Thursday, July 25, 2013

Blizzard is referencing Pompeii

I am kind of grumpy because I don't like this sort of thing. I like it when games tell me what to do. I'm okay if they don't want to hold my hand through it.. Buying world of warcraft account but I prefer some direction. I thought the Isle of Thunder worked great. Just enough direction with the dailies to put the extra fun stuff in your path. My only problem with IoT's dailies was them requiring people to do dailies to unlock the island, and after a while people understandably got sick of that.  WoW accounts for sale I still do them at times, now that they feel optional, but at that point it was brutal.

Makes me wonder if someone at Blizzard is referencing Pompeii, or is a fan of OOTS.
EDIT: On double-checking, the name is one letter off from the volcano, so probably referencing Pompeii.
I immediately thought of the genderless elf from OotS too!  But yes, mostly likely the still active volcano in Italy.

Anyone else reminded of the ghosts here being pretty much exactly like the ghosts in Skyrim?
I double-checked the name, and like I said, it was one letter off. Now if it had an R after the A, I would say it was referencing OOTS.
Oh, and she has a gender.
Richard Burlew screwed up one time, when he uploaded a strip. The one where her kids are threatened, the name of it was "A Mother's Worst Fear." He quickly pulled the strip down, and renamed it "A Parent's Worst Fear."
He won't admit it, Cheapest WoW accounts and her unknown gender identity has been part of the strip since the beginning, but that kind of revealed what he had in mind.
If there are going to be any events that lead to achievements, then I really hope they're not set to occur at night like the one in Krasarang.  I don't want to have to stay up til at least midnight to get an achievement when there's work to go to in the morning.

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