've seen some people rs accounts for sale restarting the client and that working!

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Kinda sad the rewards don't scale into the 90s... Just imagine the ultimate Bacon Weave Rocktail Sandwich...

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