Thursday, August 1, 2013

enjoy runescape Community Roundup in this weekend

It is back... it's called RS 07 buy runescape account. Go and play that if you really don't like the live game. Jagex have already said pre EOC can't be done. So either go and quietly play 07, or play EOC. Or better yet, quit. The community doesn't need you. we are the community ... 2002´s players ... we are the comp capes ...and they want to skill all again in 07 ... lol... anyway ...jagex its a lie behind lies...they said before they cant get back old rs ..and they after 1 week release rs07 ... wake up kid ... before eoc rs was all right

"Kid". You're the one acting like a screaming ten year old because he's not getting his way. I'm one of the long term players of RuneScape too. I've played it for around 8 years now. And I think that RS has never been better, as do many veteran players. People need to learn to rs accounts for sale adapt to change. Change is happening every single minute around us all in the world. So why can an online game not change every week without you "kids" kicking up a fuss. Learn to adapt. It will benefit you in life. Posting comments crying for an older version of a game won't get you anywhere in life...

ouch ....umm now i think its was tooo much for almost 11 years of membership the beging was only 2.99 then every update was only to raise the price of membership ...welcome to jagex logic. How else do you think that Jagex can give us good content every week basically? You think they do it with no cost to them at all? Good luck running a successful game like RuneScape without membership fees to keep it going. I'd like to see you try. XD ...umm im not the only one calling for pre eoc rs ...anyway ...join the league dude... f2p and u dont need a max account to be pro ...just player´s skills ...  nice try about the " good content" .

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